{Replica} Marketing Failure of Job Exchanges: A Satire

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Recently, I received a request from a large, Europe-wide job board. I was asked for a link with the company logo - as it later showed, without wanting to pay for it. When I described this as unprofessional, I was asked for feedback. I would like to extend this request to my readers, coupled with a call for donations for one Company in financial need. Please open the parachute and do not leave it standing in the rain! Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

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Here writes for you:


Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherGerman Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


One of the largest and most successful job exchanges in Europe?

Attention: This post is not free of irony!

The Jobbörse, which I am talking about in the following for reasons of anonymity, focuses on specialists and executives and wants to own belong to the largest and most successful job exchanges in Germany, indeed Europe. However, the website contains only vague data without any further reference:

“Stufenstein is one of the most visited online job boards in Germany and has been voted the most popular career website of the year four times in a row. ” * In order to maintain anonymity, I do not link to this page at this point. The correct name of the company is known to the editor.

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Little notion and probably even less pay

On August 10th, I received a request from a staff member from the Online Marketing department to link to a career entry offer on the site. By the way, my / contact / ”> contact page contains a clear statement regarding such link requests that they will be treated as spam.

As it turned out, the employee was a student assistant with little idea of ​​online marketing and probably even less pay.

In contradiction to the Telemedien-Gesetz

Anzumerken is that Stufenstein already had a banner on our start site via an agency - paid and explicitly marked by the headline as an advertisement. Everything else would simply contradict the Telemediengesetz §6.1.

I noticed, slightly puzzled, that two banners of the same company would look a bit strange - and got this answer:

“A second link to the same page would of course look strange. However, I contacted you despite the existing banner because www [dot] berufsstart [dot] stufenstein [dot] de is a domain of its own, the stairs stone mentioned in the link, but only to refer to us as the operator. For a link, I would send you a prepared HTML code or the appropriate logo to our starter page immediately. ”

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Aids can not know everything

At the risk of being subtle: stufenstein [dot] de is the domain! The addition professional start is the subdomain! Everything else is wrong. But student help can not know everything.

Nevertheless, I preferred to ask for the conditions - and received no answer. Also not on repeated requests. After several attempts by phone, I reached another employee only a few days ago, who promised to take care of the case.

Pleitegeier over stepped stone?

Finally, I received the eMail an employee who works as Head of Online Marketing at StufenStein. He wrote:

“Ms. X is a student assistant with us. Unfortunately she is currently out of health, which is why I am now approaching you. Ms. X did not book any advertising material for us, but, to my knowledge, had asked you whether it would be interesting for you to offer our job exchange as a service on your side with a link. We can unfortunately do not incur any expenses. ”

That stepped stone does not spend money on advertising banners can Although it is said to be one of the most successful companies in its field, I am irritated: I conclude that business is really bad and the company is insolvent.

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Perhaps it is manifested here that the cross-pro research survey showed bad cards to the generalist job markets?

No money for qualified employees?

For the bankrupt vulture also speaks that the company employs temporary and managerial staff, who apparently have little idea of ​​their job - and that's exactly what I brought in my next eMail to expression.

“I'm a little irritated that you assume my blog is available for free advertising. I am even more astonished that you have such important marketing tasks, which affect your public image, carried out by an untrained assistant. ”

Head of online marketing with no idea of ​​marketing

The answer of the online marketing boss shows, however, that he does not even know the basic techniques of online marketing, because he speaks unintentionally further from the allegedly high-quality service offered by his company, but does not lose a word about the search engine relevance of such a link you can read a lot in my blog.

“We understand, of course, if you don't integrate for free want. However, we ourselves do not find the offering of our service to be unprofessional, even with high-quality blogs. ”

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Advertising as a service for the reader?

Interesting. To sell my own advertising as a content, this idea reminds me suspiciously of the Goslaer program of the federation for digital economy, according to which advertising in the future itself becomes valuable information.

But wait, StufenStein understands his offer so not as advertising, but service. This raises the question of the social benefits of job boards, because the advertised start page contains invariably job advertisements.

I have already stated in several articles that I believe that the benefits of job exchanges tend to be close to 0 as a self-contained system. For example, here is only "Why do we actually need job exchanges?" called.

Please give feedback so that the company learns

After all, the online marketing boss of StufenStein would like to learn. Even if he denies on the one hand missing qualifications, he asks in the further course of his eMail but at the same time critical feedback:

“Furthermore, I can assure you that Ms. X is never untrained and I have Their The request itself is not perceived as unprofessional. However, I would very much appreciate your feedback on what exactly you see as a negative example. We can certainly also learn from such experiences. ”

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Reader feedback desired

Now I thought, I support this praiseworthy request by collecting the most comprehensive possible feedback for Stufenstein. Now you are asked, dear reader: Can you explain to the company why such behavior is unprofessional?

We would look forward to many differentiated opinions on the subject!

Donates for job exchanges in need

And even more so: As Stanzstein is clearly on the verge of bankruptcy, I would like to start a fundraising campaign for job vacancies. Who would be willing to support Stanzstein financially? In this case, I would trust the project to an experienced fundraiser!

In the name of Steinerstein, I would like to thank you in advance for your feedback and your support. Thank you!

Update: It continues

I recently got up Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® not quite ironically, reports about the job exchange stairs stone, which apparently begs out of financial need to be allowed to advertise for free on other people's blogs. And I called for a crowdfunding fundraiser. How the readers reacted:

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90 Shares, 1000 clicks

The questionable Article has been featured in social networks a good 90 times so far, mainly on Facebook and Twitter shared and liked (see above) and, according to Google Analytics, clicked and read up to 1000 times.

There is obviously a lot of interest in the topic. This suggests that other people have had such experiences with step stones or other companies.

The next job exchange is already more cautious


The attempt by companies to get free advertising and links, unfortunately, seems widespread, even downright gang and Gäbe to be, but is even illegal - the telemedia law and also this black list in the law against unfair competition greet.

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The action obviously had such an effect that the next job exchange a few days later asked quite hesitantly and carefully what they would have to do to get a Werbelink with us. Poor news seems to be moving around pretty quickly.

Predicate pitiful

A user explained on Facebook: “Some people have ideas! I find this not only unprofessional, it is pitiful (or just brazen?) That one asks for a “feedback” (= advice without fee).

Hello, are you still alright? Incidentally, I also have the impression that such behavior is related to a financial problem. ”

We crowdfunden marketing measures for companies in need!


At Xing, some users have declared their willingness to donate to the job market that is in need. However, since the success of a crowdfunding campaign includes specifying a realistic amount from the start, we have to ask at this point: “How much money do you actually need?”.

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Therefore, dear companies in need: Just register with me if you do not have enough money for your marketing measures! Maybe we'll find a crowdfunding idea together. Crowdinvesting is booming at the moment!

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