Bargaining with discount: what is allowed is what is allowed?

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Salami tactics, stress test, rambotics, all-in, you're out. Do you only understand train station now? Then you are like most people. Everything has already been heard, but as in one breath. Since the context is missing. Yes and no.


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Kurt-Georg Scheible 48Kurt-Georg Scheible is an entrepreneur, consultant, coach and speaker.


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The nasty tricks of buyers

The words above are terms that describe the tricks of retail buyers. Until recently I called it “The 16 nasty tricks of the buyers”. I don't do it anymore because there have been a few more recently. So, I stopped counting.

The importance of informing about some of these approaches, for example, in sales seminars, in cooperation with buyers, has continued. Also, to protect yourself against it.

Stress the negotiating partner

With some of these tricks, the buyer is simply concerned with artificially “mentally” burdening his negotiating partner, ie the seller.

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To get him out of his way, to make him unconcentrated, to provoke mistakes and negligence and thereby to generate negotiating advantages himself. This is so in sport and business.

stress test

Do you know, for example, the stress test? Let's go: Let's say you are the purchaser. At the beginning of the meeting, you put a task to your interlocutor - the salesman. Must have nothing to do with the topic at stake. It can also be a tricky puzzle from a puzzle book.

You just moderate that a bit nicely, for example like this: “Yesterday I saw a puzzle and I can't figure it out. Can you manage to get the result of 1 out of the numbers 3, 4, 6 and 24 only with the basic arithmetic, ie plus, minus, times and divided, whereby all four numbers must be used, but may only be used once? ”

Puzzles and other vulgarities

And then you go - not without first trying a little together - on the agenda, talk about this and that, just what it is necessary to negotiate. And ask in between times to check whether your opponent is synonymous not out of his head and he still pondering. If he has not done so yet, now he is guaranteed to do it.

And then you return to your agenda - and talk about prices, deliveries, discounts, discounts, delivery terms - and just bring back the sheet that says: 1, 3, 4, 6, +, , x, 24, and push it away again. In this context, ask in the same way what the Naturalrabatt looks like, or the special event for the company jubilee.

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Simply distract!

Just go ahead, preferably in combination with another trick, and leave the piece of paper with the numbers openly visible on the table. You can also slide it back and forth and talk about "that it looks so simple but is somehow difficult".

Now increase the workload a bit by letting your conversation partner calculate something. For example, how increased purchase quantities affect the price. Or what it could decrease if you get the goods “ex works” instead of “free house” in the future.

By the way, the really important things to clarify!

An “approximate price” is also sufficient for you, but you should first doubt whether it is correct or not. If the seller does the math again and finds that he calculated correctly the first time, then you say: “I am probably already completely confused because of the strange task: 1, 3, 4, 6, 24 - you know. ”

What will happen: Your business partner always has a part of his thoughts and thus his brain power at the darned puzzle. You always remind him of it. And do you know this, too, if something looks so easy and you do not get it?

Targeted manipulation

And while you seem to think about the riddle together, you also get a promise for the special campaign regarding the company anniversary ...

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Well, nobody said that there are no dirty tricks in purchasing. Because be sure: for some, anything that brings percentages is allowed. If you want to defend yourself against this, then you have already taken the first step, because “danger identified, danger eliminated”.

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    An interesting tactic - but triggers with me more violent goose bumps. I'm not a big fan of these games - which does not detract from the fact that they are still often played with true passion. Conclusion: You have to (especially) deal with the things that hurt. ;-)
    Best regards, Tanja

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