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5 Tips for learning by remote study: Is the learning suitable for me?

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First, the learning form of remote teaching appears as a perfect form of learning further education for those who want to be flexible in addition to the profession or simply do not want to sit in crowded auditoriums and consume frontal lessons. But a few points should be noted:


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40.000 remote per day

In fact, more than 400.000 remote learners use this path every year. Nevertheless, there are also a few requirements to be able to successfully complete a distance learning course.

Even if there are different ways to success, a few prerequisites should be fulfilled, in order to ensure the often multi-year further education to a successful conclusion.

1. self-motivation

Every form of further education requires a high degree of motivation to deal with the subject again and again, and this often happens for months and years, and also when the content seems uninteresting or difficult to understand.

In the Fernstudium, a particularly high degree of self-motivation is necessary, as it is usually learned at home alone and attention can be diverted quickly. Be it through other activities that could be done in the household, be it by other family members such as the children who want to play with the parents.

2. self-Organisation

Self-organization is similar to self-motivation:

Almost all distance learning courses and distance learning courses provide an introduction at the beginning, which also provides tips on how best to organize learning, but in everyday learning everyone must find their own way to structure and organize.

3. Learning from written documents

Although videos and online lectures are increasingly being used in distance learning, most of the material is still taught through written materials - regardless of whether they are available in printed or electronic form.

And not everyone can cope with this form of learning - some can learn better if the material is taught on fixed dates through the lectures of the teachers. In addition, questions can not be clarified immediately, but first a request written by the tutor and the answer must be awaited. And even if it comes very quickly, it initially results in a learning interruption.

4. Frustration tolerance for difficult or uninteresting content

There will always be topics in the field of distance learning which are either not of interest to you or which are so complicated that they do not develop at the same time. Then it is important not to be resigned to frustration, but to stay tuned.

This can be difficult if you feel yourself alone. It is therefore helpful to find contact with other participants, which is facilitated, for example, by internet forums. In addition, the contact to the tutor should be sought for problems that can not be solved by themselves or with fellow students. This will help with tips. Sometimes it can be helpful to add additional literature.

5. Support from the environment

Going through distance learning is not easy - if there is still resistance on the part of the partner, close friends or in the workplace, it will be particularly hard. It therefore makes sense to include the personal environment in advance - especially close confidants, who can sometimes help with motivational crises, etc.

Whether the employer should be involved is always a case-by-case decision and depends, for example, on whether the distance learning program is useful for professional practice. If one has the support of colleagues and supervisors, it is definitely easier in the course of studies, for example, when it comes to getting leave for upcoming attendance events or preparing the exam preparation.

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