Leadership satire: the new savings program

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Hannes' apprehension has once again arrived: After the management meeting on Monday morning, he feels once again the one who takes the most orders back to the workplace.

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Here writes for you:

Stefan Häseli Stefan Häseli Portrait 1_quadrStefan Häseli is an advisor for organizational development.


From the author:



Always me!

"Always me". Basically, he doesn't like such statements from his own employees at all. But if he finds himself in this role, it is of course different.

"Always me", he thinks when the chairman suggests that Hannes be asked to find further cost-saving options in the Company to search. The colleagues in the management agree to the proposal. The only vote against, Hannes', does not like to compensate for the democratic imbalance. With the unspoken agenda item “distribute work”, colleagues become competitors - regardless of the hierarchical level.

Hannes can only lose

Hannes is aware that “saving internally” is a challenging topic. He can only lose. If he finds too few measures, the managing director gets the feeling that he has been betting on the wrong savings ideas horse. If he finds enough and handy measures, he makes himself unpopular with everyone to whom these measures are applied.

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Given the current financial situation of his company, that is not a small number. It has been unpleasant for a long time. After hard, drastic, but profitable savings campaigns such as optimizing production, reducing staff, pressing costs for suppliers, the big chunks have already slimmed down. There is nothing left where significant amounts can be optimized. Nonetheless, the company's financial slant is still acute. Hannes broods. "Where can we save without hurting?" That is exactly the key to his personal success in this project, he says. Clear savings without having to gamble with the workforce or with colleagues on the management level.

Hannes copies the system from the birds

Hannes follows his thoughts and sees a bird in the courtyard of the company premises - a real one. "Exactly - the bird is my role model". This fetches its small grains in many places, nowhere are they missing, but the bird is still full.

“Small cattle also make crap”, Hannes remembers the sentence from his leadership training. He finds literal application in the current context of his company. Equipped with the smartphone camera, Hannes sets off through his everyday office life, through the corridors, into the company canteen and everywhere he finds “savings grains”.

Hannes calculates the details

About the coffee machine. When the coffee is catapulted into the cups with a little more pressure, similar to the refueling process in the formula 1, we save time. Hannes notes: with 2000 daily coffee consumption and a saved second per issue, this results in 2000 seconds per day, 440'000 seconds per year, or 122 man hours. Almost a month's pay.

If two additional coffee cups are filled at the same time, the result is two months. Hannes takes a careful step through the aisles. The toilets. Too popular a place to stay that we have to make less attractive. Faster rinsing processes, setting the timer for the hand dryer a second shorter, dimming the automatic lighting a little and shortening the time span: "That is certainly another month's potential".

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Hannes gets creative

Proudly, to have found measures that do not hurt anyone and still poured, Hannes becomes even more creative.

Speed ​​up the elevator, omit the acknowledging beep from the Electronic Work Time Control because people are stopping there too long anyway, and of course faster computer mice. The catalog is growing and Hannes converts the saved seconds neatly into saved person-days.

The triumph seems certain

If one now concludes with the baker of the break-buns, that he uses two percent more free air in the flour and bakes the cakes two percent cheaper, Hannes's action catalog reaches almost strategic proportions.

His triumph at the next management meeting seems certain to him. With a confident smile and satisfied about his own cleverness, he begins to prepare his presentation.

Sound argumentation?

In order to argue well, Hannes weighs the savings against what his research work and the costs such as "negotiating with the baker", "reinstalling the high-pressure coffee machine pump" cost. Hannes is amazed at the number, which is quite high. "But if you want to achieve something, you also have to invest".

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Nevertheless: the time saved minus the calculated effort results in a total of 381 seconds per year. Makes pretty much 741 hours. With a workforce of 100, that's an impressive 2000 percent. “Well… you can maybe save a little more on the planning work by not spelling out the words in the presentation.

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