{Study} Recruiting trends 2015: Mobile recruiting THE trend of the future

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A growing discrepancy diagnosed Prof. Dr. Tim Weitzel presenting his study Recruiting Trends of the Center of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS) of the University of Bamberg in collaboration with the career portal Monster.

{Study} Recruiting Trends 2015: Mobile Recruiting THE Trend of the Future 2015-03-03_CHRIS_Recruiting Trends 2015-2

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Select personnel other than specialist departments

The size of the discrepancies between the HR and the specialist departments shows that the selection criteria of both departments are often very different - for example, the IT sector, where the specific expertise makes it difficult to see why a recruit leads the job interview, and even more so, that this interview is also often a litmus test for applicants, whether the company suits them.

The IT industry is a good indicator of future trends, because it has to react considerably more quickly and faster due to digital change. For example, the approach of employees to the recruitment of new employees and corresponding reward systems are much more pronounced here than in other sectors.

Social Media Recruiting

Interesting is the different assessment of social media recruiting and mobile recruiting. In the introduction of social media, this was still skeptical eye. Meanwhile, it has arrived in recruiting and is perceived as an important element, which means, however, according to effort. First of all, in many cases, the corporate culture would have to change for a successful implementation.

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As in the previous year, the majority of respondents rate the use of social media for recruitment purposes as positive (64,2 percent). More than half have already aligned social media activities with other recruitment activities (54,3 percent). Around one-third have implemented an explicit social media recruiting strategy (32,3 percent) and have defined a corresponding editorial plan (35,4 percent).

Mobile Recruiting

Far less skeptical is the topic of mobile recruiting. Smartphones and tablets are common communication and information media in job search. About eight out of ten respondents believe that the increased use of mobile devices will have a major impact on recruitment in the future.

Three quarters of all surveyed large companies consider the use of mobile devices as useful. More than half expect that candidates will increasingly apply to mobile devices via mobile devices.

Mobile Recruiting in SMEs

Despite the fact that even medium-sized companies consider mobile recruiting important, the implementation rate is still particularly low there. One thing the study also shows: the situation that the applicant at home casually on the sofa with the phone just his Casting we are still far away.

Because, according to the way of thinking, job topics are serious subjects, for which one again briefly extracts the computer. And they are also classically preferred to use computers or notebooks. If this changes, it could be that mobile applications are increasing. So far, only 15 percent of applicants have received what. The study does not differentiate exactly what mobile applications are.

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Accordingly, the application of the future could look different from what we know today: short profiles, a list of personal contacts and a short CV are gaining in importance. Application videos, photos or cover letters, that is to say, everything that is more difficult to convey is more complicated.

The core results of the “Recruiting Trends 2015” at a glance

  1. Continuing growth in personnel: Half of German companies expect to employ more people by the end of the year.
  2. Difficult occupancy of jobs: The skills shortage remains a major challenge. A forecast of vacancies shows that 34,1 percent will be difficult to fill and five percent will not be filled.
  3. Online Recruiting Channels Popular: Online channels continue to have the greatest importance for job advertisements. Nine out of ten jobs are published on the company's own website. In addition, 70 percent of companies advertise their ads on Internet job boards.
  4. Attitudes usually result from two channels: each 37,3 percent results in the actual recruitment of recruited candidates from the corporate websites and the internet job exchanges.

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  5. Fabian

    Application for mobile devices?
    I think the quality of the applications will suffer enormously.

    • Vanessa Hindinger

      Absolutely not !
      It may not be the right thing for any industry, but why should not social media be recruited for the online / IT / web design / journalisus market?
      I am a humanities scholar and am currently looking for my first job / traineeship in exactly these areas - so what could be more obvious than presenting yourself on the internet and on social platforms? So you can show who you are and above all, what you can do.

      Best regards

      • Simone Janson

        Dear Mrs. Hindinger,
        Thanks for the comment. Especially as a humanities scholar with an unclear skill profile for many employers, I find social networks indispensable. That's exactly what we talked about in the presentation of the study: how useful and timely job advertisements are today, at a time when the (technical) requirements in the job are faster than educations can keep up and in job advertisements often only expressed ambiguous requirement profiles can be. Here is a detailed review.

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