Netbook in the long-term test: The first impression of the Nokia booklet 3G

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Disclosure & Image Rights: The mobile phone provider o2 Business has provided various test devices, such as the HTC Desire S smartphone and the Nokia Bookle 3 G for unlimited test purposes free of charge - along with a free mobile internet or mobile phone bill.Rights .

For a long time I have experimented with various technical tools, hardware and software to increase my productivity. As freelancers, I am naturally interested in the ever-improving opportunities to work mobile on the move.

Netbook in the long-term test: The first impression of the Nokia Booklet 3G Netbook in the long-term test: The first impression of the Nokia Booklet 3G

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Why product tests in a career blog?


It was therefore a good idea to write about it in a career blog. The first thing I do now is the Nokia Booklet 3G, the first netbook of the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, which is provided by o2.

In contrast to previous tests, which mainly assess the technical performance of the netbook, I am concerned about checking the netbook for its practicality in my workplace. And in a long-term test for over three months as a loose article series (overview as always under the post office). I can keep the device at the end of the test period.

Also when working it depends on the technology


Of course I will also discuss the technical aspects, the performance and the user friendliness of the netbook. But above all, I will investigate whether the netbook enriches my work as a journalist and thus brings the hoped-for increase in productivity.

I will write about what work I can do on the way with the device, which software I use for it - and what technical limitations I have to accept. My particular interest is of course the battery life, the Nokia with incredible 12! Hours is given - would be too nice ...

Forward to more productivity


Unfortunately, the battery in my opinion is the sticking point for all mobile technology: For what nüzt the greatest hardware and software, if the device can not even endure a day? Unfortunately, sockets are much less likely to be on the road than you would commonly think.

From this point of view, I'm so excited about the device. All in all an exciting test series that will tell you a lot about productivity.

Nokia has released its debut netbook, the Nokia Booklet 3G - and I'm allowed to test it for three months extensively and blog here regularly, rejoice! So I'm curious if the device makes my life easier and what advantages and disadvantages I can make on the device.

Unpacking and happy


It was the end of last week - and I have to say: The very first impression was "hui, what a chic part .." Even the packaging very high quality, blue box. Also the design of the device noble and reminiscent of Mac books. That made you want more.

But it also makes me suspicious: I hope that in contrast to other devices significantly higher price - 609,99 € it currently costs at O2 including data contract, 679 at Amcom, but apparently not available 737 Euro at AmazonNetbook in the long-term test: The first impression of the Nokia Booklet 3G professional pictureswhile you can get netbooks of other companies also for 300 - not only reflected in the design!

Lean accessories


And indeed: The accessories equipment seems a bit meager: In addition to the booklet you get a charger, a starter guide in two languages, a headset and a wipe for the display. That's it. A real manual, a recovery DVD for reinstalling Windows or even a protective bag one searches in vain.

After all, the power supply is perfectly adapted to mobile needs: The oval shape with rounded corners is not only chic, but also helps in practical terms: It has a track with a holder to unroll and fix the cable. The thing is easy as well.

So no cable salad in the bag - and also a significantly reduced risk of cable breaks. Because nothing is more ethereal, than to get expensive because of a new power supply, as I know from experience.

Netbook in the long-term test: The first impression of the Nokia booklet 3G nokia3g

Top design with slight flaws


One thing has to be left to the Nokia Booklet 3G: It looks great - and not only that: The design is well thought out and also offers practicality some advantages - but also a few shortcomings.

The housing is made of aircraft aluminum, practically made of one piece and looks very stable. This is a great advantage for mobile transport - especially for someone like me, the last two Score: books broke each other on the hinge :-) !!

In this respect, the case could be a real plus of the Finnish netbook in the long term. Another: there is no fan and the device runs practically hardly hot. As a result, no dirt or dust can penetrate into the housing. Also the flap, which closes the slots for SD-Card and Sim-Card, prevents the penetration of dust and dirt.

The display might be larger


Anyway, the black plastic disc on the display lid is very stylish, too stylish at least to slip an individual protective foil over it ... -) but of course you can see every fingerprint on it. And: The display (resolution 1.280 x 720 pixels) does not fill the display lid completely, there is an 1,5-2 cm wide border around it.

It may be that Nokia has chosen an 10,1 inch display to reduce energy consumption: under ergonomic history, this is rather a disadvantage!

Too big and too heavy for the handbag


Also, the reflective glass behind which the display sits: Looks chic, but was that really necessary? Because the device is with its dimension of 264 x 185, or with hinge x 19,9 mm almost ideal to carry around in a slightly larger handbag. After all, design laptops should appeal to women as a stylish accessory.

As we know the handbags are hanging over our shoulders, of course, I wish my netbook as light as possible - and that bothers me every unnecessary of the total 1250 grams. Without glass, it would certainly be a few grams less. And the glass pane has one more drawback: it reflects quite a bit. To work outside or even in the sun is easy to forget.

Netbook in the long-term test: The first impression of the Nokia booklet 3G display

Optimized for mobile work


Practically after all, that the booklet has an integrated sim card slot, so you do not need a mobile surf stick. And practically, that this slot next to the SD card reader on the right side and not, for example, under the battery, which otherwise would have to take out every time. This allows the quick change of Simcards even when the device is switched on - eg abroad ,

However, the WLAN and UMTS function (the latter recognize also HSDPA) also have some restrictions. A network connection is not, however, the adapter can be bought separately. For this one finds whole 3 USB connections as well as a Bluetooth adapter. A flat screen TV or an external monitor can also be connected externally.

As for the equipment and the first impression, so a very nice netbook, quite successful. However, the question arises of the price / performance ratio. I am anxious to see what the technical characteristics of the workplace are.

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    Hello Stefan, thanks for the praise. Under the link I find however unfortunately no further information, which in my long-term test, which consists of several articles, were not already included. So where is the added value for the reader?
    In my very first blog post of this series, I pointed out a series of fairly detailed tests on the Nokia netbook. Just click on it!

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