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Christine Santos is an entrepreneur.

Job profile! Mobile, personal travel advisor: Decentralized travel agency

It's a thing with prejudice. They have long been refuted, but they persist stubbornly. Albert Einstein already knew: "It is easier to split an atomic nucleus than a prejudice." As an independent travel consultant, I can only confirm this: Most people still believe that my holiday is more expensive than a travel agency.

Christine Santos

Advising customers when, where and how they like it

But that's not true. Who books with me, no longer has to pay, but gets a lot of personal service. Because as a mobile travel saleswoman, I adjust to the wishes of the customers: I advise them when, where and how they like it.

And unlike a stationary travel agency, I also have no fixed opening hours, the customers do not have to wait and the vacation planning goes completely undisturbed. The flexible advisory times are especially important for people with little time or families and couples who want to plan a holiday together.

The customer is Kaiser - a basic attitude!

Because you have to be absolutely service-oriented. The customer is not just a king but an emperor - and for me this attitude is the basic prerequisite for overcoming this job.

Travel consultant is still my Traumberuf, I learned from the pike on. After her apprenticeship as a travel agent, I became acquainted with other pages of tourism in the ticketing and as a product manager of an organizer.

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Travel as a heart affair

But the tour sales is for me a heart affair. When the kids were out of the big, I wanted to work again. The idea of ​​self-employment was obvious. Because this is how I could and can combine family and work wonderfully.

I work when the children - eleven and twelve years old - are at school and in the evening or on weekends when my husband is at home. I am flexible in terms of time, that is important to me and meets my clients.

Advice: Mostly on the phone

House visits are only part of my job. Most of the discussions take place by telephone. I send the holiday offers by e-mail to the customers. At 98 percent is then booked directly, so a high success rate.

As diverse as their customers are, their holiday wishes are so different. Whether it is a package tour, cruise, flight or the self-developed tour with the campers through the USA - the travel consultant will find the right one for everyone. And this is rum. Meanwhile, I have several hundred customers and many of them book with me again and again.

From flyer-laying to oral propaganda

But this was not always the case. In the beginning, it takes a lot of self-initiative to build up a customer base when I dared to take the step into self-employment with my mobile travel agency e-travel2008u.

At the beginning I laid out flyers - for example in my handball club. Later I advertised at a local trade fair with my own stand, sponsored travel vouchers at local events and organized my own information evening. I often wore a light blue t-shirt that said in white letters: "I'm a travel agent."

Enlightening about my personal service

I wanted to clarify what a mobile travel consultant actually does. After all, mobile travel agencies offer the same services that customers receive in the travel agency.

Basically, only the shop floor makes the difference. The technology employed by the travel agency staff is also available to the independent consultants through a partner in the background who also handles the collection and issuing of the travel documents.

Sales organizations for mobile travel consultants

There are now several sales organizations that specifically take care of the needs of mobile travel consultants. In addition to independent providers such as Amondo or Solamento, major tour operators such as TUI and Neckermann have also established their own sales branches.

Industry leader TUI recently launched “Feria”, a second brand that is explicitly aimed at travel agency owners who close their office but still want to sell travel.

Association of independent travel consultants

For mobile travel consultants, there has been a separate association, the association of self-employed travel consultants in Germany (VSRD) since 2006, which is only allowed to join only trained travel buyers or persons with a comparable qualification.

And its goal is to further publicize the profession. Then the prejudice can be split more easily than an atomic nucleus.

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2 responses to “job profile! Mobile, personal travel advisor: Decentralized travel agency ”

  1. Sasha Nitsche says:

    In addition, I would like to mention for solamento that we are allowing our concept for mobile travel sellers to work in one company and under a strong brand. This means that our philosophy is that we warmly welcome every type of travel agent and not “degrade or separate” with different brands. We see ourselves as a team and each type is an asset to the general public with their concerns. That is why all consultants from your home tourism office generally have the same conditions and corresponding development opportunities. Another advantage is definitely one of the largest choices of CRS systems, such as merlin, jack, amadeus, bistro portal or LM Plus. The same applies to travel agency owners who are thinking about a type of tourism part-time work for older people and would like to sell their travel agency, but would like to continue looking after their customers. An important difference is certainly that as a travel consultant in our company you have no sales pressure and no booking quotas - I consider this to be very important in the course of the Internet comparison so that you can present your customers with the best possible travel price comparison and offer price - all from one Full range. That means we work independently of the group, but we get 100% support from the tour operator, also in matters of further education and training in the tourism industry. Incidentally, we are the owner of all agency contracts, ie we do not book under or employ external call centers - on the contrary. We have a competent service center for your successful work. Professional travel advice, a motivated team and comprehensive service make up the job of a travel consultant with us. Tip: When comparing the offers, don't just look at the prices or commissions, pay attention to the comprehensive service and quality of the offer. If you want to sell trips in the future, then surely also to earn money and to be able to offer your customers a comprehensive service and there we say - also on behalf of the travel consultants “Quality has its price and if you buy cheap, you buy twice”. One last note: When you register your business, make sure that you do not state “mobile travel agency” (this often sounds to the trade offices as if you are “running a mobile business” and that in turn requires special conditions Travel and travel accessories, so they are set up a bit broader in your sphere of activity.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Mr. Nitsche, thanks for the detailed explanations, which also offer some useful value for those interested - even if they are a little promotional.

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