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Irene Wahle is a grief counselor. All texts by Irene Wahle.

Job profile! Funeral orator & personal biographer: organize farewells offline & online

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“The personal topic comes to you at some point,” wrote a Rostock author. My life's task of death knocked on me early, by which I mean something that is part of my life. My birthday, for example, often falls on a Sunday in the dead. And otherwise, Gevatter Tod showed itself, unnoticed by me, in many upheavals and upheavals in my life.

From crisis to personal destination

In the end of the 90 years, my life took a decisive turn in this direction, when the two blackest years of my existence started. It all started when my father 1997 fell ill with cancer and my mother 1998 died of a blood poisoning in a hospital.

Shortly afterwards, my father committed suicide. In 1999 I fell ill myself. Life just seemed pointless to me. In death I saw a comforting way out. At some point an inspiration said to me: “Irene, stay! Learn to be satisfied and find your purpose. "

The key to death opens the door to life

Since then my fate has turned, at the beginning of which was the chance to lead a gallery. Supported by the owner Michael Pohl, my potential developed. I learned to be a businesswoman and had wonderful encounters with art and artists. Found answers to my questions. Then the Off.

After mourning my lost job enough, my inner voice led me to the local hospice. Intuitively, I looked for the answer to the question of whether it was possible to die more humanly than my father. For seven years I accompanied the dying and the dying. Experienced with how, by assumption on the physical, mental and psychological level, they were usually peaceful, painless, and slept in the vicinity of familiar people.

To bring death to life: How to become a mourner?

A milestone for me was a day in 2003. Standing in front of the shop window of a funeral home, I had the idea: “You could also give memorial speeches.” Since then I have remembered more than 190 deceased, discovered my market niche in my constant involvement with this area and developed my vision.

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“Bringing light into the taboo topic of death and the grief of people [...] celebrating farewell parties that make the spirit and personality of a person tangible for the last time Spiegel lived existence. "

It falls to you what is due: From vision to marketing strategy

My vision to become a reality in old structures, but proved more than difficult. I need new ideas, eg for my marketing strategy.

2006 I discover a newspaper article about one Professor reported who tested his theories in practice. The tea campaign is marketed exclusively via the Internet. “That's it!” I thought and started building my website

Life history

The experiences that I made in my business gave me two insights. Namely, that I wanted to preserve life stories permanently and that the solution to market my niche products profitably is to bring death to life.

Inspired by these thoughts, and in the constant reflection of my experiences, other services emerged over the course of time: biographies, company chronicles, and life-balance sheets. They all benefit from my insights about our life.

Thanks to social media communication to the established profession

To make them known, I use my website, my blog or blogs of network partners like

There I answer and ask questions. In addition, I comment on current topics. For example, the change in transplantation laws and brain death. It is important for me to take precautionary measures, such as the provision of patients and the virtual testament. All this brought me together with the people who need and want my services. Today, six years after the first inspiration, my profession is established.

The Internet makes the taboo death visible like a seismograph

Although there is the taboo death on the one side, which in each of us awaits salvation, I feel on the other hand a trend change in our society, whose evolution is visible on the Internet.

The network simplifies the growing number of interested people who want to know about dying and death and those who have something to say. It offers a multitude of possibilities to express the human spaces of their compassion, their grief and their memory in the range of their emotions.

This happened when communication expert Vera F. Birkenbihl contracted cancer. She herself tweeted messages and was happy about her recovery wishes from the net community. When she died, people on many websites, forums, and blogs personally expressed their grief and remembrance.

Artfully farewell - from dying in life and death

Within fourteen years a heart project took shape. My book guide shows how interwoven life, death and death are, and which gifts rest in the confrontation with our existence.

The book is devoted to those who deliberately deal with all phases of life and want to arrange the life-end. Just like those who want to accompany others when dying or want to farewell.

Who knows a suitable publisher?

In the guide book, on whose development the medium of Internet has a large share, I interweave insights as affected persons, relatives and as companion in hospice and biography work; as well as with the thoughts of specialists; Friends and business partners of different faiths, as well as with the reflections of now dead people and their relatives.

Theoretical references to the individual topics are substantiated with examples from said group of people. This link is intended to help readers to more easily understand essential issues of our existence and, as a result, to form their own point of view. Now the advisor is waiting to get into the hands of an appreciative publisher.

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3 responses to “job profile! Funeral orator & personal biographer: design farewells offline & online ”

  1. Joel Prophet says:

    Sure, but all these career tips are totally bullshit, it just depends on people and companies working together. The human component has to be right.

  2. Biographer Irene Wahle says:

    Dear Mrs. Happel,
    Thank you for your appreciative comment, which I was very happy about.
    Thank you for your good wishes for my book - Artfully saying goodbye to dying in life and in death - (AT). Can use the project well.
    I wish you continued success in your profession and say: "See you then."
    With kind regards
    Biographer Irene Wahle

  3. Simone Happel says:

    Dear Mrs. Wahle,

    I am pleased to find you here too and I am very touched by this article. I wish your advisor an appreciative publisher and look forward to welcoming you soon as “Life Stylist of the Week” :)

    Kind regards

    Simone Happel

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