Naked on the net: when social media becomes dangerous {book}

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Published at our publishing partner Redline economy in German, by Simone Janson

As of today, my new book is “Naked on the Net. When social media becomes dangerous ”in stores - and here you can find them all Press comments and readers opinions to! The book also expresses itself to social-media-critical users and deals with the basics of social media usage:

For a clever use of social media

How does social media communication work at all? How to deal with the daily social media stress? And how do you lose sight of the efficient work with all enthusiasm?

And finally it is, the title says it already, to the question how one can protect its identity and its privacy and whether that is at all useful.

Are you still alive or facebookare you already?

Thanks to social media, the boundaries between work and private life are increasingly blurring, many of our data and friends are already on the Internet - and at some point the question is guaranteed to come: “Are you already on Facebook? "

Because the problem with social media is: even if you don't use Facebook, Twitter, Xing or Google+ is active because he thinks that this is all children's stuff or that you have to be afraid for your data, is affected. Because we can hardly avoid social media today, even if we stay offline.

How do we escape the pressure?

More and more people follow the network temptations and the pressure on the individual to join Facebook and register others. But for many the associated data striptease goes too far and some wonder what makes sense for them at all.

The book describes the latest developments in the social media world. And it shows why for some people Facebook the tool is, for the other one, Twitter, and many a network that was all the rage yesterday is out today.

Everyone decides how much he wants to give

But how much will we communicate without exposing ourselves? And how do we escape the pressure to communicate constantly? The success recipe is to find the right measure in the network, to filter out important information and also to switch off times.

Regarding the information that we put into the internet about us: because what exactly becomes of our data on the Internet, the individual can not overlook - but decide how much he wants to divulge.

Press comments to the book

I was particularly impressed by the review by Stefanie Niele Schulz on Although she finds the title misleading, the book is otherwise extremely recommendable. Here is a quote:

“Naked on the Net: When Social Media Becomes Dangerous” - I couldn't put the recently published book by Simone Janson before I was completely through… But she always links this with her own thoughts and experiences and brings with her much more common sense than he does Social media average author. ”

Thank you for so much honest enthusiasm!

At Business On a post about my book “Nackt im Netz” was published at the end of 2011

I am glad that my books are apparently also being received in science - in this case by Dr. Hans-Dieter Kübler, Professor for social, cultural and media sciences at the HAW Hamburg, which illuminates “Naked on the Net” rather critically. However, you get the impression, sir Professor He has flipped through the book only superficially: Obviously he has escaped the numerous evidence for the sources and studies used and even with the language, which he obviously does not understand as insider jargon, he can not quite make friends. So it might be.

Marco Wegleiter has raffled off a copy of my book “Nackt im Netz” on Webzucker. Simply write a comment on the topic “Post Privacy” and you're there. But Marco not only raffled the book, he also read it and wrote a well-founded one, which I was very happy about. An excerpt:

“In my opinion, the actual main part of the book is the last chapter on data protection and data hysteria. About your own identity online and how you can protect yourself accordingly. The author's point of view is interesting because she is neither a data protector nor a post-privacy advocate. And in my opinion that's exactly the right place. ”

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  6. Bernd Ruhland

    RT @SimoneJanson: @JOBSUMA The link to the book? Here please

  7. Simone Janson

    @JOBSUMA The link to the book? Here please

  8. Jeannine

    Dear Simone,

    the work was published in the university publishing house, here times the link

    We would love to do something about it in the blog, would be happy.


  9. Michael Moesslang

    Who wants to be "naked on the net"? Beware of that, says @SimoneJanson in her latest book. - Very interesting!6Qh0M

  10. Monika Paitl

    Who wants to be "naked on the net"? Beware of that, says @SimoneJanson in her latest book. - Very interesting!6Qh0M

  11. Monika Paitl

    So that you are not "naked on the net" I recommend reading this from @SimoneJanson: - Very interesting!6DN1f

  12. Monika Paitl

    "Naked on the Net" by @SimoneJanson lies here on my desk in front of me, waiting to be read. Curious; excited! - Very interesting!6zduP

  13. Michael Moesslang

    "Naked on the net" - that's how some people feel. The new book by journalist @SimoneJanson - I'm looking forward to it! - Very interesting!6txYI

  14. Monika Paitl

    "Naked on the net" - that's how some people feel. The new book by journalist @SimoneJanson - I'm looking forward to it! - Very interesting!6txYI

  15. sunnymoon_hh

    Just published: My new book "Naked on the Net. When Social Media Becomes Dangerous"

  16. KSchmitt chair carrier

    Just published: My new book "Naked on the Net. When Social Media Becomes Dangerous"

  17. Simone Janson

    Thank you - also for the hint.
    I should have known about the thesis - I would have quoted it immediately.
    Maybe you can do something about it in the blog. Was this published somewhere?
    Simone Janson

  18. Jeannine Cook

    Congratulations on the release. Last year I did my thesis on the topic “On dealing with private people in public using the example of Facebook”And published this year. Find these subject areas still exciting and changing, especially with regard to areas where private and public are blurred - see HR, recruiting etc.

    Am anyway strained to the book.


    Jeannine Cook

  19. Silke Loers

    Just published: My new book "Naked on the Net. When Social Media Becomes Dangerous"

  20. Liane Wolffgang

    Just published: My new book “Nackt im Netz”: Enlarge the picture here! Naked on the Net: When Social Med ...

  21. Competencepartner

    Just published: My new book “Nackt im Netz”: Enlarge the picture here! Naked on the net: ...
    Commented on Twitter

  22. Johannes Lenz

    RT @simonejanson: Just released: My new book "Naked on the Net. When Social Media Becomes Dangerous"

  23. Simone Janson

    Just published: My new book "Naked on the Net. When Social Media Becomes Dangerous"

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