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S. LinzSabine Linz has a degree in communications and is a marketing / PR manager. She worked at Siemens or Frauenhofer before founding the online jeweler Amoonìc. Sabine Linz has been firmly established in PR and marketing for over 10 years. At Siemens, she worked as a Marketing Communication Consultant in the Mobility department in the communications department, mainly for the management board level. She was responsible for the development of the topic “Speakers Placement”. “Speaker Placement” included the identification and preparation of potential events to position the top management of the division with regard to the messages of Siemens AG. She has developed a marketing strategy for the positioning of the top managers in the market at Siemens Mobility, centrally controlled and successfully built it up in the Siemens Mobility division. At the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, she worked as a marketing and event manager in the audio and multimedia division. In addition to being responsible for organizing trade fairs, she presented and marketed the latest technologies worldwide. Today, Sabine Linz is managing director and head of the communications department at Amoonìc, an online jeweler for customizable real jewelry. More information at www.amoonic.de

How media shape our ideal of beauty: marketing and beauty obsession

What percentage of women are beautiful today? Are there women who do not want to lose weight or have never dieted? Unfortunately, it will be a staggeringly low percentage. Because: Media and marketing shape our ideal of beauty - and much more unconsciously than many believe.


Why Bee Maja became thinner

The famous cartoon character Bee Maja is certainly a concept for all generations. But is it also known to you that the well-shaped and hotly beloved Bee Maja was thinned in the new edition?

What media effect and we inconspicuous the coinage is done is amazing. The women's conference DLD women, the 15./16. July in Munich and which I also attended, delivered surprising results, which have frightened me personally:

Only 4 percent of all women find themselves pretty

According to the psychologist Susie Orbach, just 4% of all women are really pretty. Marie Furtwängler, actress and DLD Chairwoman put the question into the audience at the conference, which women are really nice. Whoever reports is imagined, one thinks in the first moment.

Is that so? No! There was no trace of being conceited. All the women present, who were among the “notifiers”, were only brave. In fact, the media seem to be able to significantly manipulate women's self-image.

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Botox can already be sprayed in fourteen-year-olds

Susie Orbach said that already young girls in the preschool age are dissatisfied with their appearance and in America already youthful women at the age of 14 years Botox inject. A development that is hard to believe.

Erika Hoholick from Ogilvy and Mather presented the new “Dove - Real Beauty” campaign, which is supposed to counteract the beauty craze. An interesting study that should make us think.

Many are dissatisfied with themselves

Women were drawn by a painter based on your verbal description of your appearance. Afterwards, the best friend or a close friend was asked to describe the person and a new drawing emerged.

The pictures were exhibited and the result was fatal. Two completely different women could be seen in two pictures. Another indication of dissatisfaction regarding your own appearance?

With Dove's new campaign, a message will be born and it should be carried on. It is the young generation that will find it even more difficult to meet and it is time to counteract the beauty ideal given by the media.

It depends on authenticity

Authentic people with character are true beauties. The development is frightening, but the women's world can do something about it. Looking at one's counterpart, the approach is far less critical.

This should give us thinking and we should start looking at ourselves with different eyes. We do not have to run after any beauty side. It is important to accept as you are.

What would be a world full of like-looking people? We would not feel comfortable in it and such a life without individuals would simply be uninteresting and boring.

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2 responses to “How the media shape our ideal of beauty: Marketing and the beauty craze”

  1. Freddy Overninethousand says:

    Well said. Funnily, I had the same thoughts this morning when I read the message about the thinner bee Maya. In my opinion, very bad and unfortunately very significant.

    The video of the Dove campaign with the drawn women I have synonymous still on my computer, since it goes in the right direction.


    • Simone Janson says:

      I must admit that I find the thin bee Maja also ugly. The Dove spot I do not know.

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