Power games and tips for countering: The secret rules of the game in the office

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"Power" is an important topic to which, however, something indecent adheres. Nevertheless, we need them to enforce our interests. And how must we resist if others want to exercise power over us? "power games"By Matthias Nöllke shows what power games there are, how they work - and how we defend ourselves against it successfully.

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Power is self-evident


"Power" is often negatively occupied in our everyday lives. It is necessary to enforce our interests or defend ourselves against others. Because the old saying "Knowledge is power. Knowing nothing does not matter "is no longer valid.

Accordingly, "power" is innocent in itself. Using them is not a crime, but a matter of course. And the dominance gap in the workplace remains unproblematic, unless managers misinterpret the lead of the directive authority.

Dominanzrituale from the Chefetage


The title is quite harmless, but the book "power games" has it all: Ruthless author Matthias Nöllke covers the secret rules of the game for the daily Bullying in the office. The basic patterns of the Dominanzrituale from the Chefetage with the symbolic footsteps and Nackenschlag for the infantry.

But also the pinpricks, with which the "Indians" piss each other or even bring down one of the chiefs. "Power games" promotes what people feel only unconsciously but can not explain - the drivers behind the hidden bullying.

Mobbing is a game for two


Nöllke unmasks the typical power games and patterns pleasingly calmly. The word "game" is very good. Because all involved must agree to the unspoken rules so that the figures move on the imaginary board. Who wants to play his power needs a sacrifice.

If the chosen person refuses, the game is over before the showdown. That's what the book is about. Consistently (and with a touch of irony), the author has also built his guide like a board game guide: In each chapter, he explains the "teammates", the "game history" and the variants for the "professionals".

The art of threatening right!


The author also shows you how to make threats - and how to respond when you're on the other side. For example, the book shows that while threats to employees may be useful, they quickly evaporate when they appear abstract or unrealistic.

Because that is the "art threat": you have to find something that your opponent unpleasant enough, and then rather do what you want. "

Fight successfully


But most of all, employees benefit from the book, which fancies itself in the bullying trap. The author introduces tried-and-tested countermeasures for all "power games". As with open threats from the supervisor: "They submit, but do not do what is required of you, but something similar. You just have to miss the original target just enough to make the other one realize that he does not get what he wanted. But you still have to get close enough to the goal that he can not fulfill his threat. "

Concentrated psychological knowledge about the mechanisms of hidden and open conflicts in the German offices - without theoretical references. An immensely important book for those who want and need to fight back. Recommendation - without ifs and buts!

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