Nokia netbook in long-term test: navigation and conclusion to the Nokia Booklet 3G {Review}

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For half a year now I test Nokia's first netbook, the 3G - with increasing enthusiasm. The device captivates above all by the strong Apple-based design, stability and long battery life. However, this is reflected in the price.

Nokia netbook in long-term test: navigation and conclusion to the Nokia Booklet 3G {Review} berufebilder

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Nokia with your own maps


In the Nokia Booklet 3G, I was looking forward to one thing in total: the GPS function and mobile navigation options. Unfortunately they were not as fantastic as expected.

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"Great !!!" I thought as I read that the Nokia Booklet 3G also has a GPS function. Even if I initially found the GPS on a netbook a bit pointless: After all, it did not even open as quickly as a cell phone to determine its current location.

Short joy


But I found this feature, to be honest, better than nothing. Maybe I'll go by train and have time to open the netbook and look it up.

But the joy did not last long. The first drawback was, that for the navigation no maps were delivered. Also not for post-installation. And that, although with the somewhat annoying Ovi suite all sorts of stuff, pardon, of course apps, can post-install. Also an Ovi Maps gadget!

Where are the Ovi Maps?


However, the terrific joke follows immediately: The Ovi Maps gadget does not contain any maps, it only serves to establish a direct connection to the online Ovi maps. And otherwise I have found no way to use the cards, which are otherwise intended for Nokia phones and thus the Symbian operating system, offline on the Windows-powered netbook.

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Although there is a section on Ovi cards on page 11 in the manual (which is well known only a small booklet), which also begins full-bodied: "With the Internet service Ovi cards you can from all in the world ... blabla ..." and it continues: "If the 3.0 Maps application is installed in Nokia Booklet 3G, you can synchronize locations, collections and routes between Ovi maps and the device" - but only after 3! Calling at the Nokia hotline, which were necessary because the staff did not know, I was told that this is not just the Ovi cards on the Nokia netbook but on a separate phone meant.

It may seem logical that a software for Symbian does not work on Windows - but since the netbook and mobile phones are from the same manufacturer, I would have expected something to bring the really ingenious feature on the netbook to work.

What is so cool about the Nokia cards?


A little digression: In order to understand the extent of the disappointment that came over me with this realization, one must know the following: Nokia's cards are not the best (I've tested them on a Windows Mobile 6.0 device last year) , but as far as I can see, the easiest and most practical way to download map material, and that from all over the world, offline on the Internet and play on the mobile phone.

This is useful for those who, despite the efforts of mobile network operators, still have no mobile data flatrate. And it is also useful if the flatrate is not available, as it often did in the test - eg in remote areas. Since I like to go hiking and recently moved from the Rhine to the Spree (which was also the reason for the long break in this test series, sorry), I have dealt extensively with mobile navigation options.

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Result: If you want to save maps for free and offline on your phone, there is almost nothing better than Nokia Maps. Although there are various programs with which, for example, Google Maps can be made available offline and countless programs of the Open Street Map project, but you have to download the maps in very small sections only cumbersome. And of course there are also for Windows and the netbook this possibility - but the map download is just too cumbersome. Apart from the fact that most of these programs do not work properly without GPS.

The disappointment with the GPS follows on the foot


Now you could be happy because the Nokia Booklet has a GPS function. But far from it: GPS works only if the SIM card and thus the Internet connection is activated. Again, the so-called manual tells us on page 10: "The device supports A-GPS. With A-GPS, the device receives useful satellite information over the mobile network ... "

Aha ... so nice ... but then it says, "If you activate a program that uses position information, an 3G network connection must be active to enable A-GPS."

Brilliant. In plain language: GPS only works if you are online anyway. Probably I got the special one Sense not yet developed by GPS, but: Since it is then also possible to determine the location with Google Maps, I ask myself: Why add GPS to the Nokia Booklet? Because it sounds good? ME it's just a pretty unnecessary gimick!

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A clever moblie navigation solution is not available here either. At least not if you like me can not always be online or can.

Update: Maybe yes - see comments!

Nokia netbook in long-term test: navigation and conclusion to the Nokia Booklet 3G {Review} Nokia_Booklet_3G



Striking is of course the cool design. Not only does this not catch my eye, but it is also addressed when one is "caught" with the little one while working.

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In a detailed view, the processing also convinces: everything from one mold, just the hinge of the lid, a common weakness in laptops, overall very stable. Thanks to the aluminum housing, a fan could be dispensed with, so you do not have to worry, it gets unnecessary dirt into the computer.



In the first three months, the device still ran with a data rate of oDeren functionalities but I comparatively little used - in order to tweet times quickly or posts on Facebook, the netbook needs too long to drive up.



The attempts to use the netbook as a navigation device failed as well: Although Nokia is using GPS, but does not provide its users with free maps for download.

In addition, GPS works only when the UMTS connection is also active. However, there is now a solution to this problem, and there is also free map material for downloading and using offline maps. However, this is quite cumbersome.

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Mobile Office


Where the NokiaNetbook works well, is where I would use a netbook also the most likely: As a kind of mobile typewriter, alternatively with Internet via WLAN or UMTS (practical, the Simcard slot on the side!).

Because the typing of texts works really fantastically. The battery life is as pleasant as it gets: depending on how I adjust screen brightness or use the data connection, the 8 battery keeps hours and more - even after half a year.

Battery life


Therefore, you do not have to recharge the device every day and can easily survive long train runs without a power outlet. In contrast to previous laptops, finally, a device with which one can sometimes sit for a few hours in a cafe or on the Spree, especially since it fits comfortably in the purse and you can carry it also because of the low weight the day about pleasant.

A prerequisite for getting the recharge time is, however, that the netbook is only hanged for charging: Because with every charge the battery heats up, which is anything but good for him. That is why I would like to make sure that the device is used for as long as absolutely necessary.

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Image processing and blogging


Apart from the writing I do however hardly anything with the device: Bildbearbeitung with Gimp brought the device to crash, also bloggen works for me better, if I prescribe the texts with open office. Reason: On the small display, the use of my complicated WordPress-Backend is simply too frickelig. We would rather not talk about webdesign.

Price-performance ratio


For a mobile typewriter, which ultimately represents the laptop for me, but personally the price would be too high - although design, processing and battery life certainly represent additional pro-arguments. Since then I would either fall back on real notebooks with even a little larger 13 "display or a cheap netbook.

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  1. Stefan Bauer

    the whole technique is simply not yet mature. I had it on the iphone testweise run, Conclusion: one can save itself. Sometimes it works well and on other days again not at all. Ripped money for expensive software.

    But I think that an external, reasonable GPS receiver can fix the problem, especially on the netbook or PDA.


  2. Simone Janson

    Hello, thanks for the hint. I have linked a number of other reviews in my very first article.
    Otherwise, I am glad about hints and comments, but make sure that SEO links do not make sense here, because the link is on Nofollow. So I would be happy about your clamame!
    Thank you

  3. netbook tests

    This page has been updated with netbook tests and an overview.
    The Nokia Booklet has done well in the test:

  4. Simone Janson

    Discussion with GPS tips ü. Nokia-Nebook as a navi - would not have thought that still who comes on such ideas:

  5. Simone Janson

    Hello Mika,
    Thanks for the link. This is really great, very helpful!

    Do you really need an external, expensive Navi software?
    I had this time running on the Nokia, has also loaded the cards, but forever because a lot of maps:
    I did not get it to work with GPS, but maybe with the program you linked to?

    There is also the OpenStreetMap project - click here and then on users - a little further down there is a list with all sorts of programs for different operating systems. I had once tested a whole WE software for my old Windows mobile phone, but I've never really tuned the navigation software ...
    Currently, I use the way MapDroid for my Android hand, since at least the maps download is at least very simple ...

    Otherwise, I've already thought, I'm the only one who comes up with the idea to use a netbook also for navigation to want :-)

  6. Mika Vainio


    Yes, I also bought the booklet and was "slightly disappointed" when I recognized this missing offline navigation issue.

    BUT: After some search I found in the Supportforum of Nokia a thread, where a program for the separate activation of the GPS module is discussed and above all offered - you look here:

    BUT 2: If you want to use this then you need a separate Naviprogramm like Garmin Mobile PC which again € 120, - costs - hmpf!

    Well, since I use an E72 with said function anyway, I can already live with it. But actually my basic idea was the purchase of an "over-navigation multimedia Intenet device" for the car or traveling.

    Best regards

  7. Simone Janson

    Hi KONTOR-Ayu,
    I thought it was pretty stupid. Because the GPS function just looks like money making ...
    Simone Janson

  8. KONTOR-Ayu

    Yesterday I got my booklet 3G and I was also looking forward to the feature. Certainly just a little gimmick, but something that does not have any netbook.
    I also use Ovi Maps on my Nokia and eg on my 5800XpressMusic where I use a prepaid card, I use it completely offline. Complete navigation without costs. Would be cool if you could use eg for the booklet eg the GPS, be it for facebook to send the location with the letter or for example with the Palringo Messenger, the exact location including map into the profile can register, on Nokia mobile phones, for example , also by GPS.

    But nööööö instead GPS is in the Nokia Booklet 3G so far completely useless. And that annoys me pretty much.
    In the next contribution to the topic of Navi from Nokia Homebase to facebook, I will completely detail about this carb feature on the booklet 3G omit. ^^

  9. Simone Janson

    Hi Lars,
    och, visually it is already chic. But personally, I do not need such bells and whistles. That I find the glass plate in front of the display impractical, I had already written in one of my first posts.
    Technically, you are right, there is actually nothing special. However, I find the stable processing and the recharge time are significant advantages.
    However, if the price of the part is more than twice as high, everyone has to decide for themselves.
    Maybe Nokia is still down in the price?

  10. Lars

    I find that the device neither optical, nor technically any advantage, in front of any other netbook offers. Since we have now seen that not even the navigation really works, the question arises: Why and why then buy?

  11. Ivor

    I find it really great to offer the Navi software for free.
    The Nokia mobile phone is then a full-fledged navigation device.

    Also, an interesting purchase argument for Nokia.

    However, I would also welcome if on for older devices would be free.

  12. edmund korres

    Netbook in the long-term test: Navigation with the Nokia Booklet 3G ...

  13. sandra

    Netbook in the long-term test: Navigation with the Nokia Booklet 3G ... #netbook

  14. Stefan

    a really great and detailed report to the nokia booklet 3g.

    further information can be found here:

  15. Competencepartner

    Netbook in the long-term test: Navigation with the Nokia Booklet 3G: The Nokia Booklet 3G I had mic ...

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