Prepare a meeting properly: 2 X 7 things you need to know! [+ Checklist]

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Her boss has scheduled a meeting. And indeed the day after tomorrow. And you should speak there. But about what? Who comes exactly? And what tools do you have for the presentation? Preparation is everything. We will give you 2 x 7 tips.

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Meetings - better than your reputation?

“Not a meeting again!” Honestly: How often do you think that a week? Many meetings, which are actually intended for the exchange of information, suffer from the fact that there is simply a lot of grounding, that is, walking around properly. That is why meetings have such a bad reputation: "Meetings - many go in, little comes out" is unfortunately all too often behind the scenes.

For most employees (solo self-employed have a little bit better there) means “meeting”: hours of fooling around, in the end only little comes out, and one wonders again: What for? Everyone thinks wistfully of the mountain work on their own desk - and the overtime that you wouldn't have if it weren't for these time-consuming meetings. But there is another way.

Meetings: Why are sessions often so unproductive?

Often, meetings get sick because nobody really knows what it's all about. Or because nobody really knows what the purpose of the meeting is. Although the topic was perceived via invitation, but nothing more.

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After all, meetings are not simply causally bad - on the contrary, they usually have a reason why they are so unproductive. Or more.

7 Reasons: Why are meetings so bad?

So why are meetings so sick? Here are some of the common causes of the overview:

  1. The participants did not prepare themselves and as a result had no idea about the topic.
  2. As a result, nobody really knows what it's all about, but tries to conceal it as well as possible.
  3. The boss just did not make it clear enough what the topic should be.
  4. Accordingly, the meeting lacks a clear structure and objective,
  5. Therefore, everyone is talking wildly and nobody really knows where to go.
  6. Individuals use the meeting for self-profiling and unnecessarily lengthen it.
  7. Still others take the opportunity to get rid of their personal sensitivities.

Efficient Meetings: It could be so easy!

The result is always the same: in the end, everyone wonders how unproductive such meetings are and how little comes out of them. And you think: Again wasted time with meetings.

However, meetings can often be better than their reputation, because when all parties involved exchange information in a productive manner, work processes are coordinated and decisions are taken together. Do not you believe? But that's the way it is!

A meeting can be a very creative event. You can use it purposefully to put your work in the right light and to access important information. Then the meeting is no longer a waste of time, but very useful for a project as well as a career.

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Moderate Meetings: Do not be afraid of the boss

So it could all be so easy - when everyone prepares and the boss, as a meeting leader, sets a clear line. Unfortunately nobody has told him that because no one dares.

The solution of the problem: the employee is the employee. Anyone who wants to specifically prepare for a meeting needs all the basics he can get. Do not be afraid that the boss might feel like stepping on the line: Especially with superiors, honest interest from employees is particularly well received, as it demonstrates your commitment to that Company .

The solution to the problem: Ask for missing information

Also important: just ask for missing information. Because who asks, looks interested and that always makes a good impression. Who asks, wins! For example, ask in advance what exactly should be discussed. And then prepare yourself purposefully, for example, research facts that you do not yet know.

After all, you need precise information in order to be able to prepare optimally. Make sure to clarify the following points beforehand - the following checklist can help you with the preparation

Checklist: 7 Things you need to know before a meeting

In order for you to be optimally prepared for the meeting, you should consider the following points:

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  1. What is the topic of the meeting, what is it about? How exactly does the agenda look? How much time is available to each participant to present their own idea?
  2. What is the goal of the meeting, what should be the result? Are ideas, results or the like only presented or should decisions be made and solutions be sought?
  3. Is there a moderator? Who is hosting the meeting?
  4. How many people participate? W23er participates? Do the participants know each other? What previous knowledge do the participants have? Is the knowledge heterogeneous or homogeneous?
  5. Is participation voluntary or obligatory? Is the date suitable for you and other participants?
  6. When exactly does the meeting begin? When does it end? How many breaks should take place? (Important: a fixed time frame)
  7. Where does the meeting take place? How is the room equipped (lighting, temperature, tables, seating, catering, etc.) What is the technical equipment of the room (flipchart, beamer, projector, etc.)

Conclusion: who asks, wins

If you ask such questions in advance, it will not only help you; They automatically bring the other participants to think more than before.

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