Motivation through mutual respect: 5 rules for bosses and employees

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Text comes from: Erfolg hat, wer Regeln bricht: Wie Leidenschaft zu Spitzenleistung führt. Ein Ausnahmeunternehmer packt aus (2014) from Mike Fischer, published by Linde Verlag, Reprints by friendly permission of the publisher.
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A motivated employee is a good employee. But how can? Company create a good, interpersonal relationship with your employees?team-leading

Here writes for you:


Mike Fisher Best of HR –®Mike Fischer is a multiple award winning entrepreneur and GSA speaker.


1. Do not spoil me

Anyone who wants to be respected as a boss must respect his employees. That sounds very simple, but in case of doubt also requires a lot of strength of character. What does that mean exactly?

We as employers must not think that people are purchasable. A lot of money does not mean that man brings much power. People have a good sense of what they deserve for their own achievements. Some people say that they only work for the money.

But you should not go too far financially. Love and problem solving in the Company you can't buy with money. "Don't spoil me" means for me: don't spoil yourself with money, but with care. Employees prefer to be hugged.

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2. Do not be afraid to remain firm in dealing with me

Often there is something between people that is not pronounced. That's the worst thing. You should always respond immediately if you feel that something is between two people. With us the employees know what they are with me. They feel and feel that.

Directly address problems

If I'm not in a good mood, I don't wait for weeks to find out why I'm not in a good mood, but I address it immediately. This is how I get rid of the problems. I don't take that to my bed. Never fall asleep with an interpersonal problem that you haven't said: "That and that didn't suit me."

It can be difficult, however, if you pronounce something that does not suit you, but did not think enough about how you can say it. Nevertheless, we talk much too little about the problems we have with each other.

Ask right

You should constantly talk about it. If you notice that the other person is sitting on something, you don't leave him standing in the rain, but rather make it easier for him to say: "What do you mind about me?" Sometimes you ask, "How are you?"

This can be superficial and if you ask it as a phrase, you will logically get the answer "I'm fine". As you call into the forest, it resounds. But if you notice that there is a permanent irritation and if you are seriously interested, ask differently and you will get an honest, in-depth answer. And then we are quick on the topic “Managers should also be life counselors for their employees”.

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3. Do not be stunned if you find out from third parties that I consider your decisions questionable

We sometimes hear from third parties what someone has thought about us. That is normal. People talk about other people all day - for example in the following situations:

  • I talk to my wife about others.
  • I talk with my employees about the decisions of others.
  • I talk to my managers about my employees.
  • I say something in the round when we sit together and watch football.

Like Jogi Löw

How often is Jogi Löw questioned? What he has heard about third parties has to do with himself! But this is not evil. We talk about other people and what they do wrong.

We are not discussing this. So when I hear from a third person that someone has criticized me about me, I find that at the moment not so bad. I do not have to panic right now.

Please ask me

Then I can call him and ask him: "Tell me, how did you mean that now?"

And then the other answers: "Oh, that wasn't meant as badly as you now understand it." It's the other way around. Jogi Löw would then only have to phone and ask all day.

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4. Do not keep me from the consequences of my actions

Another important point between bosses and employees: dealing with criticism. On both sides. Because one thing is clear: feedback is necessary. But not always welcome. So how do you deal with that?

I often have this protective instinct myself. On the one hand, I want my employees to grow. On the other hand, I chat to them. But I have to allow my employees to have the same experiences and mistakes that I made earlier. Because they can only learn from these experiences.

5. Do not always complain

I sometimes bitch too much, and I have to be careful. Too much grumbling is never good. But that is a multi-faceted issue, because it is always the question of what I look at first.

Criticism - how it matters

Recently, I had a long conversation with an employee. He's a good guy, but he's got a big problem right now. When I say that to him, and so bitch in his eyes, he plays the offended liver sausage.

He gives me content, but he criticizes the way I say it. So he sees himself first and is offended. He does not see the problem to be solved. I mean, however, that we all have to put ourselves under the flag of the company - and only secondarily, is it about the question of the person.

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Fear of emotions

We have to learn to control insulting feelings. We always have to ask ourselves: "What is it really about - you or the company?" A colleague then said to me: “Mike, if you argue with that, we will all feel it. And that is negative for the whole company. ”

Many people, and here in particular bosses, feel themselves attacked too fast in their person. I say: First comes the company, then comes the company, the third comes the company, and then comes the employee gladly, and then comes somewhere very low down in the trash: the boss.

The company is always in the foreground

I also do not want to stand up in the organization chart. In an organization chart, the bosses are usually at the top, then the employees, at the bottom the customers. With us it is turned around: above the customers, then the employees, below the bosses.

This is a different way of thinking, and the organigram makes up that. When solving problems, it is not a question of who is the most important person, but the company.

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