Leadership tools for the new world of work: The Touchpoint BarCamp

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If you want employees to act in an entrepreneurial manner, you have to let them do business. Their “willingness” can always be achieved when they say on their own initiative how they will do things. Touchpoint BarCamps offer plenty of opportunity for this.

Leadership Tools for the New World of Work: The Touchpoint BarCamp Touchpoint BarCamp

Change management by roll-out: usually a flop

In order to optimize the internal and external touchpoints of a company - these are the interaction points between employees, customers and organization - I now only propose large group events. The long-lived practice of concocting concepts together with consultants on the “top floor” and then pushing them down with a roll-out leads not only to internal reluctance, but often also to the flop.

If, on the other hand, the employees are personally involved, long-dormant ideas can be conveyed to daylight and practical concepts can be developed. New perspectives, new contacts and communication networks are emerging. The search for a common future sweeps the entire team together. In the old-fashioned programs, on the other hand, everything remains creative.

Large group events bring everyone into the will

Characteristic of the Barcamp event format are the unhindered exchange of knowledge and the free design. It is decided by vote which topics are to be worked on. Everyone present can be an impulsive speaker and sometimes an interested listener. The higher quality and constructive the respective input, the more qualitative the output will be.

The level of activity is high, the engagement comprehensive, and extraordinary new ideas can emerge. Above all, the most serious brake pads, namely hierarchy and departmental filters, are being cleared out of the way. For the management team, this means loss of control, but they receive practical ideas and a high level of commitment.

By giving power and responsibility to the “many”, the result can go in unpredictably interesting directions. Overall, the chances are far greater than the risk. Experience has shown that the participants handle this kind of trust extremely carefully. And in the end there is the “my baby” effect.

The Touchpoint-BarCamp step by step

In order for the existing knowledge to be linked to a new one, a keynote lecture in the morning is the perfect starting point for a series of guiding ideas. In the afternoon, the participants - ideally they are 50 people, cross-departmental and cross-hierarchy composed - based on topics before they want to work together.

The workgroups are created by assigning themselves to the topic they prefer. If there is a great interest in a certain topic, two or three groups can also work on the same topic. The results will be different, which is good, because one can then fall back on several variants.

In order to achieve the best possible output and achieve viable concepts, the working groups should have a minimum structure:

  • Sketch the actual and the desired situation
  • Elaborate a to-do plan with schedule, budget, and meters
  • Transfer of the concept to a presentation format
  • Determination of one speaker or several speakers
  • Agreement on the way of presentation

If several hierarchy levels are present, the top executives work in a separate group. Hierarchy, in fact, slows the flow of labor quite considerably and paralyzes. Only when the people are among themselves can ideas be really bold and unedited.

Trainees are shown by an example

In one case, apprentices have redesigned the in-house onboarding process within an hour - and not in the usual permanent working groups - as part of a large group event. That's what the design of the first days and weeks of a new employee is called now.

Trainees are best suited for such a project. They have learned more or less every area of ​​a company. And they have not yet been blocked by discreet closures and established processes.

Onboarding - new and efficiently designed

Until then it had been in this Company often took several days to get a new employee productive. For so long he was busy orienting himself and obtaining the necessary tools and permits.

That started with the fact that on the first day of work at the reception nobody knew where exactly his workplace was. In the solution developed, everything was now organized, so to speak, at the click of a mouse:

A few days before the start, the new person received a welcome box containing important information, an introductory plan and a small welcome gift. Electronically, he / she was presented with a picture and a kind of profile to all responsible and involved persons.

On the first working day, he / she was welcomed by name when entering the building on a display. The necessary digital work tools like eMail-Account, username and password for all major IT applications, software licenses and so on were available.

A perfect start - also for Knowledge Worker

An A-to-Z handbook for the perfect start has been sketched. The necessary equipment such as computer, telephone, rollcontainer, employee ID, business cards and post-office signboard was conceived. A small Welcome Ceremony was provided to speed up social integration. And a mentor stood ready for all cases.

A similar procedure was initiated for IT freelancers and knowledge workers with fixed-term employment contracts. These have so far often squandered the whole first morning to get their bearings - for 200 Euro the hour. And what was much worse was that they were given access to computerized data and thus also to high-risk data, without having signed the necessary declarations of secrecy beforehand. What this can mean for the security of a company, is indeed clear.

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