More productive work through laughter: promoting communication and efficiency

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Laughter makes you productive, not too much brooding. What sounds like a truism, but can now also be scientifically substantiated.

More productive work through laughter: Promoting communication and efficiency More productive work through laughter: Encouraging communication and efficiency

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Laughter promotes well-being


Laughter is contagious. The reason is mirror neurons. But laughter may do more, namely to increase productivity. After all, humorous people are considered to be particularly capable, flexible, sociable, successful and healthy.

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In stressful situations, they prove to be more resilient. Enjoyment of work promotes physical and mental well-being. We all know this: when we're in a good mood and having fun at work, things are going well. On the other hand, when we sit grouchily and broodingly, things are progressing much more slowly. In addition, a good laugh can help relieve stress and improve health and performance.

Comedies promote blood circulation


This has also been proven scientifically: In a study, Michael Miller from the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore 20 showed test subjects at intervals of two days each a section of a comedy and a war drama. Before and after, they ultrasonically checked the perfusion of the main artery of the upper arm.

Most had in the opinion of the comedy increased circulation, while the majority had a poorer circulation after the war drama. From this the researchers concluded that laughter helps to keep the innermost tissue of the blood vessels, the so-called endothelium, healthy. The endothelium regulates the blood flow and the internal pressure of the blood vessels.

Think farsighted


The Harvard psychologist Daniel Goleman writes in his book "Emotional Intelligence" on the productivity-enhancing effect of laughter. In his opinion, laughter and enthusiasm contribute to thinking more farsightedly and more complexly, to associate more freely and to discover intellectual networks that would otherwise remain hidden. Laughter thus opens up a new dimension of thought. Thus, laughter is not only an important help in the creative field, but also in the impact assessment of important decisions.

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Linus Torvalds, founder of the Linux software, sees fun and laughter as indispensable prerequisites for good programming. "People must be allowed to nonsense," said Torvalds.: Maybe that's why he chose a penguin as a symbol for his software?

Tips for a humorous life


To get back to the beginning of the article: By the imitation effect, because laughing causes, it also improves cooperation and team spirit. Shared laughter creates a we-feeling. And, of course, communication within colleagues is also good if you treat each other in a friendly and humorous way instead of looking on grumpily.

So what do you do? Experts recommend laughing loudly for 15 minutes every day. Even an artificial laugh has positive effects. Those who can not do it alone can attend humors or laughter yoga classes.

Better laugh than ponder


Anyone who finds nothing to laugh may be thinking too much. Thinking about why things did not work out can also make sense. Psychology professor Neal Roese deals with the regret of missed opportunities and doubts about decisions that have been made in his book, "Oh, I should have!" He clearly explains why crying about spilled milk, that is, about things that you can not change anyway, is not unnecessary, but rather a very important psychological process.

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When you think about past situations in depth and think about what you could have done better, you will behave better in similar situations in the future - and in any case go into a situation more prepared. Though it may seem unproductive at first, pondering it can have some positive effects if it motivates us to improve things and leads to the solution of a problem.

Thinking is therefore meaningful, not aimless brooding


But there are limits. The more one thinks about what exactly one could do in a situation, the more the brain has to work hard. The longer you look at it, the more complicated the problem becomes, and it becomes more difficult to come to a conclusion. This reinforces the impression that the situation is not under control. The self-confidence disappears, one becomes more insecure.

It therefore helps to say "stop!" Loudly every time you start to ponder. Or attach a rubber band to your wrist and pull on it. It is often enough to be aware of this mechanism. Those who tend to roll endless thoughts around and block themselves with it can try this very simple but effective method, which takes only about 15 seconds to do it.

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