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Job profile! Nutritionist: When eating well & healthy becomes a matter for the boss

Health-conscious life is trend. An important aspect here: the nutrition. But this is where it often hangs. The hour of the nutritionist!

The trend: healthy and easy nutrition

The trend is towards healthy, easy nutrition. This trend is especially evident when you look at the shelves of discount stores where organic products are gaining more and more ground. And just a well-known fast food chain is currently trying to improve its image by promoting healthy food.

The health sector is considered the key market of the future and promises founders particularly good opportunities: A study conducted by GfK Roper Consulting in 25 countries worldwide among more than 31.000 people, testifies to an unprecedented health awareness: 83% of respondents keep physical and mental fitness is especially important. However, it shows an interesting change of meaning: While it is still in the last decades of the outgoing 21. In the future, it was all about showing what beauty and fitness had been - mostly - bought and artificially appropriated with the help of tanning salons, crash diets, medicines or surgeries, so in the future it will be all about a new authenticity and naturalness to go with body awareness. Although surgery, medical or pharmaceutical funds will not be completely obsolete, but they are mainly the naturalness on the jumps help.

Selfness Trend

The new belief is that the body can and must be managed on its own responsibility. Simply put, it's about hard physical rather than inflated muscles, triathlon instead of anabolic steroids, detox instead of botox, bionad instead of powerade. So what matters in the future is not the blind emulation of a sporadic ideal of beauty, but health, self-responsibility, wellbeing, nurturing and activity.

The new, body-conscious consumers want to do something for their health - and not just in sports, but holistically in all areas: nutrition, fitness, health - all of this will increasingly overlap. The Zukunftsinstitut interviewed 13.000 registered users on the topic of new body awareness using an online survey. 45% of them associate physical awareness and physical culture primarily with health and well-being, but almost one in three (31 percent) also with sport and fitness. Only 4% think about perception from others. 58 percent of those surveyed say that it is the responsibility of the individual to take care of his or her health.

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Integrity is also an important trend: more and more attention is paid to the interaction of soul, mind and body. Funds and therapies that address these issues are currently receiving high attention. Increasingly, on the health market as well as on the beauty market, it is all about prevention: not curing diseases, but preserving health. Do not reduce wrinkles, but prevent wrinkles.

An example of this is Ayurveda, a combination of experience and philosophy that focuses on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects necessary for human health. But Ayurveda is not just about healing, but also about prevention.

What does the market for founders look like?

For entrepreneurs who enter the market with new business ideas, this means that you have to adapt to your new holistic thinking: it is no longer just a matter of offering beauty and cosmetic products, for example, but these should also be health-preserving ,

Or food that just tastes good: the food is now to contribute as functional food to health and well-being. It is, for example, the case that, for example, the share of functional drinks such as energy drinks, special teas or protein drinks on the US market has nearly doubled from 2002 to 2007.

It should be regional and natural

Back to nature and, above all, regional products are on the rise again - those who adapt to this market niche as nutritionists with appropriate tips and recipes and work with regional farmers, for example, have a good chance of establishing themselves on the market.

Example of rutabaga: Daily newspapers outdo new and old recipes for this once-unpopular vegetable. Root vegetables are very rich compared to a purchased finished product. Beets are ideal for stew and casserole dishes. In the meantime, some greengrocers are struggling to meet the increased demand.

But there is one problem many consumers are asking: is organic really organic? Which foods are healthier? And is healthier also calorie-saving? Where lurking hidden additives? And how do you prepare the healthy food in a healthy way? Since consumers rarely have the necessary background knowledge, experts are needed to help them get everything right from shopping to cooking while eating: dietitians.

Really healthy eating?

If you live in Berlin, you will gradually become aware of the topic of healthy eating: organic shops on every corner, vegan cafes, households where there is no sugar. But what are all these people doing when traveling?

Pretty stupid look. My friend Molly, equipped with a few food intolerances, for example, tried some time ago to get something healthy in a snack bar.

And even on my gourmet trip to France an 5 star hotel had to admit on request for healthy food for such people, that one was not equipped for that. A field of activity for nutritionists who have been active in spa and wellness facilities.

What do nutrition consultants do?

Nutritional advisors provide information on healthy eating, specific dietary formulas as well as different diets and advise people with nutritional diseases.

They help people who want to or have to change their eating habits, for example because they suffer from diet-related illnesses or eating disorders or want to prevent certain illnesses such as cardiovascular disorders or diabetes. Many nutritionists are self-employed with their own counseling offices or as training specialists.

How can you help?

They provide food plans, taking into account the individual characteristics of the person seeking advice, such as health status, nutrient utilization, eating habits, exercise, psychosocial environment. Requirements for the profession are interest in biological and medical topics as well as empathy in order to be able to successfully conduct the consultation discussions.

And they answer questions like: Which foods are healthier? And is healthier also calorie-saving? Where are hidden additives lurking? And how do you prepare the healthy food in a healthy way?

Prerequisites, education and training

Nutrition advisors is not a state-recognized training program and is therefore not protected by law. The training is not uniformly regulated nationwide. You can be educated or educated by different private education providers in courses or distanceCourses to the nutrition consultant.

The training lasts between two and fourteen months and is completed with an internal examination of the respective educational institution. Contents: Metabolism, function of the digestive system, structure and function of nutrients, nutrition, sometimes also discussion, presentation and speech technique. Information is provided, for example, by the German Nutrition Society (DGE).

Tip for business start-up

You are a freelance nutritionist. This means that you only need a tax number at the tax office. A business registration is not required.

Nutritionists often work on behalf of statutory health insurances and, in the context of primary prevention, carry out measures to prevent malnutrition or malnutrition in the insured. 'In order to get to these sources of money and the corresponding clientele, however, a special certification is necessary!

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