The tale of multitasking: assault and short-distance thinking

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Text comes from: Bin ich hier der Depp? Wie Sie dem Arbeitswahn nicht länger zur Verfügung stehen (2013) of Martin Wehrle, published by Mosaik Verlag, Reprints by friendly permission of the publisher.
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A new discipline conquers the world of work: the short-distance thinking. Sustainability gives way to shortness of breath, strategic action to drumming actionism. Maybe attention deficit is a new epidemic of our time? hamster wheel

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Martin Wehrle wehrle Martin Wehrle is a best-selling author as well as Germany's best-known career and salary coaching.


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Guilt is the brain

In multitasking, many processes fall under the table. This is due to the working memory of man. This cache is highly unreliable, which we notice, for example, when we as listeners no longer know its beginning at the end of a long bandworm rate.

And who has it not happened to when he got home from work, what phone call he still had to make and which email to send? Psychiatrist Edward Hallowell calls the lack of attention a new epidemic and describes it as "a direct result of the modern world of work".

Sick distraction is on the rise

Because of all the tasks that they wanted to do at the same time, many people did themselves - health-wise. You suffer from Attention Deficit Trait (ATD). They are under constant stress, are, according to Hallowell, “distracted, irritable, impulsive, restless”. And just as a junkie needs his stuff, so the mindless need multitasking. In ever higher doses. With increasingly fatal consequences.

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One of these consequences is the work results, as Clifford Nass, a Clifford Nass, found in a study. Compared to people who are rarely multitasks, the multitaskers are more unconcentrated, blending important and unimportant. And like stupid motion detectors, which do not distinguish between man and cat, they react to every stimulus from the outside, also nothingness.

Endurance deficit and error in thinking

They struggle with tasks that require stamina. Her mental performance diminishes, her thoughts sneak into her thinking. And who said that when multitasking you learn at least the multi-screen, is mistaken: not even in the multitasker are better!

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung editor Frank Schirrmacher, until then not exactly known as a critic of capitalism, describes multitasking in his lightning-quick book “Payback” as “bodily harm” and sums up: “Multitasking is the doomed attempt of humans to become computers themselves. ”

How do you lose your mind?

But who brought people to this crazy idea? Who has done everything since industrialization to get the most out of machines and people so that the ruble rolls? Who invented the assembly lines, introduced the computers, accelerated the world so fast that the heads and hearts stopped coming? Who, if not the ruthless one among the employers, has made modern humans to be a test animal in the hamster wheel of multitasking?

Of course, we ourselves. Therefore, there is the beautiful hamster wheel rule: There are many ways to lose your mind. Multitasking is the most modern.

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