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At the top and still bad speakers: Obama's Pressesprecher does not convince

Some people seem to think that if you only say the right thing, it will fit. The fact that there is still a "how" does not seem to come to his mind. Not even if he belongs to Barack Obama's staff. Or if he is the CEO of a group.

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The analysis of Obama's press officer

In this official video of the White House, Jay Carney can be seen, since February presser of Barack Obama. It is about important topics in these turbulent times. So some press representatives have appeared, the room is full, some are standing, numerous cameras are installed.

But the one who stands at the official US government panel, Jay Carney, looks like a timid intern or student. Although full of service, correct and always concerned about his words, but I am not surprised when experts long ago to replace him. What can be seen and heard?

Bad start

He almost apologizes for the fact that an employee has yet to bring his book, but you can still just start. What a weak entry! Does he really believe, as a representative of the President, to be able to begin so lightly and weakly? Either he waits until the book is there and begins only then.

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Or he ignores the book and begins. Anyone who apologizes in this situation, and thus also points to the organizational error, weakens his position massively.

Fauxpas Read aloud

Some answers read Jay Carney. This may not be a problem in itself, because certain formulations are worked out in these circles in the team and tested in all directions, because only imprecise formulations could cause crises.

But reading aloud will be learned - and a man in this position should have learned it! He reads in a monotonous voice, in my opinion, something too soft, much too fast and too little articulated.

It reads off without keeping eye contact or making speech pauses. Instead, he completes the text unnecessarily by several Ähs. Professional reading allows only a brief look into the manuscript and then a speech with eye contact to the audience. Otherwise, simply the credibility suffers.

Free speech?

Second, press secretary Jay Carney acquitted. Then he starts with phrases and filler words: Uhs or fillers like “you know”, “I think” and the like are piling up. His (thought) breaks are unmotivated (3:14) :.

“And I think that the Speaker of the House's statement… uh… expressed… a sentiment that… we share, which is that we need to take action collectively to come together, Democrats and Republicans, to… further reduce our deficits and get our long -term dept under control. ”

Wrong breaks and filler words

This sentence is too long a spoken text, the breaks sit in completely wrong places, the Ers disturb and weaken his words and credibility. And what is new to the content? Sometimes he breaks the sentence just before the last word, thinks how the sentence has to end and only speaks the last word (3: 45):

"The Amrican people - overwhelmingly support the balanced approach that the president uh ... supports".

Missing eye contact

The word has long since been clear to the contemplative public. He does not set sensible breaks as much as directed eye contact. Times he speaks very quickly, then again these thought pauses with discreet but existing Uhs.

Now, though, he sometimes looks in part at the audience, but does not make the impression of actually making contact with someone. His body language is scarce. The little we see looks random.

The wrong man for the desk

All in all, he often interrupts the questioning journalists, responds too directly, justifies himself or the procedure and brings too little own messages. When asked critically, he should not respond directly, but should positively or objectively be sober as a matter of fact, and round off with a positive message.

Even if it is not easy to change facial expressions, it is arrogant and arrogant, with its slightly upward angle of the mouth (usually a signal for disgust) and its head.

Competence is not enough!

He may be an outstanding journalist or PR expert, but this may legitimize him for good texts and the strategic formulation of official statements.

It is definitely not this man to mediate. Obama - at the moment on the lowest polls of his term - is not well advised to put this man on the lectern and to speak for him. Expertise alone is not enough.

Many executives barely better

Unfortunately, CXOs often have something similar to watch. CXO is a new construct that includes CEO, CFO, CIO, etc., so all board members. Without naming concrete names - I also coach CXOs in rhetoric, body language and presentation - it sees in the boardrooms of many Company and corporations are no different.

Recently, even the focus was on a CEO who intentionally reads out the annual report at the Annual General Meeting; after all, only the content counts.

The psyche is important

It does not. In the audience, computers are not the ones that analyze the data, but shareholders, investors, analysts and editors who react to the smallest signals. Share prices are known to be strongly controlled by psychological factors.

Anyone who does not recognize this may still be able to survive in good times; in troubled phases, this will be a disaster. Just think of the former CEO of BP Tony Hayward, who has sometimes reacted too humanly in the Deepwater Horizon crisis and was ultimately torn and finally dismissed.

What matters is right demeanor

People, especially investors and editors, are very interested in how a board can represent and represent a company. This also applies to other levels.

A consultant or engineer who, as a representative of his company, gives a mediocre picture to the customer, thereby permanently destroys the image of the company. That may be dismissed as exaggerated, but is ultimately so.

In this respect, an investment in appearance, a professional authenticity and rhetorical skills is worthwhile. The US is certainly not so bad that Obama could not give his presser Jay Carney a valuable coaching, right?

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10 responses to “At the top and still a bad speaker: Obama's press spokesman is not convincing”

  1. Monika Paitl says:

    @Messesslang analyzes the speeches of the press secretary of Barack # Obama

  2. Magdalena Unger says:

    My analysis of #Rhetorics and # Body language of the press conference of Barack #Obama. - Very interesting!66dQZ. That's even better, Mr. # Carney

  3. Tanja Handl says:

    All in all, Carney seems very distant to me, as if there were no people he could make contact with, just a row of dolls. I wouldn't call him a student - I've seen that better at many universities. I dare to doubt whether coaching is enough. In any case, it would probably not harm him ...;)

  4. Michael Moesslang says:

    My analysis of #Rhetorics and # Body language of the press conference of Barack #Obama. - Very interesting!66dQZ. That's even better, Mr. # Carney

  5. Werner Deck says:

    True: "Why Obama's press secretary is not convinced." An analysis by Michael @Moesslang on berufebilder.de. - Very interesting!66ddD #Rhetoric

  6. Liane Wolffgang says:

    Right at the top and still a bad speaker: Obama's press spokesman is not convincing: Some seem to think w ...

  7. Monika Paitl says:

    True: "Why Obama's press secretary is not convinced." An analysis by Michael @Moesslang on berufebilder.de. - Very interesting!66ddD #Rhetoric

  8. Judith says:

    #Obamas #Press spokesman in the rhetoric check of @moesslang.

  9. Competencepartner says:

    Right at the top and still a bad speaker: Obama's press officer is not convincing:

  10. Simone Janson says:

    @Messesslang analyzes the speeches of the press secretary of Barack # Obama

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