Daily money and fixed-term accounts for entrepreneurs: mini-rates preprogrammed

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Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs also want to invest their money well - for example, money market accounts. However, as it turns out, this is not as easy as you might think, because you often do not get the really good conditions.

Time deposit and time deposit accounts for entrepreneurs: mini-rates pre-programmed Day money and time deposit accounts for entrepreneurs: mini-rates pre-programmed

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Mini rates for entrepreneurs

What turns out to be really difficult, is the finding of well-paid money market accounts for entrepreneurs. Apparently, the entire banking industry takes the attitude: Entrepreneurs need only mini-rates, they have no assets anyway.

Of course, house banks carry accounts of Company, however, pay attention to the conditions. I observe with myself and my clients a certain tendency towards the "They depend on a bank like me, others don't make it cheaper and better" attitude when we communicate with house banks.

Attention minicenses

At the same time, overnight money accounts are a convincing investment: You do not need any special knowledge of the financial market, they are flexible and contribute significantly more than the normal checking account. Many banks advertise with the high interest rates for overnight money accounts. But not every customer gets it.

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Recently Stiftung Warentest has taken a close look at overnight money accounts and similar forms of savings with high interest rates. And with good reason: many institutes advertise new customers with enticing-sounding interest income on the daily allowance. The horse's foot is not emphasized as clearly.

Day money accounts - the reality

Because it would be nice if you could use daily money and fixed-term deposits of direct banks - but attention, the reality looks like this:

Diba and Santander do not take any companies as customers. After all, the DKB is open to some professions - I do not count anymore, but my husband as a freelancer. CortalConsors has a nice call money lock offer, but only for private users. After all, companies get 1,5% and can run their depot there on favorable terms.

Stiftung Warentest reveals dubious promises

The Stiftung Warentest cites comdirect bank as another negative example: it pays 4,75 percent interest to new customers who opt for their “Daily allowance plus”. However, the lock-in rate is only available for 6 months and for amounts up to EUR 30. Existing customers at comdirect bank, on the other hand, receive significantly lower interest rates - currently 000 percent.

I was particularly interested in the fact that Stiftung Warentest explicitly dealt with Postbank's complicated interest conditions, which always annoyed me as a previous customer. Postbank advertises with “up to 5,25 percent interest”. What you need to know: To get that, you have to invest 50.000 euros or more.

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Offers for existing customers

The high interest rate you also get only for the money that is a full quarter in the account. The conditions of the quarterly savings with 5,25 percent interest lists the Stiftung Warentest here again separately. And we are pleased that the offer is also valid for old customers, who bring fresh money to the bank.

But that is also not so easy: If you have another savings account (the current account is not counted!) At the Postbank and have recently withdrawn money, the amount is offset against the new money. At least that was the case with last year's offer. One of the reasons why I finally changed the bank.

Main thing running time

But what about the competition? Here it depends above all on the term: Cortal Consors guarantees 6 percent interest after all for a whole year. Comdirect is less generous: the 6 percent is only available for half a year. But it gets worse:

SEB Bank only pays the 4 percent for its high yield account until the end of September. Who leaves his money afterwards on the account, receives according to the current state, depending on the amount only between 2 and 3,25 percent [...] The tempting 4,5 percent offer of netbank follows after 100 days the Zinserüchterung, because existing customers are currently fed with a maximum of 2,75 percent , And there are still some unpleasant side effects: Cortal Consors and comdirect link their 6 percent with the duty to open a deposit and with comdirect you can only invest 5.000 Euro at the prime rate (with Cortal Consors at least 25.000 Euro). The Lithuanian Parex bank offers 4,3 percent with a minimum investment of 500 Euro, you have to open a current account as a clearing account at the same time. And: The transfer from this account to a non-bank account costs at least 2 Euro. And for all tested banks, only new customers receive the high interest rates, and notice must be given (usually three months). And some details of the offer will be changed at short notice.

High-interest offers without horse foot

The Stiftung Warentest shows, however, that there are also high-interest offers without a horse's foot, sometimes even without a minimum investment. For example, the Akbank, where you can get 4,75 percent from the first Euro, the Bausparkasse Mainz with 4,10 percent or the Amsterdam Trade Bank with 4,40 percent interest (all as of March 2008). The corresponding information document is updated once a month and can be called up here for a fee.

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The list does not claim to be complete, if a bank wants me to provide it with top conditions comparable offer, then I'm looking forward to it!

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