Netbook in the long-term Tesr: Working with Windows7 for netbooks

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Every netbook is only as good or bad as its operating system. So here is a detailed report on the use of the new operating system from Redmond in the slimmed-starter version. With a unfortunately not too positive conclusion ...

Netbook in the long-term Tesr: Working with Windows7 for netbooks equipment

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The scope of delivery


Before I report on the use of my Nokia booklet 3G in everyday working life, unfortunately I have to get rid of a few sentences about the operating system - because the greatest netbook is unfortunately only as good as its operating system, which contributes significantly to productivity.

The Nokia Booklet 3G is delivered with Windows Starter. I have to say: I've been working with Ubuntu Linux for over two years. What finally convinced me of Ubuntu was besides the simple installation (the most necessary programs are already there!) The very simple structure: Ubuntu is simply limited to the most necessary and files its logically logically. What you need, you can quickly install and have the free choice. In the basic installation of Windows, however, I always had the feeling of being steered in a particular direction.

The first impression of Windows7 Starter


Now I had heard a lot of good things about Windows7 and was curious if it was as simple as Ubuntu. And at the beginning I was also very enthusiastic: it all really looked very easy. That it was only that naked operating system, did not bother me, on the contrary, I was annoyed by the Office trial version, which I immediately uninstalled and replaced by OpenOffice.

Needless to say, I also swear by browsers and eMail on Mozilla. And I also replaced the trial version of the virus program with another, of which I still had a license key. Just a pity that I first had to Google that it is an 30 day version. That would have given a nice surprise! Since disturbs me simply the missing manual. After all, I have since discovered that there are numerous YouTube videos about the Nokia Booklet 3G. Apparently, I'm just too old-fashioned.

I found it actually logical that a low-performance netbook comes along with the slimmed-down starter version - how and why was slimmed down, this article shows.

The good impression lasted only briefly


However, this impression only lasted until I happened to read a comparison test on between Windows7 Starter and Windows7 Home Premium. Accordingly, the slimmed-down version consumes only slightly less memory intensive. Windows7 Starter - so a pure saving factor. And that at the price!

After all, Microsoft has apparently moved away again, only three programs simultaneously to make executable: That would actually be a huge problem, because I already alone the virus program, the browser and the eMailProgram must be open by default to work properly. One can argue about the necessity of all other points.

Restricted Interviewequippment


Much more annoying than the missing media features, I find the absence of a camera software to record with the included webcam videos - because I have to look for something suitable first. Or upload directly to YouTube? And also that the microphone is only available via the headset, but there is no built-in jack for an external microphone, leverages for me the advantage of the camera:

Since the device is apparently designed for video calling, but not for professional use as a journalist to eg Webvideos or to make interviews. I also have to take a look at it in peace, I can hardly believe it: A netbook at this price should not only serve a fun audience, but also be suitable for professional use for journals and bloggers.

Vulnerability Taskliste


But also in the normal work, the pitfalls of Windows 7. Namely, where Linux is much more user-friendly: At the taskbar. Because with Linux you can create virtual workspaces on these and then easily switch between them by mouse click or keyboard shortcut. At the same time, only the icons of the programs belonging to the currently selected desktop appear on the taskbar. And that's exactly what I'm missing on Windows and I habitually click around pretty desperately on the taskbar. After all: Here it seems to help!

Problem resolution


The resolution was celebrated with 1.280 x 720 pixels. Certainly a nice thing, more clarity. On the one hand. On the other hand, the font on the 10,1-Zoll-Display becomes too small for me. Then you have to hold the display namely directly in front of the eyes, to be able to read reasonably. Sure, you can also put your head forward, but then neck-dislocations are inevitable. At least if you surf the Internet longer or want to read a text. Maybe the latter does not appear in the imaginary target group of Nokia - in my work, however, already.

Or one zooms the individual applications each time bigger - then one clicks however particularly with the Firefox dumb and stupid.

The third solution: One only sets the font (which is possible under Windows7, after all) or the whole resolution larger. This leads to the paradoxical problem that the individual windows are too big for the screen and, surprisingly enough, can not be made smaller - and that the button is then partly outside the screen and can only be clicked blind. You will gain some space by simply dropping the taskbar down when needed and otherwise hiding it. And there is also a screen magnifier, which can be used to enlarge individual parts of the screen, but apparently every time must be restarted.

Which operating system?


So let's be honest: This driving around with neck pain can not be the optimal solution for mobile work? I have the impression that the specially developed for sale on netbooks starter version of Windows7 was indeed slimmed in performance, to be cheaper, but no adaptation to the small screen contains - unlike, for example, smartphones. How about a real Windows Netbook variant? For tips of diehard Netbook and Windows users, I am meanwhile grateful! Maybe you can use such a netbook best standing on a kind of lectern?

I've already flirted with the netbook version of Ubuntu. Because the should also be optically adapted to netbooks. However, in the near future I simply did not understand how to create the USB stick for installation.

Ubuntu on the Notbook?


Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure if running properly on Ubuntu Wi-Fi and UMTS (on my current HP-NOTEbook does not work with WLAN namely ...). And Windows should be preserved in any case first, if that does not work, so you can not just format the entire hard drive - after all, there is no DVD with the operating system for such special requests!

Of course, the operating system is of course no problem that makes the netbook good or bad. And it's probably not a problem just this netbook. However, it would be nice if manufacturers, who bring out a device for the price, would pay a little more attention to usability.

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