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Text comes from the book: “Knowledge of human nature at a glance: Understanding yourself and others better” (2014), published by Münchener Verlagsgruppe (MVG), reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Frank M. Scheelen is a strategic management consultant. With his management consultancy SCHEELEN (R) AG with the subsidiaries INSIGHTS MDI International (R) Deutschland GmbH and the top-level consulting company CS & CIE, Scheelen has had a steadily growing company with four companies and Established branches in Germany and abroad as well as 20 partners. In addition, he passes on his knowledge as an expert for future business, bestselling author and speaker and has been recognized as a “Certified Human Resource Professional” for his expertise and many years of experience in strategic HR and change management From 600 to 2004, Frank M. Scheelen was President of the Q-Pool, the official quality association for international business trainers and consultants. He is an Expert Member in Club 2010 and a lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Munich and the Steinbeis University. He is also the exclusive license holder and master's trainer for INSIGHTS MDI (R) and ASSESS (R) in Central Europe and has been a strategic partner of Zenger | since 55 Folkman. Frank M. Scheelen is entrusted with the publication of the well-known Executive Excellence magazine in German-speaking countries.

Being able to judge people correctly through the power of personality

Being able to assess people right the first time is essential for executives, managers and good salespeople Whether this succeeds is a question of different personalities.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

How do you know what you can do?

Imagine the following situation in sales. A colleague of yours who has taken over another area has "inherited" an important customer. You look forward to your inaugural visit to this customer, because your colleague was downright raving about the good and cooperative partnership.

And then the unexpected: you meet this person for the first time and do not get along with him at all. He comes straight to the point, intimidates you with his authoritarian behavior and pokes his questions around your ears, as soon as you could change a few nice words. They do not even know if he has family or what hobbies he likes to do. Instead, the conversation ends after half an hour and you sit in a confused way in your car. With that you should be able to work in partnership?

Sympathy in the sales pitch: The chemistry must be right

While you are reading this example, is this customer actually not at all unsympathetic to you? Do you rather feel that you are fine with him? Then imagine the other extreme. You visit this customer for the first time and he just does not get down to business.

Instead, he even asks you about your family! They think they are not listening properly. After all, this is about business, not about your private life. Finally, you can talk about the business - but your customer does not seem to be interested in your product. He does not even ask for the price or any discounts or additional services.

Communication and cooperation: Put on the right glasses

Do you know such situations? They do not get along with one customer at all, while another colleague has a really good connection to him. Conversely, there are people with whom you are immediately on the same wavelength. Why is chemistry between some people and not between others? It often decides in the first three minutes of an encounter whether we can cope with another person or not.

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You can learn to behave in the first three minutes so that your interlocutor understands and accepts you. It does not have to be a miracle! All you have to do is put on another "pair of glasses".

A question of psychology: authoritarian or relationship type?

Let's go back to the examples: Seen through the new glasses, the customer was in the first example, a so-called red type and you yourself a greener. The authoritarian Red thinks and acts results-oriented. He comes quickly to the point and wants to use his time effectively. Personal "talk" gets on his nerves. In the second example, it was the other way around: you yourself took over the position of the red and your customer was a green guy in that case. The green is a relationship type. He wants to build trust with his interlocutor before getting into business - and that takes time.

In reality there are of course more than two different personality types. Everyone gets along best with those who are most like them. If you share ways of thinking and behaving with someone, you can quickly find a common denominator for a good conversation. And the other way around: If you meet your "anti-type", you often see no way for a successful and satisfactory conversation.

Personalities in the sale: similarities and anti-types

The benefits that the individual personality types give you Executive or sellers, you can not use then. For everyday working life, this means that you lose potential new customers or dedicated employees because the chemistry between you is not right. And that means in concrete terms: you do without business and money! But how do you gain customers and employees who used to break their teeth in the past?

If you know yourself and know how to perceive yourself and your fellow human beings and how they perceive you, you will realize why you can not cope with some people. And you can deliberately think about what you want to change.

Self-knowledge is the first way to success

Do not worry! It's not about questioning your entire behavior and changing your personality completely! The point is that you expand your options for action. Where you have reached the limits and could not keep up with your behavior, you should now get a free ride!

So you have the key to your future success in your own hands: no longer look at your customers through their glasses, but put theirs on their toes! If you apply this principle consistently, you will greatly expand your horizons. When you see your customers and employees with different eyes, you can behave differently towards them. Because then you can understand their behavior and respect. As a result, you will respond to others better and more individually and convince more to do what you want.

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