Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: Canoeing through Strasbourg

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Alsace is not only the birthplace of the liberty statue and seat of the European Parliament, but a very diverse meeting place: culinary, cultural and activities offer a varied accompanying program for all kinds of meetings.

Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: Strasbourg-alsac5 by canoe through Strasbourg

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Paddling through the historic old town


One of the greatest experiences one can do is to cross a historical old town such as Strasburg by canoe - under historic bridges, through the old tanner quarters, past colorful half-timbered houses and cozy wine taverns with a terrace.

Quite leisurely we are paddled into the city on the Ille, the fast-flowing Ille, a tributary of the Rhine, has given us a lot of work.

Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: Strasbourg-alsac3 by canoe through Strasbourg

Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: Strasbourg-alsac11 by canoe through Strasbourg

Chateau de I'lle


We paddle off at the Chateau de I'le, a castle built in the 19 century that today houses a five-star hotel with 62 rooms - and has 5 meeting rooms for up to 250 people, including companies such as Dr. Oettker or Bosch housed.

Just behind you can climb the canoes of provider Alsace Canoë and Paddle on the river Ille - for up to 100 participants at the same time this pleasure is possible and requires no basic knowledge - even if it is a little unusual for beginners like us to steer a canoe.

Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: Strasbourg-alsac9 by canoe through Strasbourg

Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: Strasbourg-alsac4 by canoe through Strasbourg

With 20 boats through the sluice


Only at the lock it becomes a little hectic. We should keep to the right on the wall and have to wait to get into the lock, have a barge on the Batorama, those flat excursion boats, with which you can explore Strasburg in the more comfortable way from the water.

With 20 and more boats, I imagine it is difficult, but our guide Philippe Heitz has gone away. Not for nothing, you can drive the waterways of Strasburg only with a permit, but not just with the private boat.

Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: Strasbourg-alsac23 by canoe through Strasbourg

Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: Strasbourg-alsac8 by canoe through Strasbourg

Obama's first European appearance


Strasbourg is the seat of the European Parliament. 2009 has spoken here US President Obama at the great Nato summit in the Rohan Palace for the first time on European soil.

In the beginning of 18. The archbishop's castle, which was built in the 18th century, was once spent by the French queen Marie-Antoinette on her first night in France, later Napoleon slept here - copies of both bedrooms can still be admired. Today, two rooms can be rented here for meetings and receptions for up to 290 people - including the McDonalds Foundation and the European Army.

Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: By canoe through Strasbourg strasbourg-alsac

Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: Strasbourg-alsac1 by canoe through Strasbourg

Receptions amidst art


Another beautiful location is the historic building L'Aubette 1928. Originally built by 1778, it was rebuilt in the twenties by the Dutch painter Theo van Doesburg with the collaboration of the artist couple Arp and transformed into an avant-garde work of art:

In 3 halls between 120 and 250 square meters, a maximum of 400 people can meet here for meetings and dances. Not infrequently, the European Parliament uses the rooms for its festivities. By the way, its rooms as well as the Council of Europe can be rented for certain events - but the event must in some way be connected to the European idea.

Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: Strasbourg-alsac2 by canoe through Strasbourg

Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: Strasbourg-alsac10 by canoe through Strasbourg

The red hall in the congress center


The largest conference rooms, however, are located in the music and convention center, which is undergoing extensive reconstruction and is to be finished in the middle of 2016. The already finished rooms such as the Red Hall can already be visited today.

Compared to the European Parliament with two four-star hotels in the immediate vicinity, the conference center then offers 50.000 m2 on two levels, including three auditoriums with 2.000, 1.200 and 500 seats, 25 conference rooms with 20 and 500 seats and a hosting area of ​​2.000 m2. Together with the adjoining exhibition grounds, it will have 40.000m2 exhibition space and four halls.

Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: Strasbourg-alsac7 by canoe through Strasbourg

Meetings like Obama, NATO and EU: Strasbourg-alsac6 by canoe through StrasbourgCrack point arrival


Sticking point with Strasbourg is the journey. There are no direct flights from Germany to Strasbourg. Airberlin and German Wings fly to Baden Baden, about half an hour away, from where there is a bus transfer.

The TGV runs once a day from Frankfurt directly to Strasbourg, this rate is to be increased from April 2016. The nearest ICE station is Offenburg, from here you can take a regional train half an hour to Strasbourg. However, as this train is getting crowded for larger groups and with a lot of luggage, the very well-organized Strasbourg Convention Center recommends that you organize a transfer by bus or car.

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