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Markus Jung 2ndMarkus Jung the portal Fernstudium-Infos.deJung is the father of two children and has already completed several further training courses via distance learning. He oversees the provider-independent community portal, on which many working parents also exchange their experiences with distance learning. Together with Anne Oppermann, Jung wrote the guidebook “100 questions and answers on distance learning”, which sees itself as a companion during the further training project.

Teaching method Distance learning at a glance: How does a distance learning course work?

In the further education course Fernstudium, the distance learning is used as a learning method. This means that the learners and teachers are mostly spatially and temporally separated.

distance learning

Learning with written materials

The most important learning medium for distance learning is telecommu- nication letters. Traditionally these are sent to the Fernlerners in print by mail. In the meantime, they are increasingly available in electronic form and are often complemented by other media such as learning videos.

The study notes are didactic-prepared books with a volume of mostly 50-200 pages, which often contain graphics and tables in addition to the text. In addition to their uniform structure, they distinguish themselves from other specialist books mainly through learning elements such as self-control tasks,

Repetitions, summaries, practical exercises and submission tasks. The submission tasks are of particular importance. These are sent (usually by e-mail) to the tutor, who corrects and rates them and then sends them back to the learner. So he gets one Feedback to his current level of learning and also tips for the further course of action and can then decide whether he continues in the subject matter or better again repeats the booklet.

Supervision by teachers

The tutors, also referred to as distance learning teachers, are very important for a successful distance learning course, since they are the professional contacts for the distance students and distance learning students. In this way, the distance learning is, for example, different from self-learning only with books, but also from other modern learning forms, such as the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), where the learners are mostly on their own or at best with other participants in forums exchange.

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The tutors can be contacted by mail or via the online study center of the providers. Many questions can be clarified in writing, for more detailed explanations, it is often possible to arrange a telephone appointment or to exchange via Skype.

classroom seminars

A part of the distance learning course usually also takes place in presence form. In compact seminars the course material is repeated and deepened, and written exams are written under supervision. These seminars are now also partially online in the virtual classroom.

This means that the participants will meet online via the Internet and the lecturer will be transmitted in picture and sound. For this purpose, films are shown or documents can also be processed together. Questions can be provided by text chat as well as orally via the microphone of a headset.


Academic distance learning courses, as well as face-to-face studies, also conclude with a thesis (Bachelorthesis, Masterthesis). This is also created from a distance, in coordination with the supervisor of the work. Here, the students show that they have learned to work scientifically during their studies and can also implement this in a comprehensive project.

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