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Insurance against occupational disability: risk groups applying for benefits

The profession is also crucial in terms of the contribution levels of occupational disability insurance: Most insurers arrange applicants in four occupational groups. The higher the risk, the more expensive the contribution.

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One in five employees becomes disabled

Time and again, consumer associations, insurance companies and experts point out that private insurance against occupational disability is one of the most important insurance policies. Therefore, I present here a detailed series of articles on the topic online.

The fact is that one in five employees and one in three workers leave the job before they reach the age of retirement because of their professional or occupational disability. The main causes are cardiac and circulatory diseases, orthopedic impairments, diseases of the nerves or psyche, tumors and internal diseases.

Common reasons for disability

The causes vary according to occupational group, age and gender: For 39-year-olds and employees, psychological reasons are the most common cause. For workers and nursing occupations, physical workload at work plays a major role in the disease type statistics. They are often affected by skeletal, muscular or connective tissue disorders leading to occupational disability.

Contrary to many guess, accidents play only a subordinate role. A pure accident insurance is considerably cheaper than a guarantee against disability, but it does not offer sufficient protection against the restriction of the ability to work.

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The distribution of causes by gender:
Men: Women:
Diseases of the skeleton / muscles / connective tissue 18,4% 17,8%
Diseases of the circulatory system 14,7% 6,3%
Diseases of the digestive system / metabolic diseases 5,1% 3,4%
Diseases of the respiratory organs 3,0% 2,0%
neoplasms 13,5% 15,6%
Diseases of the genitourinary system 1,0% 0,9%
mental illness 27,6% 38,4%
Diseases of the nervous system 5,9% 6,9%
other illnesses 10,8% 8,7%

What are the risk groups?

  1. Among the occupational group 1 with low risk factors, doctors, architects or office workers are examples.
  2. The group 2, normal, includes, for example, bank specialists or salespeople.
  3. The occupational group 3 with a higher degree of risk is usually classified as nurses, restaurant owners or crane operators.

As occupations with particularly high risk, group 4, concrete builders, bricklayers, machine locksmiths. In principle, physically active persons have to reckon with higher premiums than head workers.

Some occupations are often only insured to a limited extent. Some risk groups, such as craftsmen or teachers, have a hard time obtaining contracts that go beyond the 60. Year. Special insurers, such as roofers or scaffolding builders, sometimes demand high risk surcharges. Photographers, photo-models, artists often fall entirely out of the insurance, because a professional disability is difficult to verifiable.

Which profession belongs to which group?

Which profession belongs to which group, however, can be very different for the individual insurance companies. Therefore, you should look for an insurance that best suits your profession. Clarify exactly which profession you insure. Anyone who has unconsciously insured the wrong profession is in breach of the insurer's guideline and is jeopardizing his insurance cover because the insurer can challenge the contract or withdraw from the contract due to violation of the pre-contractual obligation to notify.

Some insurers state in your contract that you must report a change of employment or the admission of a risky hobby, so that the risk can then be reassessed

When the living conditions change

And even if circumstances change (eg marriages, births, income growth or property acquisition), some insurance companies require a new health check. This can all lead to increases in contributions or less favorable conditions.

Failure to do so will result in the loss of the insurance cover. However, good insurance companies do without the notification of such changes. The contract may then be continued on the same terms.

Attention self-employed

Self-employed persons must prove to the insurance company that their activity regularly generates corresponding revenues. They usually demonstrate this by an average income of the last three years, because it is important that no excess or severity of work is insured.

Those who have just started their own business can initially only insure a certain amount of pension, usually between 500 and 1000 euros per month. Important: take future salary increases and the effects of inflation into account and agree on a so-called “dynamic”. Then the insured disability pension automatically increases with the insurance contribution over the years.

In case of unemployment

If you become unemployed, you should continue your disability protection so that you continue to be entitled to benefits. In addition, it is more expensive because of the higher age, or pre-existing conditions, and it may even be impossible to conclude a professional disability insurance again later.

Write down that on application also an interest-free deferment of the contributions is possible, without the insurance protection is lost. This is important if you have no income at times.

Independent rating

The company Morgen und Morgen independently analyzes and evaluates the conditions, applications and internal data of occupational disability insurance. Insurances rated here with five stars fulfill all the important criteria of optimal occupational disability insurance.

Therefore ask specifically for appropriate evaluations, for example with your advisor. The results are published regularly in the business press. Stiftung Warentest also regularly assesses occupational disability insurance.

Please take this into consideration when submitting applications

When filing for insurance, do not tell if you have already applied elsewhere for applications that have been rejected. If the insurance asks, that does not speak for them.

And: Make sure that the application forms only ask for diseases and complaints that do not last longer than five years (for hospital inpatient stays not longer than 10 years).

§ 41 clarify

Clarify whether the insurer waives the application of § 41 of the Insurance Contract Act. This would allow the insurance company to retroactively withdraw from the contract or to increase the premium if there was already an increased risk at the start of the contract but that you were not aware of it and that you did not specify it.

Important: Exclude termination and premium right for this reason or limit this right to at least five years.

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6 responses to "Insurance against occupational disability: risk groups applying for benefits"

  1. Simone Janson says:

    Hello exact reader,
    Thanks for your help. I would still prefer if you gave your name.
    Your comment almost got lost in a sprawling discussion on another topic on the blog ... I have improved that, thanks for reading carefully.
    Simone Janson

  2. exact reader says:

    "A pure accident insurance is much cheaper than an occupational disability, offers ..."

    And I thought that if you become disabled, you do not have to spend money on your disability. ;)

  3. Michael Both says:

    New series: Insurance against occupational disability | Simone Janson…: Again and again consumer associations point out, ..

  4. Sven Hennig says:

    Hello Mrs. Janson,

    but there is much more to note.

    First, it must be distinguished whether the or the prospect before or after 1961 is born, because with the older there is still a BU protection from the GRV.

    For all others, only the right to the employment retirement pension remains. Therefore, as you say, the question arises whether work is still possible at all.

    However, it is also not interesting for everyone and everyone a BU. It is important to provide protection in general for the people who need it most, but often it is not affordable.

    Alternatives in certain segments include hedging against basic abilities or the serious diseases (Dread D.)

    Decisive is however no matter with which product only the condition work and appropriate regulated there points only that which stands there is usable / einklagbar.

    Ergo: Sometimes it is better to have none than one that only costs money and in the event of a false security pretends since no performance is provided.

    Also important is an adequate pension. What good is 500 EUR if I can not even pay the running costs.

    If you want to write an article again, just write us an email.


    Sven Hennig

  5. Simone Janson says:

    Thank you Mr. Henning for your comments. As it says above: This is the first part of a series of articles. What you have already anticipated here is explained successively in the following parts - right up to the alternatives.
    Nevertheless thank you.
    Simone Janson

  6. Simone Janson says:

    New series to # Unemployment (s) # Insurance:

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