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Markus Jung 2ndMarkus Jung the portal Fernstudium-Infos.deJung is the father of two children and has already completed several further training courses via distance learning. He oversees the provider-independent community portal, on which many working parents also exchange their experiences with distance learning. Together with Anne Oppermann, Jung wrote the guidebook “100 questions and answers on distance learning”, which sees itself as a companion during the further training project.


The Right Method for eLearning and Continuing Education: 5 Tips for Distance Learning

Online learning, also known as distance learning, is more current than ever, but it has a long tradition. What should you watch out for when choosing the right offer? 5 tips at a glance.

distance learning

1. Electronic media

Classically, the material in the Fernstudium is based on paper documents, the so-called "Studienbriefen" or "Fernlehrbriefen", which convey the contents in a structured way and which are also didactically prepared with tasks, summaries and repetitions.

These study letters still play a major role in distance learning, but they are increasingly being offered as PDFs, ePUBS or other formats, not only in printed, but also in electronic form.

2. videos

The printed materials are not only converted into electronic documents, but are often supplemented by other elements, such as videos or animations, which are intended to illustrate the content and the connections and appeal to other senses.

It is also often the case that the same contents are offered in several alternative forms, for example in printed form, as eBook, in a video lecture and as an audio podcast. This way the learner can decide for himself which way he can best learn.

3. Online Events

In addition to the study fees, the cost of attending presence lectures in the distance learning students is not insignificant, especially if it is necessary to travel long distances and an overnight stay is necessary.

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Therefore, in addition to the presence events at the university's headquarters or in specially designed remote study centers, more and more virtual events are offered, in which the students enter the virtual classroom via the Internet, through which they can get in contact with the lecturer and the other students and work together on documents.

4. Examinations online

While this path is often taken for knowledge transfer and discussion, on-site examinations are still required for exams to pass exams under supervision.

However, technical solutions are also being developed here to ensure monitoring at the local workplace and thus no longer have to leave their own home for the examination.

5. Mobile Learning

The Fernstudium has always been a very mobile form of learning, since study papers can be taken everywhere and can be read, for example, in public transport or waiting rooms. Meanwhile, however, the electronic world is also becoming more and more mobile and most people do not want to go without the Internet access.

This trend is not a thing of the past and will certainly gain in importance in the future. Even today, many providers already provide apps or mobile Internet sites that can be used to manage the distance learning course on the road, for example, and to log on / off attendance events. There are also first study programs which, for example, sit on tablets such as the iPad and convey the entire material and completely dispense with paper supports.

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11 responses to “The right method for eLearning and further education: 5 tips for distance learning”

  1. Jörn says:

    In the course of the fast Internet, e-learning will definitely continue to develop strongly. If you can see how well today kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools are equipped, the opinion strengthens even more. In 10 years is probably only learned over the Internet, trained and also examined.

    • Simone Janson says:

      I'm not that optimistic in Germany, but the fact is, of course, that digitization is also advancing at breakneck speed in the education sector - just think of all the Moocs.

  2. mhell says:

    RT @jrobes: 5 current trends in distance learning, briefly indicated: by Markus Jung (“The future of eLearning”)

  3. Jochen Robes says:

    5 current trends in distance learning, briefly indicated: by Markus Jung (“The future of eLearning”)

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    5 current trends in distance learning - the future of eLearning:

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  10. Competencepartner says:

    5 current trends in distance learning: The future of eLearning: The distance learning method has already ... #profession #education

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