The fairy tale of the todsichere business studies: Good job? Dream On!

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Some time ago, I tried to teach students about the benefits of job search and networking via social media at a German college. Only this time, journalists were not the listeners, but economists. Also a graduate group, which may soon be hired as a bikecourt?

The fairy tale of surefire business studies: Good job? Dream On! Bicycle courier in New York

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My students' enthusiasm for social media left a lot to be desired, to say the least. To Facebook you could just durchringen.Twitter found most very interesting - let's see, so the unanimous opinion. But for blogging, so the objection, just missing the time. Anyway, that's more of a journalist anyway.

What really bothered me about the socks was the unanimous opinion that we were studying economics. Because we definitely find a job and do not need such a junk! It may be that as a spiritual scientist who is aware of his whole course of studies, that it is hard afterwards, one can only dream of such self-assurance.

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Arrogance from uncertainty?


Or should one speak of unrealistic arrogance? Not infrequently, uncertainty and arrogance are close to one another. And indeed, it is clear that the students are well aware that their location is so great maybe not:

I once asked how they came to their previous jobs. One participant reported it first with a normal one Application trying to have - and failed. Only in the second attempt she had come over vitamin B to their internship. Quite normal in this company, she said resignedly.

Scientists driving the taxi, BWLer become bicyclecuriers?


Humanities scholars always say that they can only become taxi drivers. Maybe they'll tell you soon, they'll become bicycle couriers? Well, it does not have to be that bad - in both cases.

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But the experience of the student already coincides with what Svenja Hofert currently writes in her blog: namely, that business students are the next victims of the pig cycle. A subject that many studied, who did not want to be as stupid as scientists, and who might end up even worse off.

"Not a few still have no permanent job one year after graduation, and many, even women, also work as" secretary plus ", ie assistants, and then again there is a lot of temporary work and on the job level."

Classic business studies fall away


Hofert also mentions the reasons: There are hardly any older business economists who will be dismissed in the next few years. Employee and student numbers continue to rise - with steady to falling demand.

After all, classical business areas such as marketing and human resource management are changing radically, are becoming more and more technical, thanks to social media and the Internet: companies are therefore looking for people who have the technology and the economy as an additional qualification rather than for business management.

Students: Inflexible as before 10 years ago


However, the students are, as Hofert complains, as inflexible as before 10 years and "for example strive for the popular product manager positions in companies in which there are fewer and fewer - instead of building up an interesting professional profile."

This lack of flexibility I could also find with my student: one wanted to put the hands in the lap, than become active. Because any potential employers could be attracted to job seekers through their own web presence, no one believed anyway. Motto: "Do not bring anything, so I prefer it!"

Very innovative, the students of today.

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    #Geical scientists go by taxi, #BWLers become bikecuriers? Coaching can help in the absence of a professional profile.

  4. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr. Schröder,
    from which I may conclude that you are a scientist?
    In my opinion, economics are among the social sciences. Whilst they are also thrown with the Gewis in a pot. And you are right: Frau Hofert also mentioned the dual training in the source text as an argument. Thanks for the supplement.

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    A further aspect is the so-called Berufsakademien with their two-part training, namely, on the one hand an academic on the other hand already in a company to work. By the way, I have assumed so far, that are also BWLer spirit scientists, natural scientists in any case not!

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    The fairy tale of the sure-footed business studies

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