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Focused Meetings - 4 X 6 Tips: Setting Goals for Productive Team Meetings

You want TeamMake meetings productive and efficient? For this it is important to keep an eye on goals during the meeting and to work out 4 X 6 tips on how to do that.

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Meetings: Are we better off without them?

Especially for meetings: If you want to make good use of this, you should not lose sight of the goal. If you write down your goals beforehand, you have an optimal hurdle for your reasoning.

Because: At many meetings, the participants have the unmistakable feeling that they would also be good without. In most cases, these are the meetings started without a specific goal.

Meeting goals - 6 tips: Define as specifically as possible

Do you find it difficult to even formulate a focus, an agenda? This is probably because you haven't read enough about the subject. Remember: even for brainstorming, you should have a goal. If there is none: Postpone the meeting until you have clarified the content and goals.

It is important to set your agenda: formulate as concrete as possible. Because you have the goal in mind, the appropriate reasoning is much easier for you because you have defined the focus precisely. So be aware:

  1. Personal intentions: What are your personal goals?
  2. Your emotions: What are your personal wishes and needs?
  3. Your interests: Which result would you benefit most from yourself?
  4. Happieness Factor: Which result would you personally be most happy about?
  5. Compromise: What is an acceptable compromise for you?
  6. No-go factor: And which result could you accept in any case?

Team meetings - 6 tips: set common goals, avoid conflicts

The special problem with meetings, however, is that everyone else wants to reach their goal. Everyone wants to cook their own soup - and often the goals are completely opposite. Therefore, in meetings like long and wide fruitless discussed back and forth. So what do you do?

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The solution: Do not just think about your personal goals. A meeting does not mean that everyone is saying anything, but usually a good meeting is that you interact with others and possibly solve problems. Therefore: Try to reconcile personal and common goals wherever possible. Be aware of the views of the other participants and try to find common ground - best in writing and again as concrete as possible.

  1. Tap opinions: What different views prevail in the team or among colleagues?
  2. The role of emotions: What emotional needs do colleagues recognize?
  3. The ratio: Are there any personal interests or other intentions behind this?
  4. Intention detection: And if so, what intentions?
  5. Consensus: What is the lowest common denominator? What results do all, or most, get the most benefit from?
  6. The happy ending: In the end, is there a happy solution for everyone, or what could a result look like that everyone is happy with?

Use meetings for contacts - 6 tips: Networking during the meeting

But there are other reasons why people find meetings completely unproductive. I remember my time as an employed editor: After a meeting, I often did not know what I'd done that day. Therefore, I was really afraid of this waste of time.

However, meetings also have advantages that you notice at the latest when you work alone in your little room as a solo self-employed: For example, you have the opportunity to communicate with colleagues and team members. In this way also trust arises among each other. Only too long may the meetings just not be, because otherwise creates general frustration. And so you should think carefully about who is invited to the meeting for what reason.

  1. Limit the number of participants: Do not indiscriminately invite as many people as you can. There are participants who have nothing to do with the topic and who are dispensable.
  2. Let participants decide for themselves: Provide an agenda that will allow potential participants to decide for themselves if their presence is essential.
  3. Invite representatives: Perhaps it is enough that only one representative from each participating department or group comes to the meeting?
  4. Non-participants inform: There are certainly ways that some people will not attend the meeting, but will only be kept informed of the outcome of the meeting.
  5. Accurately log results: The information of non-participants requires that the results be recorded in writing. This requires a person responsible for taking notes.
  6. Postpone new ideas to later: If someone has new ideas on the agenda, then those would be the items on the agenda of the next meeting. Or you take the matter in retrospect and treated the idea / the problem on the phone or in private, etc.

Limit meetings - 6 tips: time management for the meeting

It can also help build pressure to keep a meeting focused. This is most easily done with a clock in the conference room. Even better is an alarm clock (or a wake-up app) that counts down the remaining minutes. Presentations can also have a countdown fade in.

Actually, meetings only make sense when it comes to distributing information or making decisions. Both should be prepared, leaving little room for discussion. After all, most people are unprepared for discussions and are constantly repeating what they can think of.

  1. Do we really have to meet? At the beginning there is the question of whether the meeting is really necessary and this topic must now be discussed.
  2. Make goals clear in advance: This also creates pressure. Distribute the agenda in advance and make it clear that you expect every participant to work through it. This helps all participants to understand the goals of the meeting!
  3. Is a clock running? There should always be a clock, an alarm clock or a countdown timer visible to all employees.
  4. Standing Meetings: Another trick for more focus is the famous stand-up meeting where all participants stand. Because it's exhausting, everyone works to make sure it's over quickly. An easy version of the stand-up meeting would be the no-frills meeting, where there are no drinks.
  5. Close schedule: One more possibility: simply start the next meeting in the same room shortly afterwards - in the end you will be forcefully forced out of the room.
  6. Do we stick to the agenda? If we already have an agenda, then we have to stick to it. If you don't pay attention to it, what happens in many meetings happens: There is endless discussion, often in circles and with the same points being mentioned several times.

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    Thanks for the helpful contribution! I am always looking forward to new tips on teamwork!

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      Thanks for your comment, we are always happy if we can help.

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