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Disclosure & Image Rights: Hama supported us with several free test devices. Image material was created with a smartphone provided free of charge by our sponsor HTC, which we checked as part of the test until it was unusable. 

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5 useful picture helpers: Taking pictures with mobile devices {Review}

Photos with the smartphone are not only trendy thanks to Instagram. Important is therefore a good smartphone - but also on the right equipment is important. 5 tool tips for correct images.

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1. Power Bank

My personal number 1 of the most important tools for everyday work is my power bank - because the battery of my cell phone currently holds no more than three quarters of the day - depending on the scope of application.

So it's no wonder I switched to a more expensive version of the battery pack after numerous frustrated tests with cheaper versions: The Hama Qick Charge 3.0 features 10000 mAh and, as the name implies, a quick-charge function that allows my cell phone to be charged about 30 minutes completely loads. Practical: There are four LEDs on the power pack that indicate the charge status of the replacement battery - each LED represents 25%.

In addition, the battery can be easily switched off at the touch of a button to save power - for many cheaper batteries that was already a problem. Even though I would have liked more personal power with such a heavy device

2. charger

At least as important as a battery is a matching charging cable - and thus you can also charge the power bank ideally for two devices. Here is an appropriate charger to help: The Hama Opal Charger Kit comes with 2 USB sockets and a micro USB cable of 1.4 m length.

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With a charging current of max. 2100 mA for fast charging of up to two devices. Connected devices are automatically recognized and optimally charged - this saves the battery and extends the service life. A mains connection of 100 - 240V makes the charger suitable for worldwide use in connection with a country-specific adapter, an LED function display provides information about the device status.

3. SD card reader

Unfortunately, in most modern smartphones, the SD card slot is so well installed that it is not easy to insert an SD card for temporarily storing data or pictures - or only with great difficulty. The remedy here is the USB 2.0 OTG hub / card reader from Hama.

With it an SD card can be connected to the smartphone as well as a whole hard drive via USB port. The card reader is supplied with a type B microUSB plug, but can also be easily connected as a card reader to the PC via the supplied USB Type A plug. In addition, the adapter conveniently supports a wide range of card formats such as SD, SDHC, SDXC, microSD, microSDHC or microSDXC. Helpful.

4. Selfie sticks

Selfie sticks have become an integral part of the range of mobile photo tools and have even partially replaced the tripod. Nevertheless, I found these devices a bit silly, but that changed when the Hama Self-Monopod “Selfie 90”, 3in1 set, discovered:

It can be extended to a length of up to 90 cm, has a non-slip foam grip and the clip for attaching the smartphone has a wingspan of up to 8,2 cm. Unlike various cheaper sticks, it is extremely stable and therefore recommended for high quality phones. The highlight for me, however, is that the Selfiestick can be easily written down on my camera tripod and not just the attachment of a selfie essay, but also a camera and an action camera allows. This makes the Selfistick extremely versatile. Small drawback: A Bluetooth trigger for selfies is unfortunately missing.

If 90 cm is too short for you, I recommend the Hama Self-Monopod “Selfie 120”, which can be pulled out to 120 cm and thus enables an even larger angle when taking photos. Apart from that, the Selfie 120 has the same features as the Selfie 90 - both complement each other perfectly:

The 120er version is a bit heavier (224 g) and longer (at least 31cm) than the 90er version. In addition, no selfie attachment is attached, but this can be easily screwed on. Who wants to have it a little longer, can screw together the two sticks (please do not extend the lower stick) or screw the stick onto a tripod. Incidentally, stability for both devices is provided by an additional carrying strap.

5. Battery charger

For the batteries of some devices, I also need a battery charger, the Charger Delta LCD Premium. It charges AA and AAA batteries in a comparatively fast charging time of one and a half to five hours.

But not only that, the Charger also has a single gravity monitoring and capacity indicator, which means: It can be charged at the same time different Acugröße, capacities and states of charge, without creating a security risk, because the charging currents are automatically adjusted per shaft. A display shows the charging status of the respective battery, a timer safety function stops charging the batteries when the maximum charging time of five hours is exceeded.

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