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Kira KlenkeDr. Kira Klenke is coach and former Professorat the FH Hannover.

Dr. Kira Klenke is a mathematician and was over twenty years Professorin for statistics. She is known to have learned from her people (successfully and even with joy) that had previously thought that completely impossible. Thus, from her teaching at the university a second appointment as a coach developed. Since the spring of 2016, she has shifted her focus to this area.

Motivation instead of procrastination: overcoming inner resistance in 5 steps [+ checklists]

If you want to tame the annoying procrastination, you have to understand where the motivation comes from - and where the resistance comes from. Get to the bottom of the causes!

motivation-pig dog

Step 1: Where does the resistance come from?

The first step is to find out where your inner pig dog is actually buried. Ask yourself the following questions:

Checklist: Find the pig dog

  • What exactly do you like learning or working on?
  • What exactly brings your inner pig dog on the plan?
  • What exactly triggers your discomfort, your reluctance?
    Is it perhaps the lecturer's presentation style?
  • Or in the work the boss's communication strategy?
  • Or a very specific colleague?
  • Is it the mandatory textbook that you simply can not understand?
  • Or are it the practical tasks to be solved in practice?

Step 2: Find creative solutions - you can do that

At some universities, the same lecture is given by different lecturers, in Company Sometimes the boss changes from one year to another. You could use that. Be creative to discover your own personal solution strategy.

Checklist: How to find your solution strategy

  • You don't like the textbook, for example? You can get another textbook at any time.
  • Have you ever noticed that the same subject may be presented differently by different authors?
  • Don't like how your boss deals with projects? Make suggestions on how to do it better.
  • Do you know that on the internet, there are many good video onlineCourses (especially if you speak English) on almost every topic?
  • Do you know someone who has already solved the same problem? Another colleague in the semester above you maybe.
  • Or maybe there is someone in your environment who finds exactly this type of task, for example programming something or translating something into Spanish, easy? Ask him or her for advice. In the conversation, find out what trick there is to doing this type of activity with playful joy.
    You are not an early riser and the lecture or job always starts at 8 a.m. sharp? Then you can catch up on the material yourself later in the day or ask for flextime.
  •  Do you lack (basic) knowledge for your topic? Appropriate it. In a way that suits you. Certain, limited sub-aspects are often sufficient. Find out what they are.

Step 3: take responsibility

In the course of this cause analysis you notice that it is time to decide that you should develop a solution strategy that is suitable for you personally. That it is time to no longer attribute the cause of this problem to the stupid prof, the impossible timetable, the lousy boss or, or, or.

Even if that may be true, that will not get you anywhere. You need this solution. They already know the reason for this. And even if it does not suit you: Therefore you take responsibility for your progress from now on. You will realize that you are better off doing so.

Step 4: What could make your approach easier?

But you should not only track down your resistances, but also find out what motivates you:

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Checklist: Your impulses

  • Do you prefer to work or study alone or in a team? It often helps if you tell your ambiguities in detail to someone. How often have I experienced this in consultations at the university: Suddenly the students knew all by themselves what to do next.
  • Do you need absolute peace to think about or inspire quiet music in the background? Is it better if you sit still and unmoved?
  • Or is it easier for you to think on a gently swinging gymnastics ball? That chewing gum chewing the brain activated has already been scientifically proven.
  • Do you need a different work environment? Go with your documents to the kitchen table or to the floor, to your garden vacation or to the university library.

Write down at least three ideas on how to modify and modify your work and learning from now on. Small changes do it as a rule already, whose effect is nevertheless nevertheless perplexing.

Step 5: turn off troublemakers

Switch off faults from the outset. What are the favorite tricks of your inner pig dog? Do not go smoking with your colleague all 30 minutes outside the door this week. Just make the phone sound or turn it off. Banish the TV, do not check mails or WhatsApp messages in the next hour.

Not without reason, there are now even software solutions that for a pre-defined period both the receipt and the sending of eMails block. Other software will shut down your Internet access within a set amount of time, for example for 60 minutes.

Write down in writing the 3 main distraction maneuvers of the inner pig dog and directly on how you will then tackle it.

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