Negative comments and customer reviews: 7 tips on how to benefit!

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Online reviews are free company advice. Either there is a confirmation to be on the right path or a valuable learning gain. Because what annoys a customer, which perhaps disturbs others also. For this reason, professionals consider critical information on the web as a valuable opportunity to improve. 7 tips, as well as you benefit from it.Negative comments and customer reviews: 7 tips on how to benefit! Negative comments and customer reviews: 7 tips on how to benefit!

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Here writes for you:

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7 Tips: How To Benefit From Negative Comments

When dealing with negative comments and online assessments, one's own attitude is crucial. Because every negative commentary provides a good opportunity to learn from it, by doing so

  • Identify weaknesses,
  • Make mistakes,
  • Improve processes,
  • Innovation,
  • return a hesitant customer,
  • negative mouth propaganda,
  • Prevent customer losses
  • and so finally save your good reputation

Thus negative evaluations have their good. And to help you, I've written these 7 steps for you.

1. Chat in the Cyberspace

Listen first, then talk! This rule applies especially in the social web. This means first of all to listen intensively to the conversations in the Cyberspace and to catch their mood as quickly as possible. Alerts, social media monitoring tools and professional software programs are used to play online mentions, which are related to the chosen search terms.

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Everything positive should be encouraged and supported. Any questions from users and especially problematic content must be dealt with quickly and individually. Here, a reaction is expected within one to two hours. And with what you say, you should really go to great lengths, because all conversations are publicly visible on the web.

2. User feedback: Learning in real-time

Analyze all found content exactly. Think about what you can learn from it, and how you can pass it on to the individual touchpoints. Ask yourself:

  • What do users say about ours? Company, our products, services and brands exactly?
  • How do these statements change over time?
  • Are there any gender-specific, age-related, seasonal, regional or national differences?
  • What events produce what reactions? And what is the biggest attraction?
  • Where is the need for optimization? And how can the clues from the web help us?
  • Are there any concrete improvement ideas? And how can they be implemented?
  • What can we learn from the way people evaluate our competitors for ourselves?

On this basis, you will be able to provide a clear overview of the most important results. Thank those who praise you. Above all: register with those who had complaints - and get rid of their anger as quickly as possible! Be as individual as possible. Text blocks and 08 / 15 responses are instantly identified as such.

3. Learning by example: Castorama, Darbo and Ulla Popken

If you want to improve something, you should look how others did. 3 examples:

  1. When Castinama, a French DIY chain, the Duschset Equinox was criticized by many customers, the responsible manager worked with the manufacturer on a new version of the product. This was then sent free of charge to customers, who complained. Most of them responded to this service with a positive assessment of the new product - which in turn had a significant impact on the sales figures.
  2. The fashion company Ulla Popken found on the web hints about problems with a button on a certain pants model. After a new button was sewn, there were only positive comments.
  3. When a product by the jam manufacturer Darbo was rated negatively on the web, Darbo adapted it according to the suggestions of the users and was then successful: The product improved by consumers received the "Best Product of the Year" award from

4. Install a rating system on your own website

For operators of onlineshops: Install a rating system. Thus, on the website of the computer supplier Dell can evaluate the offered electronics products with stars. Offers that have received only two out of five possible stars fly out of the assortment.

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Apart from the learning gain for negative and the increase in sales with positive votes, one still does what for his search engine ranking. Search engines reward precisely what User Generated Content (UGC) offers: up-to-date and uniqueness. Each new experience report ensures that your page is updated in its index.

5. Ask for more!

But Dell did not dismiss the pure rating system: In the beginning, the developers were appalled: â € œWhen the customer rates us badly? Â € â € œIâ € ™ m happy you learn something, â € was the answer. Today, the evaluators are asked directly by the developers: â € œYou only give the product two stars. Please explain why.â € This way the feedback goes directly to the place that concerns it.

In order to be sure, when expressing criticism, that others see it the same way, Dell asks the community: â € œSomeone says that the USB slot on Computer XX is too close to the connector hole? Is that so important to you? Â € The answers are plentiful, and they help save a lot of development costs.

6. Make reviews as easy as possible - for more positive opinions

Make it as easy as possible to evaluate each product and service. Place a star system and the link to a text field directly at the product. Give the customer tips for writing a qualified rating. And remind him to give a rating.

This is best done automatically after about two weeks, because then the customer has first experience with the thing ordered. A little tip: If you invite your users to submit their opinion, then write on the corresponding button "Make a recommendation now" instead of "Write a rating now".

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The former sounds more positive and should also produce more positive results. In addition, it is advisable to call a hotline to help frustrated customers get rid of their anger, instead of making it public in the course of a review.

7. Preventing negative experiences

Another tip: Negative experience reports can be prevented and positive win by placing the following note:

â € œDear customer, we want you to be happy. So if we disappointed you in any way, please tell us right away. We take care of it. And if you were thrilled, please tell the review portals

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