Optimize Yourself and Your Life: The New Tim Ferriss {Review}

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Become rich and healthy and wise at the same time - the latest book by Tim Ferriss has it all again and offers lots of tips and tricks on 700 pages. Worth reading for those who are still looking for ideas for their own lives.

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The new Ferris: over 700 sides thick, 1,5 kg heavy and super-absorbent


Why should you buy a book that is a monster of over 700 pages in oversize format and 1,5 kg weight? If you lie in bed and want to read it, you need both hands to hold it, and after a short time your arms become heavy. Why, then, should such a book be done? There is only one reason: Because it is saugut.

The book I'm talking about is the new Tim Ferris. You may know him from his bestsellers "The 4 Hours Week" or "The 4 Hours Body." His new work is called "Tools of the Titans".

Best-of from the celebrity country


The book is, so to speak, a written "best-of" podcast talk show that has been leading Ferris with more or less prominent guests for several years. Most people in the book are not known in Germany - and some of them probably are not known in the States, but they are still very interesting people.

But there are also a couple of well-known names like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marc Andreessen, Tony Robbins, Peter Thiel, Scott Adams, Kevin Costner, Paulo Coelho and Jamie Foxx.

How the others do it ...


They all chatter a little from their lives, give insight into how to keep fit, what drives them, what they eat, what they do to sleep well, what rituals they have, how to best invest their money, which Mistakes one should absolutely avoid with anything and so on and so forth.

All the things we know about ourselves and who have already occupied us. This is for the most part very inspiring. But much of it leaves us completely cold because it does not concern us.

People are different


But as Ferris himself says: What makes one person interested and enthusiastic is completely irrelevant for the other.

The people are just different. "This book is a buffet," writes Ferris, and everyone should pick out what he likes best or what he would like to taste. Therefore, his "Rule No. 1" for reading his book is also "skip a lot".

A wonderful book to browse


The book is divided into three major parts: Health, Wealth and Wisdom. For Ferris, these are "the three pillars on which life builds."

In addition to the summaries of conversations with his talk show guests, the book contains in each area so-called "thematic chapters" in which Ferris himself takes a position on specific issues. These sections alone justify the purchase of the book. Among other things it is about unusual and effective bodyweight exercises

5 Tools to get a better sleep


  • 5 morning rituals that bring me well into the day ("Point 1: Make Your Bed!" Or "Point 3: Make 5 to 10 Repetitions of Anything")
  • Basics for brain training
  • No, if it matters
  • Lazy: A manifesto
  • A few practice-oriented thoughts about suicide (For me one of the strongest chapters in the book)

Be careful with the golf ball!


The book is - typically Ferris - easy written and great to read. Often it is also funny and humorous.

For example, on page 30, he suggests rolling his foot on a golf ball to increase the mobility of the hamstring muscles. The warning: "But put a towel under the golf ball, so you do not slip off and shoot your dog an eye!"



"Tools of the Titans" by Tim Ferris is a wonderful book to browse on cold, dark rainy days.

Inspirational, entertaining, educational, optimistic. Buy it, read it, give it to your relatives and friends.

Look into the book and order options


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    Self Improvement & Life: The New Tim Ferriss von
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    Self Improvement & Life: The New Tim Ferriss von
    Damian Sicking

    via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended CJpSh6IAEf

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