Inspire customers with marketing: 2 X 8 tips for enthusiastic buyers

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Have not sellers at the point of sale long since? Thanks to digital commerce, customers now only one mouse click away from their shopping needs. But right here is the chance for really good salespeople. Because they can do what no online store can: customers not only advise, but also inspire!


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Sandra Schubert Sandra Schubert Portrait_klein_quadratischSandra Schubert is a sales expert - for Mercedes, O2 or VW.


Motivate instead of algorithms

The role of the seller in the field has changed dramatically. Online practice is now fiercely competitive with the “living order block” of yore. Field workers should therefore focus primarily on the personal relationship.

The efficiency of electronic ordering processes and the Internet can not compete with an external service provider. Successful salesmen encounter soulless algorithms with the primordial ability to motivate.

Through sympathy and empathy, they build up long-standing relationships. With intuition and professional competence, they are creatively and intellectually engaged in conversation partners and their current business situation. Understand it then, strategically to advise, become from customers genuine fans.

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Merchandiser, sales coach and marketing consultant

Field sales people would do well to use their regular visits to customers in order to inspire them sustainably. The vocation of field workers today is to be a supplier, merchandiser, entertainer, sales trainer and even marketing consultant in one person. It's about ensuring AHA moments with the customer each visit. What this means can best be illustrated with a short story from the Chan el Chalili bazaar in Cairo:

“I like to buy pashminas in Egypt and delight those who stayed at home with their fine wool scarves. The retailer was initially adamant about the price when it was deepened in conversation about quality and variety. So I took out my handbag in a storm lighter that I had brought to Egypt. Here, I have a gift for you! His features suddenly changed. A gift for me, from Germany, he asked in astonishment. Yes, of course, for you, from Germany, I replied. What came next was clear: Imagine the family, drinking tea anyway, visiting the textile warehouse. Of course, I bought at a much cheaper price than would have been possible before the gift was given. The 'souvenir' was a real key scene in our sales talk, an AHA moment for both sides. ”

Humor and spontaneity,

Heartily laugh freed. Why do not we sellers give our customers more often a gamble? If we have managed to beat the hearts of our customers through AHA moments in the sales talk, we still have an important task: we are worried about good entertainment.

Touch all the senses

The convincing salesman thinks very carefully how he can show the advantages of his product. He involves his contact person as far as possible with all senses. What message can the dealer feel, smell, taste, see? What can he try for himself?

Sensationally conveyed product highlights can provide crucial AHA moments even under time pressure. Experiencing buyers, what is special about this product and with what arguments it can be placed with the consumer, this is a good test run for the future sales pitch. Such products are enthusiastically recommended to consumers.

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8 tips like visits from sellers

  1. Prepare presentation visits strategically effective. Only those who have a plan can achieve their goal.
  2. Instead of packing everything in under the motto "a lot helps a lot", it is better to focus on each visit individually.
  3. Set up an individual core message for exactly this dealer and set the focus of the demonstration accordingly. If I can only place an information, a product, what (s) ?!
  4. Take the customer's perspective: “I would take his place…” Where is my customer? What does he need from me?
  5. With AHA-Moments out of the visit routine: exciting information, small gifts, nice compliments, wit and humor.
  6. Sustainable transport of information. Small brand and product stories remain in memory.
  7. Involve the customers with vivid demonstrations.
  8. Conclude product demonstration with a clear recommendation for action and tips on presentation.

Because selling makes happy

In the age of the Internet, every product is accessible to every buyer at all times. At the same time, an oversupply of products and information is unsettling. Potential customers quickly lose track of things. No overview - no buying motivation!

This is where the good seller comes into play. His vocation is to be the guide in the supply jungle. As a vital guide, it helps its customers to find exactly the right products or services for them. Sellers who make their customers happy through their personal commitment have a good reason to be happy themselves.

Help customers make decisions

What does the customer really want? The salesman is required to listen closely and find out exactly this with genuine interest and specific questions. Detective nonsense is in demand. Many customers turn to the specialist trade because they are not quite sure what they are looking for. Instead of reacting impatiently, sellers should be curious about the people who oppose them.

And look forward to the new sales situation. If you are curious, do yourself the biggest favor, because curiosity makes you smart and happy! When curiosity seizes us, a cocktail of happy messengers is poured out in our brains. This hormonal boost also changes our thinking, because fresh neural networks and interconnections in the brain are linked. Studies have shown that this increases the intelligence quotient.

A good seller is an entertaining seller!

Wisdom helps sellers correctly assess customers. The customer spoiled by the media is always on the lookout for the extraordinary. Unfortunately, he is often disappointed in the specialist trade. With “Can I help you?” and “You can find that over there on the left!” sellers do not win a prize for customer orientation.

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The customer of today wants to be entertained. No seller has to become a comedian, joke jokes or perform art pieces. But he should be able to tell stories about the brand or the product and also have fun.

Involve clients with all senses

Enthusiasm is in demand, but is not enough, the customer is not taken away. What is the use, for example, For example, the stationery enthusiast describes the advantages of a filler, but does not give it away.

By simply trying it out, the novice writer would have “grasped” the hand-friendly advantages quickly and his mother would have opted for this model.

Directed by the seller

This direct trial of alternative products works only in stationary trade. Without annoying re-packing and resending.

It is the seller's advantage to use this advantage. A good seller always keeps the threads in his hand. He is directing. The customer is an actor. But he must be allowed to play. Then he can talk enthusiastically about the buying experiences in the specialist trade.

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8 tips on how sellers delight their customers

  1.  Be curious about the people and their desires
  2.  Make a nice compliment to the interlocutor.
  3. To listen appreciably and to make the conversation partner think through with intelligent questions.
  4. To formulate his needs exactly to the point. The customer really feels understood!
  5. For clarity: give orientation in the jungle of possibilities and make a clear recommendation
  6. A new solution or idea.
  7. Caring for good stories and transporting information sustainably.
  8. Involve the customer through vivid demonstrations and let them “understand”.

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