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Dudas Stefan_Portrait professional picturesStefan Dudas is a business expert in creating meaning. The keynote speaker, coach and author lays the foundation for new approaches in a humorous and profound way. His “suxess system for meaning-based management” conveys meaningfulness in leadership, communication and motivation. In annual coaching, Stefan Dudas initiates and accompanies real changes to more meaningful fulfillment in business - and thus also to a meaning-based life. The Swiss thought leader has a reputation for raising awareness of meaning in companies and in our society. More information at www.stefandudas.com

Neuromarketing & Change Management: What companies essentially need to change

The customer can no longer be lulled by marketing haze. High time to really put it at the center - with the help of psychology, neuroscience, empathy and Sense. Companies can implement the findings directly.

How exactly does a person "tick"?

Many companies communicate that they “focus on the customer”. But if you analyze websites, you quickly see that in many cases this is not true after all. Too much is written from a company perspective. How great, unique or innovative you are. No trace of the benefit for the customer!

How and why does a prospect decide for or against a product or service? Neuroscientists agree: 70 to 95 percent of this happens unconsciously. Often it was just a "feeling". Only then do customers give themselves - within fractions of a second - a “logical explanation” for the purchase or order. No wonder that over 80 percent of new products - despite market analysis - do not make it to customers in the long term.

Is the manipulation of the customer permissible and useful?

Today we know pretty well what makes people “tick”. Which triggers work for him. And don't worry: you don't have to use the “home shopping” mallet method. We can "influence" subtly and almost unnoticed. But is that even allowed?

Even if we think advertisements have no effect on us ... they do! Most people in the supermarket hadn't planned to buy a candy bar at the checkout. Still, many do. And let's be honest: If you are completely convinced of your product or service, you should also ensure that potential customers find out about it and take advantage of it.

Going unusual marketing channels

How many Ikea customers actually manage to leave the store without napkins or candles. The goods are presented too skillfully, the price forged in a brain-friendly manner and the placement chosen carefully. You can always use napkins. So the manipulation isn't that bad, is it?

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Neuromarketing is already standard in retail. If you come to the supermarket you trust after work, it smells seductively of freshly baked bread. Because you “naturally” bake the bread right in the shop - which “happens” to really boost bread sales and make hunger even more noticeable. In shoe shops, where there is a smell of leather, you tend to spend more money on shoes, even if there is a hidden scenting system from which, you guessed it, the finest leather scent is sprayed.

Convincing personal stories

In order to turn the customer into a fan, one has to leave the levels of the "usual" marketing. In the store as well as on the website. Numbers, data and facts do not affect anyone. Neither do texts that have been polished to a high gloss. Emotions, stories and a look behind the scenes are welcome. And in an absolutely authentic and transparent way.

The entrepreneur is therefore welcome to tell why the company came into being. What drives him personally as an entrepreneur and what challenges he is facing. It thus makes its sense, its drive transparent. And people who share the same meaning, the same values ​​will be drawn to it.

Real people instead of just hot (communication) air

Meaningless clouds of communication haze à la "We are the best with the most motivated employees who will inspire you ..." are today reasons to leave a website and write off the company inside. You can only optimize your own communication and make it more effective if you take the customer really seriously and think about what they really want, what they are afraid of and how they imagine the perfect solution.

Neuromarketing as a “scientific work” with 500 pages of beautiful Excel and Powerpoint graphics is - financially and in terms of resources - not for small and medium-sized companies. However, if you want to proceed in a practice-oriented manner and implement findings from neuromarketing and psychology that have been gained in recent years in your own company, this is also easily possible for small and medium-sized companies.

Communication in the future will have to change

Communication has to change or companies hit the wall! Today's customers want to know more about a company and the people who work in it. You no longer feel like hot air in communication. You want to see real people. Companies that do not recognize these signs of the times in time will face massive problems in the future when recruiting new, good employees. And, as a consequence, also lose customers.

The customers, the demands and the transparency change very quickly. The question is, which companies can stand the pace of this change and realign and adapt quickly enough? Because this is not about processes. It's about meaning, about communication and ultimately about people.

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