Management competence and self-leadership: Lead yourself, otherwise no one will follow you

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No matter which stable we come from, how intelligent we are and how lucky we are. To achieve above-average lasting health, satisfaction and economic success only those who can do one thing can lead themselves.

Management competence and self-leadership: Lead yourself, otherwise no leadership will follow you

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Jörg Romstötter JoergRomstoetter_berufebilderJörg Romstötter is a graduate engineer and makes use of the effects of nature for work and life.


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Begins in childhood and is promoted by nature

The seed for this ability is already laid in childhood. Continuous training and development of the art itself, offers nature in a particularly valuable way.

Dunedin, New Zealand 1975: Over 1.000 three year olds are observed in their behavior and habits; over a period of 38 years. This "Dunedin Study", which is still ongoing, has gone down in the history of behavioral research with its consistently convincing results. It shows that those who have self-discipline, conscientiousness and perseverance help themselves to a higher standard of living. That motivates. But how do we know whether we can manage ourselves reasonably or whether there is still a lot of room for improvement?

The collective conceals our self-governing competence

In particular, where our world is so full of distractions, brakes and passable helpers. In professional life, it is usually impossible to determine the success of the cap. Where dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of hands intertwine, the success of the individual is concealed to the point of verifiability.

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We often mean what wonderfully powerful levers we move every day. However, in the case of an unexpected failure, it is clear how thoroughly the hearsh of the thousand hands absorbs our leverage. Most of all, we are effective only because the many others contribute their part and not vice versa.

Unfortunately, we often have the utopia to be uncommon artists of self-control. If we are subject to the belief that we are uncommonly self-reliant, we do not even notice that we have a gigantic success break together.

How do I know how good I can lead myself?

An indication of how far it is about our self-governing competence already shows us an honest look at all our areas of life without exception. It quickly becomes clear where we have our chocolate sides in our self-guidance and where we are as helpless as flotsam.

Have we already climbed well on the career ladder, but the body's level of health, fitness and fitness could not yet benefit from this increased level? Are we the best mate in the world, the quality of our love affair or family ties are permanently underground? Are we all friends of the world, but feel lonely and deserted deep within us?

What is nature doing with us?

If we stick to each other in the collective, we simply can not determine the exact effects of our behavior. If we are alone, there is no doubt how effective our action and our ability to control ourselves is. Nature, together with us, offers us the necessary environment for direct and comprehensible challenges.

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  1. Do we simply overtake a cold rainstorm or search for panic?
  2. Do we admit we have lost ourselves, and go back to a certain point, or do we cling to our path for the sake of prosperity?
  3. Do we stay calmly in the surging mosquito cloud, avoiding so many stitches, or do we fiercely wreath around us and break off the hike?
  4. Do we linger relaxed under a tree or do we succumb to the overwhelming desire to constantly look at our smartphone?

In a word, we sharpen our view of what is really important to us and see immediately what our action does.

Nature is inimitable reflexive. If we allow it.

Especially when we are alone in nature, our self-reflection is boosted. Self-reflection takes place when nothing distracts us and we ask ourselves the right questions. In nature, our usual everyday world with its usual impressions and distractions is soothing in pause mode. But why do we need self-reflection? It is not for nothing that it is an area that we are all too happy to avoid. Without self-reflection no development. For only where we recognize where we still have potential, we can also set in motion levers that we have yet to let rest and thus create new success for us.

We humans have developed a symbiosis with nature, lasting over a million years. The resulting and totally unconscious effects of nature on the body, mind and soul continue to be strong and secure. Nature thus acts soothingly on our mind: we free ourselves more easily from destructive thoughts, thoughts, and our own contempt. There are more positive moods and thoughts. We look hopeful, opportunity-oriented, creative and motivated in the future.

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  1. Agnes @ bsberlin

    Inspiring. One of the lessons that you learn in life and then unlearn again - but you should not. Especially not in the professional life, where it is so much about finding his personal happiness (whatever and where this may be) and not to talk to anyone and save somehow to retirement.

    • Simone Janson

      Thanks for your comment. The fact that it is not about talking others to the mouth, many see so different.
      Many greetings to Berlin

  2. Linda Baumgartner

    Lead yourself, or you will not follow. - Highly recommended iwJttJSlF2 #selbstmanagement # self-reflection

  3. Apuncto.

    RT @jobcollege: Management competence & self-guidance: Lead yourself, otherwise no one will follow you by Jörg Romst ... - Highly recommended JACQiQNM6w # ...

  4. Competencepartner

    Management competence & self-management: Lead yourself, otherwise no one of you will follow Jörg Romst ... - Highly recommended JACQiQNM6w #Profile #Production

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