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Text comes from the book: “Think yourself rich! Prosperity is a matter of attitude ”(2017), published by Münchener Verlagsgruppe (MVG), reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

Here writes for you:

104Ilja Grzeskowitz is an author, trainer and lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.Ilja Grzeskowitz was the youngest managing director in Germany of a large retail group and ran various department stores the size of medium-sized companies with over 500 employees and annual sales in the high double-digit million range. He is a speaker, author, trainer and lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. His clients include international corporations, successful entrepreneurs, executives, lawyers, doctors, politicians and actors. More information at www.grzeskowitz.de

Money is a matter of attitude: concentrate on your dream!

We should start thinking like an entrepreneur by focusing on opportunities and opportunities to make more money.

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Think like an entrepreneur - the first step

How do we start thinking like entrepreneurs? By formulating a guiding principle:

I am responsible for my own life and wealth. I think and act like an entrepreneur!

It was the most important phrase on my path to riches, and it should be for you. If you want to get rich. But how do you get the most out of this first "think-yourself-rich-motto"? There are multiple possibilities. There are two main things you should do.
On the one hand, write down these (and the following) guiding principles. But don't do this somehow. Do not use a notebook or any crumpled and loveless piece of paper. Always remember, it is about your life and your wealth. The best thing to do is to buy a good quality notebook.

Write your success book

You will see how much more fun it is to write in a book like this. Make it your personal success journal in which you write down all of your new strategies, considerations, and rich mindsets. For this is how the law of attraction can best work. What exactly that is and how it works, I'll come to that in a moment.
If possible, write with a nice fountain pen and not with a run-of-the-mill pen that you once received as a promotional gift somewhere. Celebrate your notes as best you can on the road to riches. And get yourself a big book. We'll need it for more things.

In addition to writing it down, there is a second important way to increase the effectiveness of the "Think Rich Guidelines": You have to say it out loud. In the past, I didn't really believe in the power of saying a sentence, because I thought that it should be enough to simply think about my goals or the "think-you-rich guidelines" .

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The binding nature of the spoken word

Until I read for the first time at Tony Robbins the binding nature of the spoken word. In the meantime I've started to think like an entrepreneur. And so I resisted it Impulsto dismiss the whole thing as a humbug or nonsense, but approached the matter openly and curiously. So you should say it aloud:

I am responsible for my own life and wealth. I think and act like an entrepreneur!

The result was amazing. It was only because I said it out loud that a simple thought suddenly became a guiding principle that was binding on my life and that quickly had its effect.

Write down thought patterns and guidelines!

So do the same. Write down your new rich thought patterns and guiding principles first. Take the time to do it and make it important. And then say the new beliefs aloud. If you are embarrassed, then yes you can before Spiegel to begin. But the more often you do it, the more clearly your subconscious will understand in which direction it should act for you. How it can do it best and how we can exploit the unconscious potential in an elegant and pleasant way, we'll come to that soon.

A few years ago I held a seminar for managers of my old company in a hotel in the Ruhr area. As usual, almost all conference rooms were rented out, and an older one was right next to us Professor a lecture on decisions and priorities in life. His listeners also belonged to middle and upper management and hung on his lips as if spellbound. During a break I had the opportunity to listen briefly to what the seminar leader had to say. He was just telling a story about a very rich man who took his son on a trip to the countryside to show him the difference between rich and poor, preparing him for his future as the heir to the great family empire.

The story of your life

The story went like this: Together they spent a whole day on the farm of a very poor family who lived in simple and hard conditions. When they got back to their estate, the father asked his son: "And my little one, how did you like our trip together?" "It was very revealing, papa," replied the son.

Satisfied with the answer and that his plan had worked out, the father asked: "Did you see how sad the lives of poor people are?" "Oh yes, dad, it became very clear to me. We only have one dog at home and this farming family has four. We only have a small swimming pool and these people had a huge lake on their property. We only have a few lanterns in our garden and they have the entire starry sky. Our terrace only extends to the hedge and hers to the horizon. ”After this answer, the father became very quiet and calm. Then his son added: "Thank you, dad, that you made it very clear to me how poor we are despite all our possessions!"

When is your mug really full?

When I saw the radiant and amazed faces in the room, I immediately had to think of an event from my student days. It was in a guest lecture by an older management consultant who wanted to introduce us to future economists and managers in the subject of time management. After a brief introduction, instead of a boring presentation, he took out a large vase that could hold about five liters. He placed a basket with large stones next to it. Without telling us exactly what he was doing, he placed stone by stone into the vase until it was filled to the brim. Then he looked around curiously and asked: "And is the vessel full now?"

We quickly agreed, and the entire audience answered yes. The management consultant then pulled out a small box from under the table and asked: "Really?" Then he poured the small pebbles from the box into the vase, which quickly spread out in the spaces between them. Again he looked around and asked again: "And, ladies and gentlemen, is the jug full now?"

We hadn't fallen on our heads and were beginning to suspect what he was getting at. So a student from the front row replied, "Most likely not." "Excellent," the lecturer replied with a smile on his lips as he fetched a small bucket filled with sand and poured it into the vase, where the sand quickly blended distributed between the large stones and the small pebbles in the spaces. "So is it full now?"

The big stones always come first!

Meanwhile we had become more courageous and shouted loudly in chorus: "No, of course not!"
"Very good." The management consultant took a large jug of water and poured it into the vase until it was filled to the brim. Then he looked expectantly into his audience and asked us: "And, ladies and gentlemen, what message did I want to convey to you with this little experiment?"

The smartest and bravest student replied, "Well, I suspect that we should make more use of our time, and that you can still take an appointment even if you have the feeling that you are already completely occupied." on the contrary, ”replied the speaker. "The big message hidden behind what has just been shown is a completely different one: If you don't put the big stones in the vase first, you won't get them in later!"

Your own dreams always come first

After a brief murmur, the room slowly became quieter. Because slowly we all understood what he wanted to tell us. After looking at us for a long time, the management consultant asked: »What are the big stones of life for you? Your future job? Your family? Your Health? The fulfillment of your dreams and a life in which only you alone determine what you want to do and what you want to leave? Or something completely different? «

After we became more and more thoughtful, he added: “Always remember to tackle the big stones in life first, otherwise it will be too late at some point. Because if you give priority to the minor matters, the pebbles, the sand and the water, you will no longer have enough space for the really important things in life. So never forget to ask yourself what the big stones in life are to you. And then put it in the vase! ”

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