6 Tips for More Productive Networking: Meet People Quickly

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Networking is one of the most important things these days Success Factors for the job. But many people are already failing to simply get to know and talk to people. How do you quickly get into conversation with other people?

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Networking - the art of getting in touch with people quickly and easily

Some time ago I have the Social Traveler Bjorn Troch interviewed. He has traveled the world for three years and has a lot of experience with people. What he also learned: The need to get in touch with other people quickly and easily. His motto “Be Social” means exactly that: just speak to other people.

With that, many people find it difficult, especially in Germany. Even if it seems difficult to get into conversation with people you hardly or not at all know, approach people with ease and simplicity. Find a starting point from each situation or behavior of the other.

Tips for starting a conversation

In every situation there is the appropriate opportunity to which you can tie thematically. If possible find a positive entry - otherwise you stand there as a complainer. Here is a small selection:

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  1. Take initiative: If you stand in the elevator near the counter: “Good afternoon. Which floor do you have to go to? I'm already doing this ... here? ” You only know your colleague by sight? Never mind: “Good afternoon. We meet here from time to time. Which department do you work in? ” or: “Funny that we meet here every day. It only takes ten floors, but at least. Do you have a lot to do? ” You know people a little better? Talk about something pleasant: "How was it on vacation?"
  2. Do not be afraid of embarrassments: Many people are afraid of small talk because they press themselves with the desire to say something particularly intelligent. Better: First, explore the situation: Observe the people present. Who interests you? Who else stands apart? Who does not really know how to get in contact with the others, eg at the company party? Who do you like?
  3. Imagine yourself: Whether you get into conversation with someone depends very much on whether everything starts right from the start. Someone who immediately calls his name gives more confidence than the great silence. Even if name tags are present or your counterpart already knows by whom he has in front of you, you look more polite and sympathetic, if you yourself again personally imagine, It also helps if you do not know each other's name - they will introduce themselves in person. If you did not understand the name, ask simply.
  4. First, let the other person talk and listen attentively. Because many people lack the patience, so your counterpart will be pleased with honest interest and tell about themselves something about themselves. Comment on his remarks with small intermediate sounds and corresponding gestures. Just let the conversation go.
  5. Sometimes the first sentences already contain starting points: Example canteen: the colleague likes Italian food? Now your creativity is required: Which pictures appear in your mind's eye? Form chains of associations, for example: “Eating - Leisure - Vacation. My colleague probably likes Italy… ”And then ask carefully:“ Have you been to Italy on vacation before? Oh, in Tuscany - where exactly? ”
  6. Listening is silver, right questions is gold:, Nobody likes senior teachers and frequent speakers. So let the others talk and ask open questions that start with why, why or how. Then you also get answers, because people appreciate honest interest and recognition.

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