Acquire new customers with Marketing 2.0: Goodbye cold adé {review}

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Acquisition, and especially the so-called cold acquisition is for many simply pure horror. The better that there is the Internet, because good Internet acquisition can reach many potential prospects and customers. This book shows how to do it.

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Address and bind customers via the Internet


The aim of a good marketing strategy should be to achieve the largest possible suction effect. Margit Moravek shows in her "1 × 1 Internet Acquisition" how to win customers over the Internet. A good crash course, especially for smaller ones Company and start-ups are worthwhile.

"Marketing 2.0 is a proven customer suction system. Sog is the opposite of print marketing. They make themselves attractive on the Internet and let the customer approach you. "Author and advertising specialist Margit Moravek mentions numerous good reasons in her book" The 1 × 1 Internet Acquisition ", which make the Web the best platform for advertising and customer loyalty.

In contrast to cold acquisition, to advertisements or brochures, you have the chance of fast, direct and immediate customer contact including snowball effect. For anyone delivering good, useful or original content is recommended, shared and "liked".

Cheap and good on the web advertise


Margit Moravek calculates that Internet marketing is unbeatably cheap: "Many readers will get along with a marketing budget of 99 Euro per year." In order to keep this promise, the author gives a number of good tips on free software helpers or contact addresses. that will help you with your campaigns.

eMailMarketing, Facebook fan pages and even cyber seminars for your customers, you can provide (almost) for free! Only the ideas have to contribute. And convey that certain kick that your competitor does not have on offer. "Customers need to feel emotionally connected to you and your business. A positive feeling awakens a buying mood. "And creates the hoped-for suction effect.

From the eMailing to content marketing


In her guide Moravek spans the page from the landing page eMails and e-books, social media acquisition via Facebook, Xing, blogs and videos, and search engine optimization right through to webinars and the currently hated content marketing ("expert content that adds value to the customer").

On the basis of concrete examples, the author makes clear which rules apply to the different channels and how the right marketing mix can be set up. Internet acquisition is independent of the industry, the size of the company or the products and services offered. If the target group moves on the Internet, they also want to be picked up there. Moravek provides the guide.

Conclusion: "The 1X1 of the Internet acquisition" is a quick course in online marketing, which makes it clear to small businesses and startups in just about two hours in which channels advertising campaigns are promising. Good basic book!

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