How to guide in Startups: 4 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

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A study by the Federal Association of German Startups shows that many founders are still young and inexperienced, but on average they already have 14 employees. 4 tips on what young entrepreneurs at the Guide should pay attention.


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Christoph Rammé consocium_christoph_rammeChristoph Rammé is the founder and CEO of the consultancy network Consocium.


Thus, leadership goes into startups

According to the information of the 1.224 young companies, which were interviewed for the German startup monitor 2016 by the Federal Association of German Startups, a startup employs on average 14,4 employees including the respective founders themselves.

About 45 percent of entrepreneurs surveyed for the study are years old when it was founded between 25 and 34. At this age you have not usually gained much leadership experience. At the same time, the starting position in startups brings with it uncertainties: the business model is still untested; not infrequently, new technologies are used; The organization is still small, but it often grows quickly and new employees are constantly working. Therefore, founders should have a number of Success Factors Take note of the leadership of your startup company:

1. Creating clear structures

Clear structures are essential so that everyone in the company knows what they have to do and who they need to coordinate with and when. These start with the founding team: Often the question "Who is the boss here?" more than one hand. Then there is an urgent need for clarification!

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Whoever assumes which roles, tasks and areas of responsibility must be clear between the founders right from the start. The same applies to each individual employee: Only if structures, hierarchies and tasks are clearly defined, the startup has enough stability to be able to act successfully in its dynamic environment. It is a core task of every founding team to define these structures.

2. Experiment and standardize

On the other hand, startups must also be open to new developments. Not all the ideas you have made during the conceptualisation and the writing of the business plan are proven to be optimal in practice. The organization must therefore constantly learn to learn, to answer customer feedback and to develop further. This does not happen by itself, however, but must be preceded and predetermined by the guide.

For example, it has proved successful to carry out clearly defined experiments, to clearly measure and evaluate the results in order to define new standard procedures based on the findings and to implement them consistently. An example: Two alternative approaches to customer engagement are tested over a defined period of time at a defined number of customers. It measures what kind of success has been achieved, and this becomes the new standard. Once this has been clearly defined, new employees will develop the desired efficiency much faster.

3. Develop a customer-oriented corporate culture

Germany is generally regarded as a country of engineers, inventors and developers. This has produced great inventions. A common mistake, however, is that one retreats too much into the quiet chamber and a product optimizes past the real customer needs, while others have long been active in the market and are gaining relevant experience. So it's better to bring the product to the market quickly, build a broad customer base, get customer feedback, and then improve the product on the basis of the product to make it even more beneficial.

For this to succeed, it is the task of the founders to establish a customer-centric corporate culture. This is not always easy, but it can help several things: in the internal communication, always focus on the customer, define the guiding principles, if necessary correct corrective, place particular emphasis on the structure of a powerful sales organization - and of course the courage to make the appropriate decisions.

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4. 100 percent use is not enough

For innovative start-ups, speed is often the decisive factor in order to be able to effectively utilize the time leap ahead of imitators. For this reason, more than 100 percent use is required by founders and employees! To achieve this, the founders

  • choose the right staff: The candidates who are burning for the vision of the company must be found.
  • permanently motivating: As a company leader, you have to be an authentic example and put the vision of start-up always in the foreground.
  • Finding and measuring results: Formulating clear goals for the company and every employee is the first step. However, it is often only insufficiently implemented to implement these indicators on a regular basis with the help of clearly defined indicators.
  • achieve maximum focus: management and employees must be able to focus on their respective tasks in the start-up. This can be an important issue, especially for spin-offs, if employees of the start-up are also to take on group tasks.
  • If necessary, find support: In case of problems, external support can be helpful by an experienced founder or coach.

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    This is how leadership in Startup: 4 Tips for young entrepreneurs by Christoph Rammé via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended aRz43BtgI0

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