{Replica} Eco-Marketing in Bad and PR-Supergau: DM's #Taschengate

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DM founder Götz Werner likes to throw himself in the social pose, pleads for the unconditional basic income and advertises with eco-products. That could go now in the pants.

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Greenwashing as a sham

Greenwashing is the technical term for Company, who advertise eco, but hide behind a Mogelpakung. They do that because eco and social conscience sell well today, but are more expensive in production at the same time.

So many companies come up with the idea of ​​polishing up their profits with this discrepancy - of course without informing the customers about it.

DM's pocket gate

So it was now apparently with the Drogerimarkt chain DM, whose founder Götz Werner likes to make time on eco-social. Embarrassing. The background:

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DM distributes fabric bags produced by Manomama, the award-winning company of the Augsburg-based Sina Trinkwalder.

The background

The eco-social textile company mainly employs disadvantaged people on the job market and produces everything from yarn to seam in Germany.

Of course, the DM cloth bags are also sold against this background - because many people like to support good projects.

Unclear communication

Blogger Pia Drießen has now established and immediately noted on her blog Mamamiez that DM has apparently now had copies of these bags produced in Tirppur / India - a place that was also criticized for child labor.

Although buyers of the bag also support the children and India, in what way remains, Pias Recherche, however, unclear. So she writes:

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“You learn a lot about the children's suffering, but the concrete help / responsibility is given to industrial partners and textile suppliers. ”

On the website of DM is the talk of both production sites, Augsburg and India.

"We support German manufacturers with our production facility in Augsburg, and we support local social projects with the production facility in India."

Here I am human, here I am fooling myself?

As you can read at Mamamiez, there are also some decisive changes in “Buyer handling”:

“While you got a new bag or your money back for the old Manomama bags if they were no longer liked or damaged, you only get a new bag for the new bags if they were damaged, but not your money back. Here one would have to think again about the term “deposit” bag. "

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On Twitter, wherever else, the topic of pramesan (@pramesan) is brought to the point:

“Dm - here I am human, here I let myself be fooled. #taschengate ”

Opinion is missing

So far, there has been no comment from DM. Not even towards Sina Trinkwalder. Here the communication and marketing department would be asked to take a position as quickly as possible. User Jules (@ jules79) wrote on November 13:

“Could we agree that the problem with #Taschengate is the communication from DM - in all directions, especially towards @manomama?”

We can not wait to see what happens!

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University supports social entrepreneurship

Meanwhile, Jacobs University and Vodafone Foundation show that there is another way: Around 100 students from nine European universities have been taking part in the Jacobs University Summer School on “Social Entrepreneurship” since August 2009.

In workshops and lectures, 20 student teams prepare to develop real social entrepreneurial projects and put them into practice. The week-long summer school is the prelude to the impACT3 student competition sponsored by the Vodafone Foundation, in which the participants have six weeks to achieve maximum profit for the common good with inventiveness and business acumen. What is special about impACT3: The public decides which ten projects will reach the final. ImpACT3 is sponsored by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.

Learn how to fund social or environmental projects

With impACT3 - an initiative of Jacobs University in cooperation with the Vodafone Foundation Germany - the bachelor's students from various subject areas from Germany, Denmark, Great Britain and Hungary are starting a competition that has never been seen before: in teams of a maximum of four people with only 4 euros starting capital per person The young social entrepreneurs should identify a social or ecological problem and implement an innovative, entrepreneurially successful answer to it.

The winners will receive a total of EUR 9.000 in prize money, which is, however, earmarked: the prizes can only be used for the newly founded social entrepreneurial projects or for educational purposes of the winners.

A public voting decides who gets ahead

The public can follow the project activities, for the documentation of which the teams are responsible, continuously on September 7th on the competition platform. Finally, a public online vote decides which teams will make it into the final round of the top 10.

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In addition to the direct involvement in their project, the online platform is a central tool, ideal and financial support on the one hand and the voices of project beneficiaries, sponsors and sponsors for the preliminary competition must be mobilized. An eight-member jury of well-known experts in the field of social entrepreneurship and non-profit organization determines the three best teams from the 10 finalists.

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