ZDF moderator against 13 motivational lies: Schwarzenegger has no ego {Review}

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There are many motivation tips, but most of them are unfortunately too differentiated to be effective. What is really driving us and how do we motivate ourselves to death? An account of ZDF moderator Steffen Kirchner.

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Oliver Ibelshäuser 85Oliver Ibelshäuser is a journalist and owner of the editorial office Text und Vision.


Harmful simplicity

There are countless tips on motivation. Unfortunately, many of them are of no use, but are even more harmful because they do not work in everyday life and because of their simplicity, all of them “you just want to” often even result in rejection, so that we subsequently turn completely away from the motivational theories.

But of course there are also many good and well-founded tips for motivation - you just have to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is exactly what Steffen Kirchner does with his book “Totmotiviert?”. He reveals common motivational lies and explains what really helps to strengthen motivation.

Pseudocoaching and motivational myths - a statement

“The times of cheapest fast food motivation are coming to an end. Many people simply have enough of the eternal invocation of belief in themselves, of the tireless appeal à la "you just have to want right" and above all of this meaningless Taschakka theater for self-encouragement. "

The quote sums up what author Steffen Kirchner's book “Totmotiviert” is about. His guide is an angry, often also amusing settlement with the handball tricks of the coaches, including clarification on actually effective motivation techniques.

Stop the awkward chakka roar

Even if Kirchner (whom you perhaps only know as a sportsmoderator of ZDF or Sky) at the beginning of his book, he emphasizes so often that he does not want to be considered as a nest-muddler: Ross and riders get their fat away.

Carsten Maschmeyer and the “Tschakka inventor” Emile Ratelband will have little fun with the book (especially the passages in which they are mentioned by name). Everyone else will enjoy reading the book. Kirchner's pointed writing ensures the best entertainment.

The problem with denying problems

The pseudo-methods of many coaches are systematically unmasked: First, the author calls the pseudo-thesis, then checks the truth and finally works out what is still tenable from the original claim. Not much at all.

Then he completely transforms it into a new, valid approach. A total of 13 of the most common “motivational lies” are “disposed of” in this way.

Successes can not be programmed

This includes, for example, the promise “to be able to program yourself for success”. Success, according to Kirchner, cannot be programmed, but is the "result of wrong decisions from which we learn".

Phrases like “There are no problems. There are only challenges ”coming into the shredder. Kirchner succinctly: "The problem is that many believe they shouldn't have any problems."

What do Schwarzenegger, Kate Moss and Robbie Williams have in common?

There are many problems with this: Or what do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lionel Messi, Kate Moss and Robbie Williams have in common?

No matter what you're typing on, it's probably wrong. Because these world stars have a low ego in common: self-doubt, an "unbalanced soul life". So go on with the claim that only a stable soul creates success experiences.

Self-awareness does not fall from heaven

There are countless counterexamples. And self-confidence doesn't fall from the sky anyway. In fact, according to Kirchner, “it works like a muscle that has to be trained daily: great successes in life often begin with small actions”.

Perhaps the best motivational and self-coaching book of the year. With a touch of ironic bitchiness, Kirchner throws many of her fellow trainers their truisms in the ears and shows what really matters when you progress want. Recommendation!

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