Meaning is IN: Meaningful live and work only for dropouts?

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8,6 hours of sleep, 8,3 hours of work, 3 hours of watching TV, facts and entertainment, 1,2 hours of eating and drinking, 0,3 hours of sport and 0,6 hours of other things. This is how the “normal person” spends his day. The author of this article now wants to tell us that one is still talking about the Sense think about your own life? Utopian. This is only for gurus who fly to India to spend even more lonely days meditating on a lonely mountain to find out who they really are and, if so, why.

Meaning is IN: Meaningful live and work only for dropouts? Meaningful live and work

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What motivates us every day

The search for the big one Sense life is probably as old as man himself. Can it be the meaning of life not to eat an apple from the tree, even if this tree bears the most beautiful, juiciest apples? Apparently, otherwise we wouldn't be here today, but maybe still in paradise. But we don't have to go back so far in time for the question of meaning.

In our latitudes, life is no longer about survival and food is more than enough. Even reproduction has - statistically - no longer the status of earlier. So what else is left to do? What motivates us then to get up every day after the "normal" fight with the alarm clock and drive to work? What is the purpose of our life? Depending on your personal orientation: "living", "killing off" or "living in the grace of God". Everyone as he likes.

Fun and benefits

I see the purpose of life is that I am allowed to do something everyday, which is fun for me (after all, it's my life) and, second, benefits someone.

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For one's own life, which drives us, everyone must and can define himself for himself. But again, who of us has really thought about it?

What makes life worth living

We learn at school "for life". But we do not learn what makes life worth living. You learn that it is important to find a job and to "get ahead". Continue. Wherever that is. If a skilled worker is really good at what he does (perhaps because he likes to do it), there is a good chance that he will "get on" - and be promoted.

After a while, the skilled worker finds himself in an office and creates Excel files and calculates the productivity of his employees. Does he still like it? Not for a long time ... But he gets more money. And more recognition. Even if it sounds sarcastic - this is often the case.

The "Überlösung"

If we were aware of what the meaning behind what we do is - we would (hopefully) do it even better. It would make sense to us. And sense motivates. And motivated people work better. A positive spiral begins.

But in reality the question of meaning is often dismissed with a smug smile - because with this question one searches for a "Überlösung" and surely can not deliver it. So you do not even deal with this important topic. Too bad.

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Much too busy ...

People suffer because they can not recognize a deeper meaning in life - but are too busy to clarify this question for themselves. Yes, when? With an average television consumption of mostly more than three hours there is hardly any time.

And with "women swap" and "Germanys next top model" you will hardly get the sense of your own life on the loose. It takes so little: some paper, some time and a lot of thought. And you do not even have to go to India for that.

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