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Tips for working more efficiently in the office: It's all about the furnishings!

Routine tasks and small jobs take a lot of time. Streamlining workflows and automating routines means greater efficiency. What helps: the right furnishings in the office!

What should an efficient office look like?

Many people work effectively, but not efficiently. What's the difference? Those who work effectively achieve their goals. The relationship between what is strived for and what has been achieved is right. Those who work efficiently do that too - but with less effort, less costs and in less time.

What should an office look like so that you can work efficiently can? What do filing systems, height-adjustable desks, the right wall colors, indoor plants and freedom of movement have to do with productivity?

The furnishing of the office determines the efficiency

Efficient work means fast and cost-saving all tasks in the given time or even faster to do. Notes, letters and folders are piled up on the desk and the notebooks lie around in between. The computer desktop is visually reminiscent of the window of a junk shop. Clear your Desk because the overview is very important! Without Office organization it does not work:

  • Suspension files: Documents are sorted into folders on shelves and drawers in order to clearly separate the various areas from one another.
  • Label: Each folder must reveal at first glance what is in it.
  • folder: The folders are clipboards. Once tasks have been completed, the documents go straight to the final folder.

More free capacity through proper filing

What is neatly stored, sorted and labeled in folders will no longer be in your head. So you have more thinking capacities free for the actual tasks. You treat digital documents and folders in the same way as data on paper. You shouldn't put the documents on the desktop (that's your digital desk), but in neat folders. Manage the access rights immediately if you work in a larger network and colleagues have access to your computer. For solo self-employed persons, the point with the access rights is not so important, because you work at home and are not connected to the customer's networks.

Efficiently furnished offices strive for a filing system that is intuitively understandable and easily accessible. Files that are constantly needed and stored two floors away stand in the way of efficiency. Just like the colleague who is on the phone loudly at the neighboring desk. Working efficiently in an office is that both quiet zones and speaking zones offers, easier. Efficiency is not just a question of office organization, but of furnishing: rooms have to be furnished in a use-oriented and functional manner. In case of doubt, this includes soundproofing.

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No pain, better concentration

The second point is concentration: what do you need in order to work in a focused manner?

  • Desk with adjustable height: Neck pain and tense shoulders disturb concentration. Height adjustable desks can help prevent tension and pain. The tables are electrically adjustable and can be loaded up to over 100 kilograms.
  • Height-adjustable desk chair: In addition to the work surface and the writing surface, your seat height plays a role. Ergonomics in the workplace means that the posture is relaxed and healthy.
  • Ergonomic technology: Keyboards and computer mice are also ergonomic today. The screen is ergonomic if it is at the right height and easy on the eyes.
  • No multitasking: Colleagues have to respect that you are focused. For important tasks, switch off malfunctions such as smartphones, push-up messages and e-mails. They do one task at a time. Ideally, tackle the most uncomfortable tasks first to clear your head for the joyful aspects of your job.
  • Do not distract: Again: The e-mail program stays off, colleagues stay outside, the phone is switched off.
  • Movement: Ergonomic office furniture allows you to stretch your legs and arms. You have enough space to stretch. You can walk around the desk completely during the short break.

Let there be light: lighting increases productivity

It used to be said that the office had to be bright, brighter, the brightest. Today we know that this is not true. It depends on the Quality of light on. Bright lighting with a high proportion of bluish light is rather strenuous and disturbs concentration. Efficiency is the opposite. Warmer and less bright light sources are better suited. The best is natural light. This must not dazzle, but must be available in sufficient quantities. The lighting situation includes Orientation of the desk: Ideally, your gaze falls unhindered into the distance when your eyes are raised slightly from the computer screen. That means the window should be straight or at a slight angle behind the desk, not at your back.

In open-plan offices, this situation cannot be implemented for all employees. In this case are Daylight lamps makes sense. The lamps imitate the light quality of natural sunlight on a moderately sunny day. This quality of light is perceived as easy on the eyes. At the same time, the ability to concentrate increases for another reason: the biorhythm man is linked to light. Daylight in moderate to high quality signals waking hours.

After order, ergonomics and light comes the atmosphere

A good working atmosphere is inviting and open, promotes concentration and generates a sense of well-being. How this is achieved is different for every person. You need a potted plant on your desk and your coffee maker. It provides you with caffeine and the smell of the best coffee in the world. Your colleague needs a crochet doily under the teacup and a bouquet of roses next to it. And your colleague? Ask him. Workplaces and desks must not be too tight. For a good work atmosphere it is important that you can set up the desk. You need the opportunity to live out personal freedom.

Anyone who spends eight hours or more in the office a day lives there. Design your office so that you can work well there. With regard to the freedom of colleagues, that goes without saying. Stress factors have no place in the office: the note with the dentist's appointment stays in your pocket.

Checklist: This helps you work more efficiently

  • Ergonomics: Office furniture, technology and lighting must be tailored to your physical needs.
  • Working atmosphere: Create your own creative space that inspires and promotes focused work.
  • Organization: Real desks and digital desks provide an overview when they are tidy. Filing systems help.
  • Concentration: Turn off all distractions.
  • No stress factors: do unpleasant work first. Eliminate all other stress factors (loud noises, bright light sources ...) as far as you can.
  • Think positive: Focus on the benefits of your job once a day. Make yourself that Sense Aware of what you are doing.

Conclusion: simple means quickly lead to more efficiency!

Desk lamp with daylight lamp, a desk, a chair and the ability to concentrate increases - efficient work is easy to achieve. Important to know:

Ergonomics in the workplace, freedom from distractions and a pleasant working atmosphere are just as important for solo self-employed like for employees, in the home office or in the open plan office. You will benefit if you consider the points listed above in the workplace at home!

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