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92Fiona Elsa Dent is the Director of Executive Education at Ashridge Business School and, as a member of the Ashridge Management Committee, is responsible for one of the two faculty groups that manage programs, customer relationships and management development solutions for Ashridge. Dent is also involved with her colleagues in the strategic direction of the company, with a special focus on human resources. At Ashridge, she has experience as a program and client leader and has worked with a number of organizations and clients nationally and internationally. Dent teaches and advises on a wide range of leadership, personal, interpersonal and relational skills and is trained in a variety of psychometric methods.

vicki_holtonVicki Holton is a Research Fellow at Ashridge Business School, UK, with a focus on researching current trends in management and leadership development, best practices in career advancement, HR, equal opportunities and female leadership development. She has dealt with employee surveys, evaluation and benchmarking of personnel initiatives such as diversity and development and is the author of numerous books and articles on gender diversity in organizations and a member of numerous leading specialist journals.

The Manager of the Future: Leading Theme Leadership

What should good leadership look like in the future? It is clear that executives today are already under great pressure to do justice to the multiple tasks that are assigned to them. How can you help them? leadership02

How to improve leadership?

The survey results show that the quality of leadership is highly valued both for the line manager and the top management of the organization. This is clearly a good news that any organization would like.

However, the survey on top management and junior executive communications raises some concerns. Leadership Deficit - Many managers say that their organization does not do enough for the development of junior executives.

Top managers need to communicate more

Without these investments in the development of the skills and experience of younger leaders, it is hard to imagine how such organizations will continue to be successful.

Another concern is that the respondents find that top managers have to spend more time communicating in their organization. It is not just a question of time but also a question of clarity about the messages that the top management of the workforce wants to convey.

leadership deficits

The survey results indicate that many executives are showing signs of stress and pressure. Almost half of the surveyed managers say that their organization does not sufficiently support virtual teamwork.

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If virtual work is critical to business - and this is certainly a growing trend for many today - then it's strange that support lags behind what managers say they need to help them be more effective in those roles ,

Manager under pressure

That may also explain why so many organizations say they are still fighting with virtual teams! A number of options - from training measures to individual coaching - can help here. A direct question that is rarely asked in organizations is: “What help do virtual team leaders want?

Our research has identified a number of issues for managers that we think should be seriously considered.

The resilience of managers

One aspect is to look more closely at ways to develop employee resilience, especially the ways to make sure that the manager's work is simpler, easier, and less complicated.

Improving education and development opportunities would help improve individual skills and management skills. Creating stronger support networks for leaders - with their boss, other leaders and trainers - could all help so they do not feel isolated.

Coaching on demand

Many managers act as coaches for colleagues. But we also notice that the majority would like to coach themselves.

Any organization could offer on-demand coaching that is available to executives who thought they could benefit. Coaching for performance training is a great way to improve management skills.

Growth and development through dialogue

Another option that is introduced in an organization is a dialogue, in which employees regularly present projects, research and new ideas to a group of managers. It is not a progress report, but an opportunity to spring up ideas, to informally discuss ongoing work and to strengthen their reputation and credibility.

Our recommendation: Looking into the future. Invest in the growth and development of the next generation of executives.

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  1. REGIS GMBH says:

    The Manager of the Future - 5 / 7:
    Fiona Elsa Dent & Vicki Holton

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    The Manager of the Future - 5 / 7:
    Fiona Elsa Dent & Vicki Holton

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