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Leadership Satires: The IT User

Hannes is annoyed. He sits in his office on the PC and has to set up the task to prepare for the next meeting in a Word document, format it and send it to his colleagues in the management, if possible, before the start of the meeting. Time is running out. Leadership management-leadership-satire3

Something is wrong here

He writes and writes, hastily banging his fingers on the keys. The keyboard has tremendous customer qualities. Others, on the other hand, are missing, such as the reaction rate. Each time you press the button, it takes about two to five seconds for the letter to appear on the screen.

The tendency to delay is increasing. In between, whole sentences flop onto the screen in one wash - together with the errors that can only be seen now. Hannes bangs his right index finger rhythmically and with vehement pressure on "delete backwards" to the correction point. However, this “erase backwards” is a few seconds more homoeopathic than intended.

“All technicians are currently busy”

With increased nerve tension, Hannes picks up the phone and contacts the company's internal IT hotline. “All technicians are currently manned. We ask for your patience for the short waiting time.

For a question regarding office automation, press key 1, for SAP key 2, for hardware and location questions key 3, for printer and scanner problems key 4 ”and so on. Key 8 promises to call back the personal advisor who will answer approximately an hour later.

Something he missed

Hannes, still tense and distracted with manual work, explains his problem to the IT consultant. His smug smile can even be heard over the phone and gets Hannes even more upset. “We announced three days ago that there is a release of the office system today. It lasts until five in the afternoon. During this time, the PC systems cannot be used to their full extent. But everything will work again tomorrow. ”

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Hannes is not very enthusiastic: "I am hearing about this for the first time". The IT Head for Specialist Support Dispatch Manager says bluntly: “Stand im eMail from Tuesday. ” Knowing that IT is always a longer lever and that IT consultants are the real managers, Hannes gives up. Nevertheless, he furtively searches for the corresponding one eMail-Message. Easily ashamed, he finds her: unread, arrived on Tuesday at 09.01 clock. He is beaten and logs off on customer visit. Nothing works without IT in the office anyway.

“The system is currently not available”

Shortly after five he comes back in a much better mood. Now the IT should work. He says. He starts the PC. "The system is currently not available" is the terse message. A little smaller in the same window: "Please contact your system manager".

Hannes cannot be said twice. With fresh energy and just as much anger, he picks up the phone. “Welcome to the IT service. We thank you for your call. The support hotline is there for you from 08.00:17.00 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. For calls outside of these times, leave a message or send us one eMail-Message". "Exactly! A eMail- Send a message when the system is out of order. ” Hannes only speaks to himself when his nerves are bare. Like right now.

Something is to be done now

As a manager, Hannes is used to making decisions and acting. He picks up his smartphone and searches software user blogs for solutions on how to set up an in-house office system. "They'll get to know me" escapes him in a whisper, but not without irony.

“Aha, there it is” Hannes finds what he is looking for, cracks the protection systems via a link and uninstalls the office package. He triumphantly states "Micro scrap is gone - even the man is - especially outside of office hours". He pulls down the latest Linux version and slams Apache OpenOffice on it. Now he can write his document without delay. It seems to work fine - only the printer spits everything out in Japanese characters.

Business is business

Hannes' nerve costume hangs on a thin thread. Still looking for solutions, he lives up to his reputation as a "stubborn man of action". He writes the preparatory task by hand on a A4 page, scans it in at 600 dpi, saves the document as a compressed jpg file and prints it out.

“Looks perfect,” he praises himself, copies the message and puts it in the physical mailbox with colleagues from the management. It suppresses the thought of how unpleasant the conversation with the IT Head for Specialist Support Dispatch Manager will be if he will contact him on his own tomorrow. Well, business-is-business - those who don't act have lost.

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