{Competition} Learning languages ​​via eLearning: 5 trends

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More and more people are aware of the important role of language skills in working day. Often, however, it is difficult to find the time for a new language. We present 5 current trends here and raffle an online language course from Rosetta Stone among all commentators.

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Here writes for you:


Katharina Schaden is PR Manager Europe of Rosetta Stone.


Poor language skills

You are sitting in a conversation with customers from abroad and can only talk in broken English? Your Spanish colleagues in the office speak in their mother tongue and you can not participate because you have not used your Spanish for too long? Your dream job in an Italian design company is advertised, but in the job requirements are basic skills required in Italian?

In a survey of the Economist, 75 percent of executives assessed the communicative abilities of their employees in the international context as an average or below average.

Also disturb cultural barriers

Communication is particularly difficult, however, especially when the cultural understanding that is urgently needed for international business meetings is missing in addition to the language barrier. Half of the respondents in the study said that failed communication is the main reason for mishaps in international activities.

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But when you think about how much time you spend on a computer or a smartphone, what would be the half an hour a day spent investing in learning a language? Thanks to entertaining and effective apps, the lack of time to learn a language is actually no excuse anymore.

Trend: Learning languages ​​through e-learning

The following trends are characterized by the self-study of a language:

  1. Learn interactively: Passive memorizing of vocabulary is, firstly, no fun and, secondly, what you have learned does not last long. Today eLearning gives you the opportunity to acquire a new language in a simple and interactive way. So you feel about by direct feedback for pronunciation an immediate learning effect.
  2. Have fun: Good on-line solutions now have live online lessons with native speakers in the program. This allows the learner to use the appropriate language skills equally. It's just fun to speak in the new language, and to conduct first conversations with native speakers directly from the desk.
  3. Learning everywhere: Mobile learning is now the trend. It also greatly facilitates the learning of a language. You can easily take short lessons in the new language on the go with an app on your smartphone or tablet. It is important to ensure that apps are not only aimed at learning individual words, but that the language is brought into context from the beginning. Also you should not rely on your own mother tongue, but you should learn directly in the target language. Thus, one enters a new language without detours and makes rapid progress.
  4. Learn at any time: Another advantage of mobile apps is the possibility to learn independently of time. Especially when learning a language, there should be no limits. Whenever the personal schedule allows, and you just want to have another lesson, a simple log-in should be possible. It is important, however, that the learning progress is automatically synchronized - whether you work on the smartphone, during the lunch break on the computer or on the train with a tablet.
  5. See success: Trust is good, control is better. Especially when you learn a language in self-study, it is important that the e-learning tool offers a good insight into personal progress. Feedback on your own pronunciation is at the top of the list. For security in speaking a new language is the beginning of successful language learning. One not only learns to use language in everyday situations, but at the same time bring success experiences to motivation,

Commenting and winning

eLearning brings many advantages in everyday work. Do you want to convince yourself of this? Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® raffles an 6 months TOTAL online language course from Rosetta Stone to the value of 140 Euro. Just write a review for 01.04.2014.

Rosetta Stone is available in over 20 languages ​​for computers, tablets and smartphones. The Rosetta Stone Dynamic Immersion ™ method is based on the principle “learn intuitively, speak confidently”. Behind this is the belief that the natural way children learn their mother tongue is also the most successful way of learning new languages.

Rosetta Stone was founded 1992 and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is headquartered in Arlington, VA. Rosetta Stone also has offices in Harrisonburg, VA, Boulder, CO, Austin, TX, San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, Dubai, Seoul and São Paolo. The Europacentrale is located in London.

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  1. Martina Michels

    I would very much like to use my parental leave to learn a language and would be very happy about the profit?

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    Improve your #Learning skills by #eLearning @fachwirtblog

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    I must definitely improve my French! We have friends in France
    and I would love to talk with them!

  4. Nicole Brown

    It is so important today to learn languages. And it also brings fun

  5. Markus

    Languages ​​can assure the communication and a good living together

  6. Lars

    Those who learn and speak languages ​​can better understand the world, not just the professional world.

  7. Marco

    I have always wanted to learn a new language, but I have not yet found the right language course.

  8. Benjamin Wagener

    Have been learning French for a long time, on the one hand to build up more competence in international communication, but also because French film brings out some treasures where it would be interesting to be able to enjoy them in the original setting. But somehow something else always comes up, which is somehow more important or even more interesting ...

    • Simone Janson

      Thanks for the detailed justification - comments on FB naturally also count towards the competition!

  9. Chris Kaiser

    Super, I wanted to learn a new language for a long time

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    Learning languages ​​via e-learning: 5 trends & 1 competition: More and more often you will find yourself at work ... #profession #education

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