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Mindfulness Motivation and Contentment: 3 X 3 Tips for Gratitude

Our life is getting faster and more hectic. It helps to realize what you have already achieved. Because: who is satisfied, not only has a better life, but also works better. A thank you diary can help us with that.

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Stress due to the wrong goals

Not only that life around us threatens to become more and more stressful - no, we let ourselves be infected by this hectic pace. It is suggested to us that “always more” and “always better” are goals worth striving for. Even if it is certainly part of human nature to think this way: Often enough, our goals also overwhelm ourselves to a certain extent.

For example, because we lag behind false ideals from the media; because we compare ourselves with colleagues, friends and acquaintances; because we let ourselves be imposed on goals from the outside, such as bosses or clients.

Half-hearted goals make you unproductive

And they are often stressed because these goals do not suit us at all and therefore we only follow them half-heartedly. The result is that we are not really productive and consequently not very successful.

The stress that we then complain is often enough homemade: Instead of scolding around and blaming others for the misery, we should think about what we can do to change the situation ourselves. For example, by rethinking what we really want and being more grateful for what we have already achieved.

The Gratitude Diary

In this context, I came across the idea of ​​a Gratitude Diary. It may sound simple at first glance, but the two suggest adding a thank you note every evening for which you are thankful that day. And without any ifs and buts. This results in several advantages:

  1. Writing down the positive aspects of one's life or work draws one's attention to things that are all too often taken for granted and therefore quickly forgotten.
  2. Those who focus on these positive aspects of life will, the experts promise, also attract more positive aspects. That sounds a bit esoteric, but it is explained by the more positive charisma and by the fact that you concentrate more on the positive in your environment.
  3. After all, focussing helps to explore one's own goals: After a while, you will notice that there are always similar things in the recordings that make you happy and content. This helps to recognize what is valuable in one's life.

What helps me to have a good day?

The basic principle of the gratitude diary is the question: “What helps me to have a good day?” This is based on the following thought: The energy that is available to a person also depends to a large extent on their own feelings and mood. Through observation and self-knowledge it can be possible to “let go” of certain feelings faster or to avoid certain moods from the start.

  1. First, you have to watch yourself for a while. Write down for a few days when you discover which moods. Either write it down for an hour or write down certain impressions when you appear, such as euphoria or sympathy, or even negatives such as carelessness or anger.
  2. It helps to think about whether there is a specific reason for your current mood, such as bad eating, little sleep or left lying.
  3. This is exactly how you should make a note of yourself, what puts you in a positive mood, something to be with great people or done work.

It turns out that you should not let your moods get you down, but reflect them. It helps to realize what these emotions want to tell you and how to get them under control. It is not about suppressing a feeling and becoming a machine, but about better understanding oneself and consciously strengthening positive moods.

Even if positive thinking is not a panacea ...

Of course, positive thinking is not the panacea for solving all problems. Negative feelings and justified anger about others' behaviors should not be suppressed. Necessary changes you do not even, if you are always grateful and satisfied. And indeed, compulsive optimism can even be harmful.

... it can help us if we regularly present positive things

Of course, it is just as damaging to hide everything positive and to see only the bad everywhere. The right mix just makes it. That's why it pays to ask yourself regularly:

  1. What happened today to positive things that I can be grateful for?
  2. What made me happy and maybe even smiling?
  3. When did I work in a particularly productive and motivated way?


A thank you diary is a good way to focus on the positive things in life, to be a little happier and, better, to work better. Just try it.

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