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Let go of goals, dealing with fear: get out of the tunnel view

objectives letting go sounds easy, but in reality it is often difficult to implement. The solution is: Get out of tunnel vision.

Releasing goals?

It could be that you have an inner contradiction in view of the heading “Let go of goals”. After all, we should keep our goals in mind - shouldn't we?

Seminars and literature on the topic self-management, Communication and leadership quality are based on terms such as goal orientation, goal definition and the achievement of goals. And here you read: Let go of goals!?!

You are right, of course. It is not about living a life without orientation and not setting goals in the professional and private sphere. It is about the inner attitude towards these goals.

Serenity instead of stupor

Of course, one is a little distracted by the rigid fixation on his focus, if one leaves his goal a bit out of sight. That's right, yes, but what exactly is distracted?

A part of our consciousness and our body is further focused on the goal and will eventually reach it. The distraction is thus not a general carelessness generated, but a too strong focus on the result will be taken away.

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Allow operations instead of forcing them

It seems that the finest possible coordination of the body movements can work if we allow the processes, rather than force them with willpower.

I could also tell you something from the field of speech education, making music with groups and singing lessons.

Like the little prince

It is not about the goal of an action, speech or presentation from the Sense to lose, but just the opposite. Antoine de Saint Exupéry is said to have once said:

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up men to get wood, prepare tools, assign tasks and divide the work, but teach the men to long for the vast, endless sea."

The longing in the heart

This building of a ship, which opens up the possibility to explore the world's sea, stands for an inner attitude. At the moment you have a great goal radiant in mind that you touch emotionally, look forward to it.

They look forward to the experience (the special moment of spectacular sunrises, the peace and expanse of the sea). They are far from materialists or timetables in your vision.

The emotional anchorage counts

If the vision is great among all involved people and has a strong emotional anchorage, it will be easy to create the appropriate ship. The material things of logistics, material procurement and cetera follow the great goal without much effort.

You look to stay with the picture, not in the dock where your ship is built, but with a wide view to the horizon and even beyond.

Do not lose sight of the goal

The building of your ship will now be a good thing; it will certainly do better than you and yours Team not have this great vision.

This is the first step in releasing goals, which is because you have a great emotionally moving goal in mind, which the small practical intermediate goals almost playfully follow by themselves.

How to get out of the tunnel?

Once we've decided to let go, that's a first and certainly very important step.

The next, bigger step, however, is not to identify too much with the one big goal and create space for something else.

Take compulsive thinking

This situation with a client who was a cellist is a good example of this. His goal suited him very well clear before eyes, there had been a struggle about it before, but it could only come into reality when he was no longer fixated on it and was so free inside that he could enter into a conversation with me.

Too much identification with his cell play would not have made the result, since it would at least unconsciously have something of the will component that would force a result.

A picture: Your vision of the perfect holiday

Transfer this once to a very simple picture, eg your idea of ​​a hundred percent perfect vacation:

You may then have the vision of wanting to feel the beauty of the vast ocean - and are disappointed in reality if that's not the case.

Feel joy without fixation

It would be much better, then, that you will not be able to feel the need to feel the expanse of the sea or the beauty of a sunrise with all your senses.

You enjoy your vision, but are inwardly free and open to what is going to happen and that will most certainly not be in your sphere of influence. They are no longer attached to the target.

Goals freed in communication

And how do you attribute this to a normal communication situation? Let's say you want to help your employees increase the accuracy of their work and the quality of customer care.

You can do this, of course, by building the scenario of the non-sleeping competition, and ultimately by creating the future, to lead the people to supposedly better work.

Wake up enthusiasm

You can also share your enthusiasm about the quality of your product. They have taken so much care that it is really the best thing, as far as you know, available on the market.

For this reason, you do not have to be constantly concerned about whether someone else could find a defect or or.

Your conviction is greater than your doubts

Their conviction is so great that you can let go of it in the sense that you will trust that it will go its way.

And the necessary support, as your employees have become infected by your enthusiasm, will be provided by these with pleasure and in high quality.

Confident in the development look

Every customer and external contact will now be perceived as a small step towards a great vision and will be carried out with appropriate enthusiasm and charisma.

And since you are now free and looking at the development, you can already deal with the next projects. In the first case, they would have to deal with your worries with great effort and have to control everything in detail. You are freed from this.

Compact: How to release targets?

Letting go of goals can mean a great liberation. You trust that your vision, plan or product will go its own way.

You have contributed your share and can now let go and see how things will evolve.

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