Netbook in the long-term test: Blogging with the Nokia Booklet 3G

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As I said yesterday, I use the Nokia booklet 3G on the way to blogging - for example, to write this post. That goes quite well, even if there are some corner points (UMTS connection, image processing). This makes typing fun!

Netbook in the long-term test: Blogging with the Nokia Booklet 3G job pictures

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Keyboard - the purest bliss


This is synonymous quite well, for example, the text in an Office program prescribes and then, as soon as one has UMTS function, in WordPress. Only with the formatting, tagging and classifying in categories you have to hurry then a little.

The keyboard is yes on so many netbook the (negative) crack point, since here is gladly saved. Not so with the Nokia booklet: The tapping is the purest bliss: the touch print is good, the fingers find the keys without vertippes and the writing goes as fast as on a normal laptop. No comparison to the thumb-tapping that I fabricate with the screen keyboard of my mobile phone.

Crack point picture material


But unfortunately blogging is not just about text, it's also about footage. And the processing of the same is unfortunately a little more complicated. Recently, WordPress offers rudimentary image editing that allows you to scale and crop images.

But you need Internet - and that is, as yesterday already reported, on the way anything but easy. So what to do? And what to do if you need more sophisticated image editing?

Free graphic software


There is a free, very good graphics software, to which I am now on my main computer under Linux now accustomed; after I initially found them need some getting used to: GIMP. GIMP is also available for Windows. And of course I installed GIMP. But what can I say: GIMP does not want as I want. When I try to open an image with GIMP, the application aborts. On my Linux computer with currently 565 MB RAM works perfectly.

Also a problem that again is the constantly interrupting UMTS connection in the IC is owed: The uploading of the pictures is anything but good. I will probably have to wait until I have arrived at the destination.

Display in spotlight


Also the chic display makes problems: Apart from its size mirrored the glazing in the train quite hugely. Because when it is dark outside, you can see the glare of the train wagons almost better than the contents of the display.

My fellow traveler opposite has a Dell latitude E4200. The device is virtually a real laptop, only slightly larger than my Nokia Netbook, but equipped with a larger 12 inch display. This can probably work better.

New technology, new ideas


The drawback, however: The Dell laptop costs almost exactly twice as much as the Nokia netbook, making it a real professional device. Nevertheless, if you want to work reasonably, but the question of whether you would prefer to buy such a professional device soon?

New technical possibilities also bring new ideas: I was at a recruiting symposium last week and took the opportunity to try something that I've heard from many colleagues, but never had done myself for lack of equipment: live blogging.

To the event


For those who are interested in the subject of e-recruiting, but who were unable to attend the event. With discussion of external, of course also via Twitter. As a result, this looked like this. The results and more information can be found here! But how did it work?

One should actually assume that two things are available at such an event: WLAN and - sockets! At first neither was the case.

The battery is running and running and running


The sockets were still delivered. The time until then, about 2 hours, I could with my battery, which was still almost loaded up to 50 per cent, still well bridged. However, you have to say that the display is very imaginative: At 50 percent still 4-5 hours were displayed and even as with 6 percent the warning alert (please recharge!), Should be still juice for 40 minutes on it. Nevertheless, it is recommended to recharge at such a moment.

The rechargeable battery logically varies according to screen brightness and internet usage. Where the WLAN consumes significantly more battery power than UMTS. The promised 12 hours are obviously only at the darkest screen setting and without Internet use to create, But 8-9 hours can work on the part with fully charged battery and without socket already.

In this case the long working battery was really a plus for the device!



The WLAN on the other hand did not function, as promised, at all at the event: So first test of the UMTS function.

I have to send ahead: Both Internet connections are set up under Windows7. You just have to press the fn + F10 key, select a connection, enter the Wi-Fi key or UMTS pin - done. With the WLAN, which I tested at home, one must enter later nothing more, however the UMTS connection requires after each restart the PIN input. We recommend a password manager or a good memory :-)

UMTS in any case works here in Frankfurt very well: almost as fast as WLAN, no connection breaks. In contrast to my blogger colleague Thorsten, who had connected his netbook to the UMTS network via Iphone, and then occasionally wanted to dial into the T-Online hotspot, which interrupted the connection of the video-life-stream. In this respect: My first UMTS test: A complete success.

Live blogging via Twitter


But how does live blogging via Twitter work with the Nokia netbook? The first disappointment: the SocialHub from Nokia, a software that should simultaneously make the benefits of Facebook, Twitter and SMS possible. SMS-works apparently only if the Simcard is also enabled for telephone operation. How about an SMS service even over the data flat?

Tweet and Facebook in a window - that would be something. But: In the Twitter window, only the livestream is displayed. No search function or sorting option eg for hashtags or specific users. That's stupid to get in touch with other Twitterers or to discuss our topic. And for live tweeting, where this must happen very quickly, completely unsuitable. The SocialHub is apparently meant for people who just want to watch fast, which goes off on Twitter and Facebook - but definitely not for professional use. There are at least for Twitter better tools such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

Conclusion: pretty exhausting


Since live blogging via Twitter is quite exhausting - you have to learn everything and at the same time pack the key messages into as meaningful, only 140-character-long tweets - the stress factor is correspondingly high. Here again the small display and the confusion in the task bar becomes noticeable. However, I find that in principle the experiment Live Blogging with Nokia Booklet 3G and Twitter has succeeded.

A feature that I might still wish: A webcam, which is mounted in the laptop cover on the outside - then you could record Twitter and at the same time a live stream. But probably only journalists need something like that :-)

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