Methods for more quick-wit: fun with language games

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Text comes from: Einfach schlagfertig: Zehn Methoden, die jeder anwenden kann (2015) from Peter Kensok, Petra Schächtele-Philipp, published by BusinessVillage Verlag, Reprints by friendly permission of the publisher.
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An inspiration for the elegant repartee is the ambiguity in our language. Who is a statement pictorial imagine can, is clearly in the advantage.

Methods-for more repartee: fun with language games fun

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Here writes for you: Petra Schächtele-Philipp is a trainer and rhetorician. Profile

From the author:

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Here writes for you: Peter Kensok is Peter Kensok is communication trainer, coach and psychotherapist. Profile

Hikes and similar ambiguities


The term "hiking construction site" in the traffic news seduces to images with hiking boots and backpacks. From there, further associations are possible. The term "Flugananas" is also the starting point for most readers.

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Ambiguities are also called ambiguities. They throw us out of our minds, make fun, usually distract in a humorous way from the gravity of the situation and help us after a smile back to the factual level. Thus the saying is handed down by the comedian Heinz Erhardt (1909 - 1979): "Do not stand cognac, uh, rum, no."

What we hear, we decide ourselves


Note: We basically decide ourselves what we hear in an attack. We can feel attacked or we can get something funny out of an inner distance for every situation.

Maybe our counterpart is just bad at making compliments and misses the right tone. Then a good answer can still be, "Thanks for the compliment. Then I'm a real expert. "So follow an old rhetorical rule and understand only what you want to understand and what it contributes to defusing the situation: the receiver always determines what and how he may accept a message.

Fun at the ambiguity


Take a closer look at the ambiguities of our language - and have fun with it.

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  1. "How did you like the schnitzel?" - "By chance - under the salad."
  2. "If you find a mistake, you can keep it."
  3. "You are a false snake!" "Better a false snake than a real one."

Advertising, for example, lives on, and sometimes you can find examples in the headlines of the newspaper: Motto of the shooting club: "Learn to shoot, meet friends!"

Niedertracht is not a dirndl


Even with compound nouns, we often change the reference. Just think of dog cake and strawberry. Or: Hellseher and Schwarzseher. Some words are ambiguous from the outset: note, banknote, sound, censorship, personal character.

They will soon enjoy the fact that Niedertracht is not a Dirndl from Lower Bavaria, not even the Unterrock. Neandertals are not a currency, Pizzablitze rarely hit, with cleft tablets sow no discord. And there are no old women, but only those who are young a little longer.

When the shot goes backwards


Make sure that your word punches are neither outdated nor too stupid, otherwise the shot will backfire:

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  1. "Do you know where the station is?" - "Yes."
  2. "When does the bus leave?" - "About after he arrived."

Ambiguities are original and still funny. To constantly change the word in the mouth to each person is annoying.



Dissect word for word attacks or objections like a surgeon with which you get to do it. Listen carefully, and search for an ambiguous aspect that is modestly concealed behind the obvious. This usually happens because every property is useful in any environment.

Sometimes the appropriate environment has not yet been discovered and you could be the first to succeed. Each thing has at least two sides: a scientific and a rational one. The third would be the comic after Karl Valentin. But hopefully you have already noticed this from above.

Make unpleasant pleasant


Formulate unpleasant questions in a way that makes them enjoyable! If someone becomes offensive, pick up the offensive word and find something positive about it. Your conversation partner will be very surprised when he realizes that he has just made a compliment to you unintentionally:

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  1. "Now do not be weepy, Frau Schubert."
  2. "If you confirm empathy and high social competence with me, then I appreciate your appreciation."

What can the meaning still mean?


Frau Schubert could now add: "At first glance, empathy may be superfluous. In the second, you better see that it strengthens your relationship with other people. "- But this epilogue by Mrs. Schubert would not be necessary.

So always ask yourself: What does what is said except the obvious? Look for further interpretations of the statements

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